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Jami from End Of You - Photo by Aleksi KoskinenEnd Of You - Jami Pietilä

10/06/06  ||  Statik Majik

End Of You End Of You is a Finnish band that concentrates more on the “softer” side of metal. Not that it would be a totally accurate description but at least it’s something to start with. They have also released their first album, “Unreal” so I decided to do an interview with the mainman of the band, Jami. He’s a cool fucker and one extremely talented person. And a friend. And since friends should never interview friends, I called in Lord K to assist me with some of the questions. Ok, he’s a friend of Jami’s too, but let’s pretend you didn’t know that. Off we go.

Global Domination: Hello and thanks for doing this interview with us. Hopefully we manage to ask questions you haven’t had to answer that much lately.

Jami: It’s time to improve my skills as a politician and learn to talk a lot without saying nothing. And maybe Lord K could give me few tips how to sell my ass better, hahah? Seriously, always fun to talk with you fellas… And because I know this is going to be long one, let’s continue

Before we really start this off, what NHL-team rule yer semi-metal world? While yer at it, make sure to mention the best player in the league. And no, Finnish players aren’t up there.

I don’t consider us being part of this semi-metal world at all, I think that we’re more of a some kind of melancholic pop music so it’s not easiest thing to answer this one. I don’t care too much what kind of music I listen, basically it just needs to be good and this of course makes a bit hard to describe my musical taste. I think I like synths a lot because with them you can create certain atmosphere and that’s maybe why I like to listen bands like Nine Inch Nails or Massive Attack but on the other hand I also like something really simple, maybe just one instrument and vocals or something. You folks probably already know that my all time favorite is Tori Amos, but also latest Tool album is a killer one. And because you beg for it, I must say that best Finnish band ever was/is Kingston Wall.

So first things second… I think it’d be best if you briefly told us what kind of music End Of You plays. You sure as hell know that my description is far from being the most accurate one, right..? You couldn’t exactly call it “metal”, can you?

Semi-gay pop music with some catchy tunes as you folks would probably describe it. I really don’t know or care about genres that much, but melodies are in most important part of our music.

And kind of related to previous question: We both know that you’re into heavier music in general. So how come you decided to compose mellower tunes? Considering your sound, you guys must dig bands like HIM and Kent and whatnot, huh?

Mika on stage Maybe because we like so much Eyeliner and Gay Ritchie, Lionel Ritchie and of course last but not worst Ritchie Sambora… Damn I still laugh just by thinking of the review Lord K wrote… But you know, I listen to lots of metal. Bands like Death, Sepultura, Carcass and all that old shit. I like that old warm and “fuzzy” sound. But when it comes to us, we just like to experience things and do what we feel like. I don’t really know too much about Kent but l like some old songs from HIM, but only if that doesn’t make Lord K disappointed.

During the last few years of your existence you’ve released one demo, did a video for one of the songs on the demo, got signed to Spinefarm almost right after that, then released two singles and did some pretty good amount of gigs. Not to mention the amount of airplay your singles have gotten in the radio. And the interviews…. Seems like you’ve had quite a ride already. How did this all happen? And has it happened the way you expected to? And finally, do you guys really deserve the attention?

I just say that all is fun and happened only because I sold my soul to Lord K (price was reasonable). Nah, few years ago I just felt that it’s time for own band. Since then I have been writing songs to EOU with Johnny or my self. I really enjoy working with him a lot, it gives me totally new perspective to things. Anyway, I think we have different approach to making songs than most of the bands in dear Funland, so I guess some kind of attention can be allowed to us, at least I hope so.

Your label, Spinefarm, seems to be doing quite a good job then? Considering that you’re quite new/fresh band, the amount of time they’ve spent on promoting you is quite… well, impressive to say the least. You think you’ll ever see any royalties? Seriously. And as far as sales goes, what do you reckon you will have sold, let’s say a year after the album is out?

What can I say without being boring? Well, we expect something like 200-300 million copy’s sold after this summer, it would be really reasonable because we had to be in studio so many weeks and it was raining in one morning and I almost did get a flu. I don’t know, haven’t really thought about it, I just continue doing what I’ve been doing so far.

Hiili Hiilesmaa (known for his work with HIM and several other larger Finnish bands) produced “Unreal”. And you got to record the album at Finnvox studios, which is probably the most known and respected studio in Finland. Now, how the fuck did that happen? And how was it working with this “famous” producer?

Jani on stage Of course we wanted some famous producer and Spinefarm somehow sorted that part for us, first we recorded EP with Hiili and all went well so we decided not to publish it and recorded the whole album right away. We recorded the album in two locations, Finnfox and MD studios and it was really nice to work with Hiili. He’s eally cool and talented guy so what else can I say. One thing what I remember from Finnfox is that guitar is something like two kilo’s heavier than in other studio because all of those platinum and gold albums in the wall, don’t know why…

Did the cumbucket of Nightwish (yeah, the one who was fired) ever come by to grace you with her precense in the studio? We definitely believe you hang with rockstars like this. You look like it, you know.

Well it goes this way, I try to follow rock stars and I try to buy them few drinks and talk happy things… Nah seriously, I hang out with cool fuckers like you folks and with my friends although some of them can be some kind of rockers… But in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

You seem to already have a solid and devoted group of supporters worldwide… well, at least Europe-wide. Since we are living in the Internet-era, I suppose the web had something to do with this? I noticed that you actively participate in the conversations at your forums and patiently answer all questions asked. Not to mention the fact that you actually run the EOY site. Is it important to you to be in touch with the supporters of the band? All five of them.

Actually it’s our little trick, we registered in our forum with few false nicknames and started to talk with ourselves there. I also like to send myself few fan mails when I’m at work. Of course I show them to my friends after that. If we cut the crap, we have lot’s of really nice supporters around the world and for some strange reason they like to spread the word about us, so big fucking thanx to all who may read this.

Unreal album cover

When you hooked me up with the “Unreal” promo, you told me that the album is already leaked to the net. You didn’t seem to be too bothered by it. So what is your take in illegal filesharing and downloading music in general? Of course it hurts the sales, but isn’t it far more important to have the music widely spread instead of making money off of it?

I think that its good thing to unknown band, and hell, if you make good album some one is going to buy it, right? But if your album sucks then you have a problem. I think it’s a big problem to some “medium size band” who is just going to brake it thru and don’t have money to eat or something. Another question of course is that would they have found they way in that position without internet… but hell, I just don’t know and or care, I just like to make music… but it’s true that if we want to make more albums we need to sell a few.

About “Unreal”... Don’t you think it’s rather risky to put the slowest song of the album as an opener? Why not put some “groovier”/heavier song there instead? You know, some people make their buying decision by just listening to the first few tracks off the album at the record store. And didn’t you actually use that song as the opener for a gig at least once? What were the response from the audience aftwerwards? And how slow, in BPM, is yer slowest song, and how fast is the fastest?

Lede on stage - Photo by Nohna Our album is all about the mood, it takes you in to this “unreal” world so I think it’s a perfect opener. We keep changing everything when we play live, but we have few ideas where it works a bit better, but you newer know… I don’t remember the BMP but they all wander somewhere between 100->180 I think, nothing interesting…

What’s the best and the worst reviews you’ve gotten so far? And what did you think about Lord K’s review of “Unreal”? Was it accurate or do you disagree with something? Now’s the time to spill yer guts.

I don’t remember anything bad (maybe it’s my selective mind or something), but it’s strange that if we don’t get too much points, the text is still usually really good… Oh, now I remember, one started with an title “End of good music”, that was funny one. And I still laugh when I think Lord K’s review, definitely the best one so far and I don’t think that anyone can beat that.

So far, what has been your best gig and why? And who has been the coolest band to play with?

Hmm, for some reason this is hard to answer, because they all are somehow different, can’t explain it. Tavastia was fun, let’s hope next Friday is even more better. What comes to other bands, it would be so fucking nice to play example with Opeth or Katatonia although we don’t exactly do same kind of music.

Hell, that’s probably enough of End Of You related chit-chat. We’re already bored in discussing about it. It kicks ass, that’s a nice summary to it all. So, let’s continue with some totally different kind of questions… You have one thing in common with Lord K: you’re both cooks/chefs. Is being a good cook somehow related to being good musician? It must be, right?

It’s so funny how many people in music business are cooks. Maybe we all are lazy bastards and when you should decide what to do with your life, you just really want to play music. So cook is pretty easy choice, isn’t it?

How well do you follow Global Domination? Are we your favesite? Ok, those were rhetorical questions. Here’s the real deal: What’s the best band hosted at Global Domination and why? While yer at it, why not say something nice about all the bands hosted at Global Domination. Ok, you can say something bad too if you want.

Hey man, don’t put me into this… Well, of course this site is my one and only favorite when it comes to internet and is there any better band than TPH?

I know I should check out from the net about the bands that I don’t from Global Domination and say something really interesting about them, but it’s getting too fucking late, I can only say the following: 2 Ton Predator and Entombed works pretty well after few beers, Dark Funeral after more booze and after I past out, I listen The Project Hate, hahah. Nah, MXMXCIX is playing in background while I’m writing this. “The bleeding eyes of a breeding whore” has been my favorite since I got this album and “Resurrected for massive torture” is another killer.

Johnny on stage - Photo by Nohna Ah, some more EOY-related shit (even if we decided not to ask ‘em anymore)... You have a damn good voice. Ever tried to growl? Would you mind listing some personal fave-vocalists of yours?

I can’t growl, or well I can but only something like 30 sec, then I cough my self to death… But can’t do it right now, I still own my soul to Lord K. There are so much great singers out there that there’s really no point of listing ‘em all here.

If you had the opportunity to do a duet with either TPH’s Jonna Enckell or Jörgen Sandström, which one would it be? And why?

Nope it’s not possible, didn’t you know that we are this Milli Vanilli kind of band? Except I don’t look that gay and/or good. I probably could paint few landscapes with Jonna but actually I have one harder song where Jörgen would be just perfect… Damn, I’m getting good with this politician thingie.

Your label, Spinefarm, never replied to the mails The Lord sent them some time ago. Can you tell them to go fuck themselves for him? He would appreciate the effort.

Yes master. Worship the master. Puppet master.

That’s it for now. Thanx for being a true sport (what sport are you anyways?) and feel free to add anything you want as a closure.

I don’t have too much time for this sport thingy, but underwater rugby sounds interesting, hahah. Thanx and sorry being only half year late with answering your semi-gay questions. Beer and peace.

Ending-note by The Lord: Jami didn’t have the fucken guts to answer the more “personal” questions, for which I will kick him in the nuts next time I see him.