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Impaled Nazarene - Mika

21/09/04  ||  Global Domination

Old staff-member AztecB interviewed Mika from Impaled Nazarene for the old GD-site.

Global Domination: Almost 13 years have passed since IN started, what differences do you see between the band now and then?

Mika: We were young and couldn´t play shit in the beginning. We didn´t really play shows at all and we were just fucking unproffessional. Now we have toured practically everywhere and have learned to play our instruments. As composers, and as musicians we are much more professional now. And we have also discovered the kind of shitty business the music industry is. If every other business was run like music industry is being run, the whole world would have collapsed long time ago.

What is the best thing IN has given you?

Met lots of interesting people (with whom we are still in touch), travelled around the world, played with tons of great bands. That kind of thing.

What are your best experiences with IN?

Tours in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, shows in the USA and Canada. Mainly the touring outside Europe has been great, as we would never have had the money to see these places as tourists. But I must stress that there have been killer shows in Europe as well.

What have been worst experiences with IN?

The car accident in New Zealand, and Teemu´s death, of course. Our show in Leon, Mexico, which was just pure disaster. Dealing with some unreliable assholes. Thankfully it has been mainly good stuff.

Of all the countries you have visited so far, which one is your favorite and why?

Japan is no. 1 for me. I have always adored Japanese culture and to get there finally was a wet dream come true. It was everything I expected it to be and it was 666 times better still. Our best show ever was our 1st show in Tokyo. It was pure madness. I really hope that one day we can return to Japan.

Do you notice a difference between crowds in America (continent) and Europe?

Well, we are more popular in Europe than in America, so people are more like… checking us out instead of going nuts over there. The Milwaukee Metal Fest was superb though – never expected to get a reaction like that. What we need is to have a full North American tour, but with the conditions we have been offered so far, there is no way we will do it.

What are your experiences of touring Latin America?

We have done Mexican tours twice, and you are part of Latin America if I am right. Never been to South America – Mexico is the most south we have done so far. We have tried to do a full South American tour at least three times, but they have always been cancelled at the last minute. I just hope that one day we will be able to bring our nuclear armageddon down there as well.

What was/were the thing(s) you liked the best/least about Mexico?

Mexican food and beer rules!! We had excellent shows. Mexico City and especially Guadalajara totally ruled. The pyramids were fantastic of course, as were all the other things we saw there. The crowds were totally metal!!! Like I said, in Leon we had totally fucked show, it just turned ugly. Also, In Monterrey, we had shit stolen from us, pedals and cables and shit. That was our 1st show in Mexico – not a very pleasent welcome. But we mainly have good memories.

As fans, who do we have to bribe, suck or fuck in order to get you guys back in Mexico? That is the dude who brought us twice over there. I have no idea if he still brings bands over. Contact Mexican promoters, not us. We would very much like to return, thank you!

Do you listen to IN albums at home?

Once in four months or so, I get drunk and listen through the whole back catalogue. Actually not even that often. Of course I am now listening to our new album on a daily basis. It is a fantastic feeling to listen to the finished product. It takes months to make it and when it is ready, it feels damn good.

We know SFP is your least fave album, but for you, which is the ultimate IN album?

As a matter of fact, I dislike Rapture the most. The ultimate album is All That You Fear, of course.

Have you ever denied an autograph to someone?

When we were touring Australia, a guy came up to me with The Rocking Dildos On Speed cd and asked me to sign it. I lied straight out that I was not the vocalist of The Rocking Dildos. He looked confused and asked “who is it then?”. I told him it was Dark Tranquillity’s vocalist who sang on that cd.

Do you have some sort of ritual or preparation prior to the process of writing your lyrics?

Not really. I tend to leave it to last minute and then, when under pressure, I work best. I should have a pen and paper ready when I am drinking, as I manage to forget all the good ideas I had when I was drunk.

Which are your favorite lyrics, both yours and from other bands, and why?

I can´t mention only one track, I’d have to say the whole Nihil album. Those are my best lyrics, as they totally reflect what was going on my life at that time. As for other bands, I don´t really pay attention to their lyrics. Carnivore´s Retaliation has fantastic lyrics throughout. That album oozes total hatred.

If you could only keep 3 albums of the ones you have, which ones would they be?

Death – Scream Bloody Gore, Carnivore – Retaliation, Slayer – Reign In Blood. By the way, these kinds of questions are impossible to answer, it should be more like 30 albums minimum.

What motivated you to start Impaled Nazarene in the first place, and what keeps you going?

We just wanted to play the same kind of music as our fave bands, there were no goals at all in the beginning. I never even thought that we could get signed. Let´s put it this way, once you have done an album and get to tour, you grow hungry and you wanna do more of it. Of course not everybody can handle this lifestyle, but for me, this is what I like to do.

Do you ever see an end for IN? And what do you see yourself doing after?

I don´t wanna see end for us. I can´t imagine doing anything else. If we ever split up, I am sure we all will end up in different bands anyway.

How do you think IN would be different if it had been started either 2 years earlier or later than it did?

If earlier, I think we would the same as we are. But if later, I am sure we would have ended up sounding a bit different. I am glad we started when we did. We were there right from the beginning of the 2nd black metal explosion.

How would you like IN and yourself to be remembered 30 years from now?

A great band with handsome vocalist.

Have you ever considered coming to Mexico as a tourist?

Sure, but as I am broke as fuck all the time, I can only dream of that.

What are your thoughts about censorship and intolerance against/inside the heavy metal field?

Shit happens, and there is nothing we can do about it. I mean, we have been lucky, only shows cancelled during 13 year period. I can only hope that all the metallers who are having kids now, that their kids will grow up intelligent citizens and will see through the lies of the church and eventually when they are adults, that this generation will manage to destroy the church for good. Be it catholic or muslim, just get rid of that shit for good.

Do you think the changes that IN has been through during its run reflect the changes within yourself?

I guess so. I mean, I was fucking 19 years old when we started, now I am 32 and I have seen and done lots of things. People grow up, and if you are not able to change yourself during a 13 year period, then you are just a failed piece of shit. I know now much more now than I did when I was 19. So, it reflects the outlook of this band directly.

Any final words you would like to say to conclude this torture would be welcome.

Thanks a lot for this, and I bloody hope we can return to Mexico one day. Drink beer and be free!

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