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Interviews - Spudd

03/05/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Spudd! And yet again, in our promotional campaign for the labels/bands and sites we host forums for, the time has come for Spudd to promote his excellent website. After suffering through the interviews with 2 Ton Predator and The Mighty Nimbus, Spudd himself provides some thought-out answers and shows everyone how it’s done.

Global Domination: Some people visiting this place of ours might not yet have checked your site just yet. Give them a reason as for why they should.

Spudd: Because my opinion matters. And the fact that I know what is good and what isn’t good music. I am the one truth when it comes to music.

And what exactly are you fuckers writing about when it comes to style?

Say what? I’m writing about music and I cover a lot of ground and review many genres. I can’t list ‘em all, you’ll have to visit the site. That is what this question is about, correct? If you want to know what my writing style is then by all means, please stop by.

List your fave-bands so people get a hint as for what to expect if they visit your site. And while yer at it, list some bands that’ll never end up being covered on the very same site.

A list of fave-bands… That could take up quite some space. I’ll just toss out a few: Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Ayreon, The Project Hate, Iced Earth, Dream Evil, Coheed & Cambria, Immolation, Old Man’s Child, Crematorium, Poison The Well, Haste, Evergrey, The Flower Kings, Queen, Type O Negative, Dragonforce, Kamelot, Danzig.

How many reviews and interviews do you usually cover over a year? And how many people are working for the site? Anything you wanna tell about them, if there are any? Go into as much detail as you wish.

Over at it’s just myself. I sometimes have a guest-writer/reviewer a couple of times a year. As for the number of reviews, I do well over 100 a year and I listen to more albums that I can count. It’s a little insane at times. I do some interviews, maybe around ten or so a year when I can find time. I prefer to do phone or sit-down interviews over email-interviews.

Do you do anything else music-related besides the site? Plug away and give us the reasons as for why they should even care about that if they don’t really care about yer main-site in the first place.

The other half of is for movie reviews. Yeah, it’s out of date, but hopefully that will change soon. My partner in crime is thinking about coming back. Really. At least I think he’s serious this time. He’s only been giving me that line for the last five years.

What makes you guys any different to the shitloads of crap-sites out there? Do you really have anything new to offer?

I actually take the time to listen to the music I’m reviewing. I spend lots of time with each release (that’s why I’m behind all the time) and give out my honest to goodness true opinion (which is final and by all means wholly correct). Oh, and my reviews are actually good and not your run-of-the-mill lame-ass music-review you’ll find on all the other sites. Be sure to check out our FAQ for more info.

List some things that inspired you guys to start polluting the Internet in the first place.

The thing that inspired me was all the crap I found out there when it came to music and reviews and how people didn’t know a damn thing about good or bad music. I knew I could I do it better, and I have.

If yer site was a NHL-team, which one would it be?

I wouldn’t waste any space on the internet for NHL.

Who would be the most retarded member of the site? Give us a few examples as for why.

There’s only me. I guess that’s a great example right there.

Describe the content of yer fucken site with ONE word. All this is to make people understand a little more what you are about, you know.


Why are you at our forums in the first place?

You begged.

Roughly, how many daily visitors do you guys have? Be honest.

We do around 300+ average daily now, and that’s just for the music-side of things. When the movie-side was rolling our hits were huge.

Do you guys believe you are bigger than you actually are?

No, not at all. I can count on my hand the actual people that I know who really visit the site and maybe read one or two reviews a week. But I’m sure they are lying.

Have you ever gotten any hatemail? What band was it from and was it poorly written??

I’ve got lots of hatemail. The best are from fans. You can find some of my hatemail by visiting the site and looking on the menu for some page called ‘letters’ or something. The most recent and very poorly written ones have been from Richard Hydell. His band is truely the worst thing to have ever created any form of music yet. I should update that section someday.

If people read this and still don’t give a fuck about yer site, is there anything you’d like to add that might peak their interest?

My word is gospel and the judgements that I pass are final. You may kiss my ring.