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Kaamos - Konstantin

12/05/05  ||  Lord K Philipson

Kaamos logo Kaamos are Swedish. They play death metal. They are actually good at it as well. I talked to Konstantin of this very band and this is the result. Konstantin plays what? I don’t know, but someone told me he’s in the band atleast. I might also add that it took some month or 2 for him to reply. On a good note, those months paid off as I had little spell-checking and editing to do, good work there Konstantin! Fuck it all, check them out at this fucken location.

Congrats fuckers! Not to the music, nor yer faces, but for having one of the ugliest websites I have ever seen. How many seconds did it take to create that crap and who’s responsible for it? Ever thought of firing that guy faster than a blastbeat by… well… any band with blastbeats?

What the fuck!!!! He, he, he… Actually a friend of ours has done it. But it is cleared with us. And what the hell do you mean with ugly? It is Death Metal, i.e. opposite of photoshop gay-pictures, joyful colours, cyber-estethics, member profiles, favourite dish, clothes, equipment etc. It is not a fucking dating add. Is it? We will have a new site up during or after the summer. However, do not expect that we will have little cute fires burning, skeletons blinking, and pentagrams rolling.

So, I basically know shit about you guys. I know you have Entombed drummer Flintas’ drum-technician in the band. Neatly nicknamed Chris Piss. Where did that nickname come from? I have heard some stories about him being drunk and how he always pisses himself, which would make sense, , but I bet you can give the correct version.

Flinta had Kaamos drummer as a technician. His nickname you say… Well I think it has more to do with Peter Criss and Kiss rather than him peeing himself.

Seems like you fuckers just completed the second album in yer career, right? What would be the main difference on this one compared to the debut? Is it the same kind of boring deathmetal all-over again? I think the problem with you guys is that you don’t exactly groove, did you ever think about that?

Yes we have finished the second album called “Lucifer Rising”. It is hard to say what’s different from the first since I am not the most objective person when it comes to Kaamos. But I’d say that it has stronger songs and arrangements. I think the production is way heavier than before and generally more satanic. Another thing is that all the material on this album is written with the line-up that we have now, which was not the case with the prior one. And that has added a new shade of course. But it’s still all in the Kaamos vein. It is DEATH Metal. And yes, recorded AAD. And how do you mean we don’t groove? We are not a funk band! So it hasn’t crossed my mind really. There’s a reason sing-along and wrong rhyme, thought of that?

Damn, never thought about that one. Actually, you are not that bad after all. There are some cuts on the debut that actually passes for decent. What bothers me though is that the production isn’t the best thing since doing coke. I have heard worse and a lot of better sounding ones in my life. Was it intentional to go for this muddier sound, to kind of keep an really old-school feel to it, or did you fuckers just don’t get enough cash from the label to enter a killer-studio?

The production never turned out the way we wanted it due to different reasons. However, I do not think that it’s bad. It is much muddier than “Curse of Aeons” which was the reason we choose to re-enter SubSonic. We were looking for the sound on the aforementioned demo. Albeit, I do like the sound even if it isn’t what I first expected. It has a quite dark feel to it and that pleases me.

How much did you actually sell of that self-titled debut so far? And how much time was spent on the recording, as well as money? Do you think you will ever see any royalties? I guess you have to sell more than 300 copies to have the luxury of receiving royalties. Fuck knows I’ll never see any.

When initial figures stated around 1500 I haven’t bothered to check it up that much further. You know, there are 2 sides to playing in a band. First you have the one that is creative and just wants to make music, rehearse, arrange, write lyrics etc. And then there is the one that wants to know if people like it, if you have sold that and that amount, if you will get any royalties, well, the business side. I guess you can figure out in which category I dwell. I think we spent 10 days for the recording and mixing, and then 1 day for mastering. Don’t remember the sum that was spent though. We have received some royalties, but not anything worth mentioning really.

You guys really hold a strong old-Unleashed-vibe in yer shit, with the only difference that you guys sound alright these days whereas Unleashed completely suck cock. What’s yer take on the Stockholm-scene of today? Rate the following Stockholm bands from 1-10 (10 naturally being excellent) and add some comments about them.

The Sthlm-scene today is more or less none-existent if not for a hand-full of bands. I am of course referring to the real DM and BM currents. And not crossover shit that gets attention from the glossy-media. People are like monkeys you know. Aping after what gets played on Z-TV.

Dark Funeral?

5. They did a fucking awesome MCD. But then they blast-beated themselves right into mediocrity and below with the full-lengths. I guess it was Parland after all who kept the genuine spirit of quality in this band.


5. Great 2 albums. And of course the 7” is fucking raw.

Amon Amarth?

+-0. Not my cup of blood. Or do you say mjöd. Their first demo sounded like Unanimated though, which is not bad at all.


6. I actually liked the latest one to my own surprise. Didn’t enjoy the “Hate Campaign” and “Massive Killing Capacity” albums though. They certainly kept their own sound. BUT, the first album is so amazing that there is no chance in hell they will top that one.

Leif Edling?


Leif for fucks sake… The only perfect 10 around, all categories. When you guys recorded the track “Blood of chaos”, how drugged were you to come up with using that bullshit intro? What’s it about really? Just seems like a lot of nonsense to me. It brings tears to my eyes out of laughter as it sounds like one completely piss-drunk fuck-up being somewhere he shouldn’t be; in the studio, with a microphone.

Not drugged at all, or drunk for that matter. From your question I can see that you have received the promo. And the titles are a bit screwed so you are actually referring to “Doom of Man”. It is a chant in arabic tounge that will earn us a fatwah if ever heard by the wrong person, he he. Actually I heard that the bassist of Repugnant played it for an Arabic woman at his work and asked her to translate it-she said something in vein of that she will never take such blasphemous words in her mouth. Perhaps she would fancy you in her mouth instead.!?

*Ouch… You’ll have to pass this question on to yer drummer. You used to play with Grave for a short period of time. What’s up with that, Chris-darling? Do you, like the rest of the world, think that they should have called it quits as Jörgen left the band? What’s yer take on Grave after Jörgens’ departure? –
I really didn’t get an answer to that as you can see, which is a shame. Back to you, Konstantin. That brings me to another, kind of related, question… What’s yer take on Entombed after J’s departure? Should they have called it fucken quits already after Nicke left the band? It’s not like they have been the same ever since you know…

I’ve had difficulties with Entombed ever since “Clandestine”! That is the last album that I really think is genuine Death Metal. And after that I get the impression that they can’t decide what the band should be. Albeit “Morningstar” came to surprise me very much, and I kind of like it. Still, I don’t treasure it near to what I do with “Left Hand Path” and “Clandestine”. Jörgen was indeed a great bass-player and personality on stage. And I do not doubt that they will suffer from his departure. But music and lyricwise I don’t know how much he contributed.

Not only do you guys have a fucken ugly website, yer bandname kinda suck ass as well. What is a fucken Kaamos anyways? It sounds very Finnish to me. And Finnish words aren’t exactly world-famous for sounding good for bandnames.

Congratulations, you are only the 511 person whos asks me this! ( I have a very hard time believing 511 people even care about you guys / The Lord )Yes it is Finnish. Kaamos is a word that designates Darkness. Or more correctly the name of a phenomena that occurs in the northest parts of Finland. A winter twilight so to say.

Would you have any idea as for why I’m interviewing you guys? It’s not like I am yer biggest fan or anything… But you have to admit it’s damn nice of us to give you this opportunity, right? You can thank all of the Global Domination staff now if you feel like it.


I have a vague memory that I brought you guys to a biker-place in my hometown once. I also recalled you puked on the floor there… Do you recall this event? Were you afraid you would get beaten up? You know you are safe when you are with me, huh?

Yes I recall it. Well the thought crossed my mind that perhaps a biker place isn’t the best place to puke at. But then again, like you say, no harm would come with you near us, he he he…

Why don’t I have an advance of yer new album? You know I would have been able to actually ask shit a little more in-depth about it if I did? Need my address?

Because it hasn’t been pressed yet. I think that might have somehting to do with it. And what are you saying, in-depth questions, you?

Damn, busted. I also happen to know that you attended Flintas’ (still the Entombed drummer people) bachelor-party some weeks ago. Any scandals there? I heard Flinta was severely drunk and they even called for an ambulance when things looked the worst… Spill yer guts on this issue.

Well, I don’t know about the ambulance. But Flinta left quite early if I am not mistaken. A friend of mine saw him moaning on the pavement with his trousers down, he he he… So, drunk indeed. But there were photographers who took care of documenting what might have been scandalous. The only scandalous thing I saw. Well more correctly, didn’t see, was anyone from Entombed. Hrmmm…..

I really have to go and feed my girlfriends’ cat in a while, would you mind doing that for me? I’ll try to be nice throughout the rest of the interview if you do…

I think S.O.D. wrote a song about this. Can’t recall the title. Can you help me out here? I know it begins with a P and then somehting whipped?

I feed that furry thing with joy, for yer information. I noticed you have a shaved head… Are you suffering from hairloss, just like us older fucks? Is it metal to not have long hair? Ofcourse it is, it’s what’s in your heart that counts, right? Blablablabla… Jesus fucken hell. Congratulate me on the lamest fucken question thus far. You do know I have to fill out the remaining 14 questions with something.

It is because I use my head as a scrying-ball. What did you think? Oh yes, congratulations to the lamest question so far.

Do you swallow?

Depends on what’s in my mouth. Doesn’t it?

After these last few low points, let’s head for another one;

Jenna Jameson or Traci Lords?


Jackson or Ibanez?


Sex or love?

I hate you! This is a trick question.

Vatos or Locos?

As long as they are dead I like ‘em both

Blood in or Blood out?

Depends on the situation.

Sunlight Studios or Morrisound Studios?

Depends on the band.

Leif Edling or Steve Harris?

Don’t know that Leif dude, so Steve.

3 strikes and you’re out, that was 2 down. Don’t know Leif? Fuck me sideways… I know you guys have played in Germany some times. This means you have definitely visited some porn-stores. What’s yer porn-collection like nowadays? Germans aren’t exactly known for their normal sex-movies you know. What’s the most fucked up thing you ever saw as far as this goes?

I know you won’t believe me but no porn-stores were visited during these occasions. And I don’t have a porn collection, in the regular use of the word that is. I don’t really know how to discriminate between what the worst shit I’ve seen would be. But everything from rapes (japanese/staged as far as I know), to women fucking dogs, horses, and eels. Yes Kentha, I have seen an eel -sequence. Fucking slippery fucks they are. Did I just make your day?

Nope. The title of yer new album is “Lucifer Rising”. That brings to mind; was he ever down?

He was in attic to the left. I asume you are not acquinted with Kenneth Anger!?

Tobbe Anger I know, bassist for 2 Ton Predator. Kenneth? Nope. If you don’t nail this, I must kill you… Name the only hockey player worthy of having this number on his jersey: 21

Hockey is nothing more than golf on ice. Meaning I don’t have the slightest fucking idea.

Die. Has Konstantin ever ( yes or no ):

Fucked a bandmembers’ girlfriend or ex-girlfriend?


Had a fistfight with a bandmember?


Wanted to kick Chris out of the band?


Gotten laid coz you are in a band?


Heard of Swedish band Crypt of Kerberos (R.I.P)?

Heard of – yes, heard – no.

Admired the music of The Project Hate?


Wished you had the hair of Ulf (ex-Vomitory)?

No, no, no.

So, a new album is coming out and much like the last one it won’t sell shit. Did you ever think of giving this music-bullshit up and grow right the fuck up? What’s yer high and lows of the Kaamos-career so far?

Give up! For what? We never started the band for fame, recognition or what not. There was one idea, to do Death Metal art le art. And that is our mission. I know for a fact that all of us would stand in a rehearsal place. Either in this band or in 4 different bands playing the music we all feel aligned too. Lucky are we to have met and manage to play in the same band. Four wills, one vision! As for high and lows… This is a bit tough since my memory isn’t always that good. But I really found the Black Death Tour with Watain to be stimulating. Lows are always being in a studio and recording. I fucking hate that! Albeit last time was a really good experience.

What the fuck did Messiah Marcolin assist with as far as the first album recording goes? He’s credited in yer biography you know. Don’t tell me he was the technician? I can’t imagine he has the time to do anything but eat Big Mac’s. Anyways, how was he like working with?

He was doing some practice related stuff to a course in studio-engineering he was taking at the time. Don’t really know if he has pursued this path more than that though. He was really cool and down to earth. Very hardworking, proffessional, and meticilous (you might need a dictionary for that word Kentha). And he had plenty of stories that he recalled and told us about. Like the first gigs he did with Candlemass. And particularily this one in Uppsala. Ha ha ha…. I am not even going to try re-telling it here. Hilarious! The thing with his co-operation was that we found out he was going to participate about an hour before he showed up. And up until we saw him in person we were a 100% sure that it was a particulair kind of Swedish humour we call lousy.

5 more fucken questions… Would you like to ask me something?

Nope. Do you want me to want to ask you a question?

Hell no. Seeing your name sounds all Finnish… What’s yer take on the following Finnish bands?


Never liked them.


I don’t listen to pop.


Never heard. But I’ve understood it’s pop.

Impaled Nazarene?

The first 2 albums are exceptional.

Leif Edling?


Children of Bodom?

See answer about Stratovarious.

That was that, 3 strikes, you are out. Wow, only 4 more questions… I’ll take the easy way out on this one… Are we having fun just yet?

Not really. What about you?

Nope. Do you really think you guys have what it takes to make it somewhat big? Can you see yourself still pulling out this old-school deathmetal in 5 years? What separates you guys from the rest of the worlds’ deathmetal bands? If you ask me; not much.

Hrmm… To be honest I haven’t really paid that thought much attention. I surely think that we can grow bigger than we are now if that is what you are asking about. And yes, in 5 years I can still se myself going to rehearsal and doing some new songs. What seperates us from the rest of world’s Death Metal bands? Perhaps that we are a DEATH metal band and not death metal band. Today, most bands are too much crossover, which is not good if you failed to get it! Or simply blast every album to boredom and mediocrity.

*What would be yer favourite way to die? And your fave-end of the world, what would that be? Make sure to include a lot of “blood’s”, “Satan’s” and “Leif Ed*ling’s” in this answer, ok?

To die and resurrect. Fave end of the world is already taking place. When thinking about time in terms of circulair motion as expressed in Indian philosophy rather than in linear occidental ideas, this is Kali Yuga. I say indeed it is! Kali Ma!!!!!!!!!! Blood shall flow unto thy feet as acts of worship!!!!!!!

What the hell would you like to add that we haven’t covered already?

Fuck off!