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Impaled Nazarene - Arc v 666

12/09/04  ||  Lord K Philipson

ImpNaz logo I meet bassist Arc v 666, under a dark moon, some time in 2004. Im-Fucken-Paled Nazarene. Suck on that. Famous for… I don’t fucken know. Tons of albums? Controversial interviews? Excellence? Nuclear fetishes? Fuck if I knew. They have been around forever anyways and bassist/mohawk-bearer Arc has been a good friend of mine for over a decade. I thought it was about time to let someone else but vocalist/maniac Luttinen air his voice in an interview. Lemme tell you, if everyone took as much time with an interview as Arc’s done with this, we would be doing nothing but read all the fucken time. Knock yourself out and go on admiring my awesome way of conducting interviews.

Lord K: Good to see you Arc. Hirvän paska, or something. Anyways, I’m not a great fan of yer band or anything, but was kinda surprised how decent “All that you fear” actually sounded. But seeing you have been a friend of mine for over a decade, I think it’s about time we unleash some ImpNaz here at Global Domination, so naturally we’ll start off this interview with the following question; Do you have anything to fucken add?

Arc v 666: Well, sure as hell I do!! About time You interview me och suk min jävla kuk i skåg med kärlek….. Of course ‘All That You Fear’ sounds decent, as a matter of fact it sounds fucking furious with the killer production and the killer line up we have these days. You might remember Tuomio as a guitar player of my old band (Antidote) also?? It’s just plain fucken awesome to still have You as my friend after all these years; I remember when U were writing the Hypnosia UG zine and Your Leukemia/Lame band…..Too bad we haven’t had opportunities to meet up that often lately… I guess the last time was in Helsinki at Tuska Open Air 2002….2 years gone already, but still; we definitely know how to keep up the good shit through the years, right? That, if anything, rules!! Thanx for the opportunity to do this interview for Global Domination, all the fukken best for Your new media!! This is exactly the right way to put up Your street credibility, this interview hahaha. Fuckin A!

You know I visit yer forums and the website from time to time to keep up with what you guys are up to… How the hell do you have the strength to actually put up with all the fucken idiots who enter your forum quite often? Is that banning-button of yours glowing out of heat just yet?

Hahaha, You can say that again bro! It’s so damn hilarious and sad at the same time to realize what kind of nutters there are out there. I’ve been wondering if it’s the shit which is drawing all the flies or the other way around and, actually, how these morons have patience to sign in and register just to put down few meaningless lines of dirt into our forums or the guestbook and then after a while be banned for good. . . Maybe it’s nice to fuck around with a band like us anonymously, knowing we can’t possibly track them down to kick some ass. That is an misbelief; we have actually been tracking people down by the IP numbers so far that we even know the street addresses and phone numbers!! So, bring it on motherfuckers You’d never know!!! The amount of scum is so very minimal on the board that it doesn’t really matter, but we keep track of the “negative” guests, just in case. Someday the shit may hit the fan…

I know you must be fed up with this, but you love me and you want this interview to go on so… Just recently, vocalist Luttinen has stated some pretty honest opinions about Teemu’s suicide, completely different from the first version you aired to the people. I wanna know your honest opinions about this tragedy as one doesn’t see interviews made with you that often.

After the first public statement of the tragedy being an unfortunate accident we felt fucking cheap and shitty to cover the truth. It was his mother’s wish to put it “nicely” to the public. Anyway, it was not the truth and I think Luttinen did the right thing to go in public with the real version of what happened on that bridge that night, and after all it’s not very flattering to say it was an alcohol related accident. It has an certain bad echo in it, don’t U think? Like we can’t drink or something…..haha. It was Teemu’s decision, he had been under great pressures from a long time already and the things just reached the peak that night. I met him in the Corner bar 3 hours before this happened and I couldn’t tell something was wrong in any ways, he was happy as ever celebrating the girlfriends birthday. We even settled to have rehearsals for the next day and things were cool and smooth all the way through, so I couldn’t believe the phonecall from Mika the next morning – it was the Grand Stopper. Now, Mika has had a lot of shit on him from the people after telling out the truth in public, which is not right! People don’t understand Teemu was our brother and we are still a bit looking elsewhere when we’re been asked about him – it was a great loss, but yet it was also selfish decision from him; the family, friends and both Impaled Nazarene and Finntroll were left behind cold bloodedly. For me he just snapped and didn’t have time to think the second time. It was not the first time he tried to harm himself, only this time he ran out of the luck and we all lost a good friend and a son. End of story.

You do know you have never looked as good on stage as when playing the Tuska-festival in that son-of-a-bitch-beautiful The Project Hate-shirt? Has it been used ever since?

As a matter of fact, I’d need a new one already!! It has been on me so many times all over the world on stage and in photos that You should start paying me for doing it, hahahaha!! And I look damn good anyways; I can’t help it man, know what I mean??!? It ain’t easy to be so-fukken-gorgeous, muhaha ‘evil laughter

I don’t know how well-known a fact this is for the fans, but you used to play drums in Finnish thrashers Antidote. A band I really liked back at the time. Is there a chance I can get those albums nowadays as I haven’t heard them since? What happened to that band? Where did the members go? I know Nino went to Thunderstone or something like that, but what about the others? Are you even in contact with the guys today? How come you ended up in ImpNaz playing bass and not drums? Did you finally turn out the biggest rockstar of all the guys involved in Antidote?

Yeah man! U always had a good word on Antidote back then, I do remember that and we had several nice trips to Sweden for gigs with some serious drinking involved. Unfortunately I have no idea if You can still find the albums elsewhere but from the second-hand stores. Antidote just died out, literally. We did new demos aiming to get a better recording contract etc, but the spark was gone already and it was more like fucking around each others faces in rehearsals than good playing, so it was time to put it down. Nino went to start the studio he’s co-running these days, the Sonic Pump Studio. He later formed his current band Thunderstone, who are doing pretty damn good at the moment also, I just spoke to him via Messenger and he was in Bochum, Germany on tour. So that one answered the other question, yes we do keep in touch. Titus, who played bass for Antidote, is also part of Thunderstone doing the four strings there as well. Pete (guitarist) I’ve also been in touch with lately and I should actually do some “drum consulting” to his project heavy metal band. The former bass player Pete (also) is still in northern Finland, in Lapland, and no one knows what happened to him, he just vanished up there to be some kinda wilderness guide or something. He tries to call me maybe once a year, dead drunk and crying for the old days, but I refuse to answer these days. When he calls, my phone say “Don’t Answer”. Tuomio, who was the original lead guitarist of Antidote, is now with me in Impaled Nazarene, as I said before. What comes to my bass playing in IN… It was an coincidence out of hell actually, I was talking with Mika Luttinen in a local train (yes folks!) and he mentioned they are kinda lacking a bass player or lead guitarist, as Teemu “Somnium” was playing bass that time!! So I said I can do it and that was it. Teemu changed back to his own instrument (guitar) and I took over as a bass player. It was kinda easy for me anyway, because I have always played guitar besides of drumming, for my own amusement mainly, so there was no problemo with that. I have always wanted to be in the frontline anyways on stage, so it served me just fine in all meanings. I haven’t given up the drumming though, no way! I’m dead serious to have something going on with playing drums also in near future. After Antidote was put down, and before me joining IN full time, I was playing drums for a band called Nevergreen. Then I got kicked out because my style was ‘too heavy’ for them, hehehe. Fuck hey, RockStar all over the place!!!!! Haha, I guess Thunderstone are more like Rock Stars (in good) compared to Impaled Nazarene, who are rather like a bunch of Sick Bastards, but enjoying it every second!! It’s good to have things going on, I couldn’t imagine myself without of being in a band, that would be the fucking worst thing ever.

Is Nino aware of the fact I still owe him like 100 Finnish marks since the early 90´s? Good thing you switched to Euro’s, now I never have to pay him. Oh, those memories… Kennedy? Left Said Steve? You think that’ll make much sense to anyone but you and me?

Uh…..I can ask Nino if he remembers that one… You want me to?? I didn’t think so, hehe…...The memories are fucking brilliant, like ‘Drum’s Uck’ and stuff. I remember once You were here in Helsinki and we had rehearsals with Antidote and we played like completely naked, drunk as geeze. Remember?? Those were good, ol’ times buddy. I think these things are classified as ”’Inside Humor” which won’t open for any other people, but U and me. Haha, fucking great shit those days. And once I remember we were in Stockholm dead drunk in the labyrinth kind of park infront of the ‘Riksdag Huset’ or something with the Amorphis guys…..I guess U were there too, or joined later to the party…can’t remember clear enough. Fuck it anyways, we had good times so many times. And remember, ‘if the showerroom door is unlocked, it’s an invitation’ . . .and what happened, Kennedy, who got laid?? You lucky bastard, hahaha…

I wanna hear you talk some crap about the following Finnish bands, don’t be gentle. What’s yer opinion on:


My sister likes them, I don’t much care. Tarja should appear onstage naked, then I’d be the number one fan.

Children Of Bodom:

I respect their musical skills and achievements a lot and I do like the music also; I don’t know any other person who practise so much on guitar than A. Laiho, plus he was a member of Impaled Nazarene too on ‘Nihil’ album, so they rule \,,/


Has lost the edge long ago I guess, too much tripping in the music for my taste and absolutely one of the most boring bands to see on stage. Tomi still is one of my best friends, though, so …. I’m not bothered of their existance, but not my type of music these days either.


Another bunch of friends who are doing their own stuff very fucking succesfully. One of the main export bands from Finland these days. Nothing bad to say, nice guys.


No fucken clue what so ever, I have the latest album and find it rather boring. I haven’t followed their career at all, so I can’t tell… anything.


Same as above, except Henu is a good friend and I have 2 CD’s from this band and I find it much better than Demigod. There’s never too many bands walking the footsteps of Bathory… haha!

Many of us have seen the promo-shot where Luttinen is “puking” blood in a bucket or something like that. I love that photo, who came up with the idea? I mean, it’s a well-known fact you guys are pretty fucked in yer heads. I fucken hope it’s real blood and not some fake-bullshit you know. I hate bands sporting fake-blood when you can use animal-blood. Hyvvä? Kiitos?

It was Luttinen’s idea of course and it is real blood, for fuck’s sake, whadda U think bro? That we suddenly went Greenpeace?? Please… That picture is very cool for me too with the blue plastic bucket and the IN sticker there, hahaha…. .the set up in that photo is also fucking nice, You don’t actually know if it was me who made Luttinen bleed to the buckett… It is genuine pig’s blood, very yummy, very much “hyvää”, too .

I’m already running out of questions, and we have 20 more to go, would you mind asking me something for a change?

Yeah sure, can U pay back the few pints I offered You once in that chinese restaurant before You took a trip back to Sweden?? Hahahaha, U didn’t expect this one, now did U???

I actually do remember that one actually. No, you can’t have them back. On a more serious note then… Which one band of all the Finnish bands deserves to be nailed, quartered and consumed?

On a quick judgement: KWAN. Of course there’s like a dozen more, but this came to my drunken mind first. I loathe them.

Seeing I don’t know too much about the music of ImpNaz, would you mind explaining your sound to me and the readers, without incorporating the words “nuclear”, “punk” and “metal”? Just to give someone who didn’t hear ya just yet an idea of what you fuckers are about…

Take a good amount of 80’s Thrash Metal, Punk/ HardCore/ Crust and spice it with Black and Death Metal then throw it all to a blender and You’ll get close. We have a strong trademark in Luttinen’s ripping vocals, which kinda makes it sound Impaled Nazarene even if we would play fucking acid jazz, and over the past two, three years the playing has gone more accurate and professional, NOT forgetting the madness behind it all. We are riding a controlled chaos engine and we put a lot into making songs these days with killer riffs and more weight on arranging. And now with Tuomio in the band, there’s a lot more space for guitars also with remarkable heavy metal leads and killer harmonies and twin tones. The concept seems to be water proof and after 13 – 14 years of existance, the band really deserves to be noticed by the playing too, Besides of the ‘Fuck Everything’ attitude, which we ofcourse still represent. The bottomline is that we still do what the fuck we feel is good and we don’t care what people might think of having so much guitar leads or having a top production or what ever. It’s our band, we are in the lead. It’s great to notice though, that the album is selling good and we had awesome reviews over the metal media with this latest album and the one before. We must be doing something right here and we already have some new tricks up our sleeves for the next album, which will be (if possible) even more brutal and fast and full of hooks. Nuclear Metal to the masses!!

You included “Nuclear” you bastard. You lose. Moreover, you guys have been around forever, even though you weren’t with them all the time. How big do you think you guys are in the scene? How many albums do you actually sell? I don’t wanna hear anything about “I don’t know any sales”. Be frank with me, I can be James if needed. And of course, what’s the biggest royalty-check you ever got? What did you buy?

We have more of the ‘Cult’ weight than selling points on us and we are definitely an underground band still, and that’s how we like it to be. We haven’t ‘sold out’ in any ways; we are still loyal to the original record company (Osmose) even there could have been offerings to here and there over the years, we get to decide of everything concidering the band and we don’t much give a fuck of anything, except doing it the best we can. I believe everyone who’s involved with 90’s metal scene know who Impaled Nazarene are. The band has toured on 4 continents and nearby in 30 different countries so far and that is THE thing for what we are doing this still. Of course it’s great to hear from bands that Impaled Nazarene has been the reason for them to start playing and that stuff, it’s the best shit U know, to see people over the globe who have IN tattoos and all, it’s very rewarding. Saleswise we are talking in 6 digits, but honestly I don’t know any better!! Royalty check?? What’s that dude?? Hahaha…. I’m so new in the band that my income is quite minimal, but I probably have spent it all on alcohol and cigarettes. Actually, we haven’t got the sales points from ‘All That You Fear’ yet, so how could I know? All I know is that Osmose is very pleased with the sales so far and I guess it’s a good sign, eh!

I think there’s a song on the new album of yours that deals about a chick. Something with “huoran” in the title. That’s Finnish for “whore”, I know that much. Who’s this chick and what makes her so special she deserves a track of her own? I mean, it can’t be you who wrote those lyrics coz I have met all yer girlfriends (truth with modification) and they were all nice. I mean, treating us breakfast and shit while I have crashed at yer place and all…

Ahh…..You have to update Your IN facts bro. ‘Nyrkillä Tapettava Huora’ was on the album before ATYF, the ‘Absence Of War’ one. All lyrics are written by M. Luttinen since day one and they very much deal with his personal life and misanthrophia. That particular song is about his ex-girlfriend who fucked up his life pretty totally 3 years ago when he moved back to Finland from Belgium. The title roughly translates to “By Fist Killable Whore” and that pretty much say it all. And yeah, I didn’t have a reason (much) to write about my girlfriends so far, specially not of my present life partner who’s a fucking top one.

Me? Facts? Blow me, I have coke to do. I know you are a great Iron Maiden fan. Have they really done anything decent since “7th son” you think? Shouldn’t those fuckers have called it quits when Bruce jumped ship? It’s not like they have pissed out good albums as of late.

The “real” Maiden era ends with “the 7th son”. Some sparks were still burning on ‘Fear Of The Dark’ and then after that there was nothing for me for years. Now when Bruce is back I’m all over them again, diggin’ it like hell actually. I kinda skipped the ‘Brave New World’ album, but after getting the new ‘Dance Of Death’ I went back to ‘BNW’ as well and caught myself getting into it a lot. They have proved to be my heroes since 1982 and that can’t be easily changed. What I don’t like is they having that Janick Gers still in the band, he’s not part of the dream team and never was. It must be partly the nostalgia, but I can’t help myself enjoying Iron Maiden still after 22 years.

Would you agree if I say that Amy Lee of Evanescence is the best thing to happen to female vocals in tons of years? What’s yer take on all this nu-metal bullshit, whatever it is. What is nu-metal really? I don’t think Evanescence could be labelled that. Seems like anything coming out of America nowadays gets that label, no matter what it sounds like. More importantly, are you nu-metal? I don’t mean the band, but yourself. You kinda look like you could fit in Disturbed or something with that Mohawk.

Not a slightest chance, I don’t like nu-metal at all. I have to disagree with You about Amy Lee and the whole concept of Evanescence (what kinda name is that anyway??) as for me all their material sound the same, tightly moulded to that ‘powerfull chorus, fuck the rest’ formula. I much prefer (for example) Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, by voice and by (definitely) the looks.. The Nu-Metal genre is all the same for me, but my kids seem to like it… I’m too old for that crap and therefore I have no answer for what is Nu Metal, besides it’s crap.

I think I know why I haven’t really gotten into you guys on a serious level… The lack of death metal riffs… Didn’t ImpNaz start out more black metal-ish? Did you ever throw in some death metal elements? Fuck me if I knew, I have been listening to Evanescence too long. Hit me with some song by ImpNaz that I should dig anyways. And list your one favourite ImpNaz-track.

Take a good listen of the new ‘All That You Fear’ album if You wanna have death metal riffs or black metal riffs. In a way this new album is very much back to roots with the atmosphere and the sound. IN was categorized as a black metal band in the early days and still is, which is not by far the truth, IN never wanted to be categorized to any certain genres. It’s the public and the media who put You in some lockers. IN always did and always will do things the way we want, but yeah, on the new album the presence of Black/ Death metal is more available than before, not to forget the more “rocking” punk/ hc influenced tunes also, kinda Motörhead stylish tunes, but more powerful and up tempo. My favourite IN song….. uh… tough one actually. One of my live fav’s has to be ‘We’re the Satan’s Generation’. One of the 100 fav’s. Man, reduce listening the Evanescence, it’s bad for Your head in big doses, haha…

While we are at it, I love you.

Man, as we both are well known die hard hetero’s I’ll return the word in double!! One of my other fav. song’s is Zero Tolerance, by the way =)) Good You took it up, at the number 18. Perfect timing, bro!

I know, I’m a fucken natural. You guys sport a lot of guns and shit in photos. Do guns kill, or is it people who kill?

Of course it is the man who kills, using weapon as the instrument of his action. The ‘gun image’ fits IN just perfect if You take a look at the lyrics. Some could say the lyrics are even patriotic sometimes. We have been accused of nazism through satanism to what ever activism during the years and that is fucking good, man. You know… we were the center point in a TV program about Metal Music and Satanism few years back, totally fucked up TV program without any research for backgrounds, just hear-say accusations. But that’s the point, we raise huge waves and shake the fucking conservative buildings. More fuel to the flames, that could be the motto for our thing.

I have 3 words for you by the way; Norway. Weren’t ImpNaz part of a lot of shit in the beginning of the 90’s? Death-threats all over the place and bashing de-luxe in various interviews towards Norway? I know you weren’t a part of this, but what was the deal with this crap really? I’m sure you know about it.

I don’t know much of it actually as we have never had conversations about it because it is way too old shit to remember. Childish powerplay of the young age I guess. We visited Norway in 2002 (first time for the band!) as we played at Hole In The Sky-festival and it was just fucking great. We also have a lot of Norwegian friends from bands and out of bands and no one ever talk abot this topic, or if it pop’s up it will be sunk down by laughter straight away. Sorry bro for being boring with this one, but I think it should be forgotten, and because I don’t have an idea what was going on in the early 90’s. I played in Norway back in 1991 or so with Abhorrence and even back then there was nothing wrong between the bands, so I guess again it was more the result of media in this case. It seems what ever happens where ever in the world we are part of it automatically, hahaha… Fuck, we are evil to the core.

There we go, question 21… Is there any chance you could name a NHL-player with that number on his jersey?

Hahaha, man… U missed totally. I’m proud of my ignorance towards NHL and other ‘group sports’ ie. total gay sports, hahahah….seriously, I’m only into motorsports and watch ice hockey when Finland is playing in the World Championship’s. We kicked USA butt very nicely by the way, agree??

Fuck me with a broomstick. Peter Forsberg for cock’s sake! What the fuck has happened to Teemu Selänne? That guy went from awesome to fucken piss-poor in 24 hours… What’s yer NHL-team?

I have no favourite team as U might gather already, but Rangers sound good (isn’t there one called Rangers, right?). And what comes to T. Selänne I couldn’t care less. Maybe he couldn’t take the heat, took the money and ran to the hills….with his oh-so-beautiful american dream family. There hasn’t been anything of Selänne in the papers for long time, I bet he has no media value left anymore. Last time I heard of him was some speeding ticket issue or something… blah, hockey’s not my shit bro.

Ok man… I fucken give up. What’s the sickest shit you guys ever did on tour? I know this can be tricky, but there must be a single thing that stands out and it’s always fun to read some inside-info you know. Who’s generally the most fucked up individual on tour? My money is on Luttinen for some weird reason.

When Teemu was alive he was the most fucked up and toxicated out of us, and maybe our ex-soundman Wilska too. Luttinen is too professional with drinking, he ain’t easy to catch red handed so to say. Once I remember, we were playing in Italy and leaving the country at the Bari International airport… Teemu was plastered, not like in-very-drunk but fucking toxicated, didn’t know his name even, and we are in hurry to check in for the plane. Well, we are being hurried to the security check by the airport staff already and Teemu is mummified on this iron bench which has been bolted to the floor. Everyone is shouting and slapping all over his face to wake up and fucking move, as the time was running out. Nothing happened in his brain first but then he kind of reached the state of half conciousness but refused to leave if he can’t take the bench with him and he was like trying to rip the bench off the floor to take it away… With some miracle we managed then to enter the safety check and he was asked to strip off jacket and all that half of a ton of metal he was wearing. It took like half an hour as everyone tried to take off his jacket and the jewelry….. in vain. In the end the staff just let him pass through and enter the waiting lounge. One of the staff members then came to ask if we are a band and which one and we told him, and he fucking knew us and again we had to sign autographs to the strangest people. On his last tour ever he swapped from our bus to Macabre’s bus and we actually didn’t know he was there so we were a bit confused if we left him behind that time. Well, the next morning we arrive to this gig place at Münich and all the bus wake up to this strangest noise from the stairs as Mika and one other guy are dragging Teemu up the stairs after they found him in the yard, trying to get in some civilians fancy sport car offering Jägermeister….. it was around 11:50 in the morning. Well, the whole bus wakes up (we shared the bus with Hate Eternal and Kataklysm + their staff) and Teemu is walking and talking backwards as people try to take off his Kiss sized monster boots and pants, to put him to bed. After that manages to happen we hear that he has single handedly destroyed the lounge area of Macabre’s tourbus… These are just a few examples of what ONE person can make happen, You have to remember there’s normally 6 members in our party so loadsa things happen, even if we want it or not. We haven’t toured with Tuomio yet, but we’ll see how he is now when our French/ Swiss tour kicks off on 12th of May 2004.. can’t wait, hehehe!

To this date, I don’t think you have heard The Project Hate’s albums, seems like we don’t pay much attention to each others’ music… Isn’t that kinda weird?

That is not completely true because I have had Your stuff downloaded from the Internet, and I have the Helsinki live gig on CD also. I have digged TPH ever since I first time heard it and for me the new vocalissa is fucking great. You need to get into IN’s latest album bro, like everyone else who are reading this interview!! But yeah, the friendship came first, maybe it is the reason and I think it’s good it went that way!!

Word association time. Tell me the first things that comes to yer mind when I say:




The good ol’ 80’s/ Great Britain


Good topic for the evening news.


...and pal’s. As true as Santa Claus and probably gay also as all the disciples were men and women were left out.


The dearest enemy in hockey games. Hard place to find decent pub’s and very expencive pints. Awesome chicks!!

Klä av dig naken…

Om Du Tush (Tosh?)

Törs. 3 more fucken questions. Did this turn out the best interview you ever did? You have to admire the journalistic level in this one, right?

I have to wonder which colored beans U took when U made the questions as this is The Fucking Marathon interview out of all of them? I hope my godly answers have matched the level of the questions, then I’d say this has been perfect all the way through. I hate those interviews which end before You have Your 3rd beer going down, I do appreciate Your efforts for this, brother Kennedy!

Have you ever, yes or no:

Had a fistfight with any of the members in the band?


Told a groupie you loved her, just to get laid?


Thought about quitting the music-scene?


Cancelled a gig becoz of being too drunk?


Had a beautiful Swedish guy fuck a girl in your bathroom?

Haha, Yes.

Wanted to join that beautiful Swedish guy in the action?


Gotten backstage passes becoz of yer Mohawk, and the Mohawk only?


We are getting really fucken close to ending this bullshit. How much time did you spend on this interview, and more importantly, was it worth it? Tell me again how much you love me and also how much you love the Colorado Avalanche.

Ahhaha, I have spent the whole day with this writing it up, little by little, öl efter öl… I really have enjoyed this one and I’m damn happy that I finally had time to finish this sucker and I’d say it definitely was worth of it man! Fuck, I have no clue about Colorado Avalanche and we are eternally in love as brothers can be, isn’t that the right way? We have to meet up soon and raise some hell and NOT talk about ice hockey, hahah…

Thanx for yer time bro, see ya soon in Finland again. Plug yer shit here, tell people to go fuck themselves and don’t forget to thank me for this incredible interview. What can I say, I’m a natural. Minä rakastan sinua.

People, Go Fuck Yourselves but buy the new Impaled Nazarene album first cause it will boost up Your sexual desires. Fuck this Kentha, You selfish bastard, hahahah, U ain’t even near to natural. Grattis för det här interview, det var mycket ruligt och jag älskar dig också. Lasse springer i skågen nåket med en korv upp hon rumpa… damned bro I’m losing it here, hehehe. I had a blast with this one here. Fucking Fuck \,,/