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Mike Poggione

28/07/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Nazi much, Mike?

The Mike. The Poggione. The Fucken Mike Poggione. If you are a GD-lover, you know Mike. He’s doing bass-duties in bands like Capharnaum, Lehcerous Nocturne and the more well-known Floridian death metal veterans Montrosity. But he’s probably most acknowledged for his fantastic hatemails to us at Global Domination. Mike’s been giving us quite some laughs thruout the history of GD and it seems that goes both ways coz Mike just can’t let go of us. And we like that. We respect devoted people. Coz we at GD are devoted people defined. I was using my AIM thing yesterday (something that only happens when I really need to send someone a file. All chat-programs can go fuck themselves with one of Mike’s basses) when suddenly this pops up at my screen:

is thsi lorb billy?

That ladies and sperms, was all I needed to understand Mike was sending me a message. I know Mike’s writing as good as I know my own. We chatted for a little bit and then I had to give him shit for pussying out on the interview he agreed on doing some time ago, making a nice move over to asking if he’s up for a new one… And… yeah, you guessed it. He was. And what’s even weirder is that it turned out pretty fine, to mine and everyone’s surprise, I’m sure. So, instead of going on with this rant, I’ll just hand over another great interview with Mike. Just one last thing: No, Mike’s not any better at spelling than before, I just promised I’d proof it and correct all the typo’s. 6 hours later I wish I hadn’t, haha…

Global Domination: Naturally, awesome to talk to you again. You have been mightily missed. What’s currently up with Monstrosity and the new band of yours, Lecherous Nocturne?

Mike Poggione: Thanks for you time here again… Regarding Monstro, we had a great and actually successful tour about a month ago in Europe. It was a shame I could not preform for you Mr KTPH and visit your area… Monstro are in a writing-mood again. I believe the band is toying around with 4 songs and more ideas at the time. We hope to to have CD done by this winter, but I’m not sure if that will happen. We will see, but I so know we need a CD badly to begin touring and such again. As for Lech Noct, I just did a show with them in their hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. It was a CD-release show and the turn out was very good. It was a real brutal show. Thank god, for once, a real show. The Lech Noct outfit is trying to gear up for some shows and tours. We are awaiting a response from GUNTER Management to see if he wishes to pick us up and manage us for touring. I hope so and I hope to get to Europe with them this year or at least early 2007. I think Europe would like the Lech Noct sound and vibe. There is something missing in death metal these dyas. Lech Noct reminds me of how metal once was and should be; abstract, fast and brutal. The live shows just remind me of older metal days with heads and hair flying and having a real aggressive live show.

Thanx alot for putting some effort into this. Never mind any typo’s, I’ll fucken fix them this time around and you got my word on it even if it’ll take me like a few hundred years to do so, haha. So, with 2 bands currently running… which one is the technically hardest to play?

Ohhhhh god… Well, don’t forget about Capharnaum. All the bands are very technical but I must say the Lech Noct material really gave me a run for my money, and let me tell you why… With Lech Noct, they make sure to write songs that are in odd times and have the most unusal melody-structure. It took me ages to understand some of the tempo-changes and melodies of their songs. What really made the songs hard for me was not the left or right hand techniques but memorizing the tempo and melody. With Monstro, it’s very challenging for the right hand for picking and the fret hand is also challenged but not as in a drastic continually way such as with Capharnaum. All 3 bands bust my balls in different ways but I must say (and hope the Monstro guys don’t read this but..) the Lech Noct material was the hardest for me to learn, and I’m still fucking around with “learning a few sections” here and there…

Are you on fucken drugs Mike, you are handing out some answers here that makes sense, haha… Which one do you enjoy playing more with? Oh, and this includes Caphranaumsnaumspraun. Fuck me for forgetting about that band.

I love jamming with Monstrosity and think that its great to play those tunes with them. But I have also got to say, I ‘m really excited about the Lech Noct material and performing those tunes. I’ve only had one show with them so far, but I get a great felling while jamming with them. It’s more of a raw and dirty show. You know, just basic death with no fancy things going on in background or whatever. I love jamming with both outfits because they do something different for me… Well, Capharnaum is basically a studio project and as far as I can see , it will stay that way because Jason Sukoff is too busy being a producer and acting all “holly-wheels” these days. I haven’t heard from him in a bit and it really sucks because I have a 3 song demo of new material from the group that Jason Suckoff wrote. It’s so fucking bad. Very melodic, technical and crushingly catchy. Fucking great songs… I should send you them, Lord K. So I hope he gets of his chair and sits down with his axe and writes more. I’m sure Matt Heafy from my best friends in the world, Trivium, will sing on it.

So, I was actually about to ask you if you have any real, close friends before moving into heavier territories. You mentioned Trivium. I think I saw some interview with them sometime where they claimed they were going to be the next Metallica. I know you have the hots for fame, would you kill every other band you are in to be able to join, for example, Trivium?

Hmm, tough question… Actually, my career in metal began in 1998 with a brutal underground guttural band called Execration. It was a real fucking band and came out around the time of early Diabolic and shit in the Tampa sene. So I always had heavy-as-fuck shit running through my ears and when I met up with the Trivium guys, that occured after I knew Matt from working with Capharnaum. As to say if I would quit real metal to join up with them again, sad to say I probably would. Those bastards are doing everything I dreamt of ages ago, they have the whole rockstar thing going on in many ways…

Are you ready for some heavier questions now for a second or are you going to pussy out on me again?

Bring on your half a sissy bitch questions, I’ll cock slap them in your face…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA… That’s my fucken man. Let’s start easy… I think we touched this subject before, but what the hell were you thinking when you went apeshit over our praising review of a Monstrosity album becoz I rightfully claimed I couldn’t hear the bass? You think shit has calmed down since? You got older, more mature? Maybe realized that was uncalled for? You DO understand I dig yer shit, don’t you, Mike?

Dude, you’re still Lord Fag if you want to go around on this subject again. First of all, its not about the review and we know that. It was about you saying you can’t hear the bass. And dude, I think theres more bass in general on the Monstro “Rise “ CD and in general with the new Lech Noct. No, I’m not feeling anything different about that conversation. If you cant hear the bass on the Monstro-CD, you’re fucking retarded. It has a constant sound like a chainsaw or buzz-saw distortion on it throughout the CD… See, that what’s changed in death metal these days, you can actually offend people in the scene that do reviews or promote bands. You actually have to not step on toes and be polite and correct. I thought metal ment saying what you feel and backing it up with proof or actions. Everyone s a faggot fuck lolly pop cock suck fist fuck bend and suck pussy these days. Afraid to say what they feel becasue they dont want to give there band a bad image or name… Jesus Christ, this is metal.

It’s all fine with me being a fag for not hearing the bass as I want to, I don’t mind. But anyways… Before I continue with the heavy shit. You look very strong and all, how much do you bench-press?

The most I’ve benched is 290 and that was a year ago. I’m not as strong as I once was but I have just begun to train again. Do you have “Gold’s “ gym’s over there? I just signed up here again. And bench-press should not be as important as incline bench-press. You do know the difference, right, of what I’m talking about?

Yeah, I know what yer talking about after spending some time at the gym, but no, we don’t have those gyms here. Anyways. I’m impressed. And how much do you bench-press without steroids?

No roid’s for me. I wish though. I’ve never done roids but have taken plenty of andro and precurse’s back in the day. But as I get older, maybe a cycle of GH every year would help. Something that will last and stay with you. I’m not into needles and I know enough to stay away from oral based roid’s because it will waste away on your liver and organs as it is broken down… Now I will use some creatine for 3,5 months straight along with mass-protein and gultimene.

You should stop chatting with the chicks while doing this interview, I’m just sitting here waiting for replies that take forever, but I’m happy you are doing this. You could say I’m happy as a fag in a cock-store. You definitely know the situation. Anyways, and here’s another one you can cock-slap in my face, coz fuck knows we love the cock at GD: Do you think the Monstro and Lech-guys are a bit worried about some stuff you do and say? Like sending us hatemails and shit, posting pics of concentration-camps on your MySpace-page, complete with “witty” comments to go with them and all? And while on the subject of those pictures… Someone informed us about those Auschwitz-shots you have at your MySpace-page, and I asked you if you weren’t worried about getting shit for it. You said you already got shit from it, both from the guys in Monstro and some others. Have you removed them now or is it just like “I don’t fucken care”, they can’t find a as talented bassplayer anyways so…”. Seriously, what were you thinking while putting those up and also adding a comment like “Best camp I ever visited”. What it comes down to, Mike. Are you, or aren’t you a rascist?

Well, the Monstro-mainman is not happy about it but… Oh well… I dont know what to say… People need to lighten up, get a fucking clue, and if they dont like it… Oh well… That’s nothing new. There’s about 95% of things that are pushed in my face and things I have to tolerate, so now you can tolerate me too.. Once again, you have to tap-dance around everyones feelings and beliefs and if you happen to be on the “not so popular side of things today” then you are a bad guy and ballaball… At the Lech Noct camp, I seriouly doubt anyone is offened in any way.

Ok then… You seem like a nice guy and all, but somehow you throw tantrums like I throw darts on a photo of you on a Friday night. Seriously, you must fucken respect us somewhat since you agree on doing another interview, right? Have you ever even taken the time to check out some other reviews that we have done? What is your honest opinion about Global Domination? We know we are a bunch of all-knowing fags and all, but still all-knowing. Right?

Well, I think it’s a funny thing that we still talk and correspond to eachother. I think you guys have a great site and I actually respect you guys and opinions regarding the metal-scene coverage. I haven’t looked at any other review though in the past, but maybe I will now…

You know we wouldn’t make an interview without busting yer nutsack a little. So, let’s start the busting-part a bit. You agreed on doing an interview some time ago but pussied out when you got the questions. Were they too personal? You know we had some good insider-info and all for it from people in your surroundings, that’s how we work. We are fucken global you know. Why didn’t you just spill the beans on everything? Are you enjoying this interview more so far?

The last inteview wasn’t even real Come on. You should post those questions again and look over them and think ( Note by The Lord: Believe me, I would post that masterpiece if I could find it ). It was a waste of time for sure, come on now… Well, this interview is going well, maybe because you caught me just waking up and I’m not as pissed off by the end of the day.

Let’s get shit straight here… You contacted me, loverboy. This brings me to the following: You said earlier when we chatted that you had no idea how I ended up in yer contact-list on AIM. Well, it’s easy, you added me. I think that’s cute. Have you longed to chit-chat with yer favourite-Swede? Are we friends? Wanna share a beer with me? And can I be on your guestlist if you ever play Sweden NOW since we are all cool and stuff? You denied me last time, you seemed angry. Were you? Do you love me?

You’re a clown man… Funnyyyy… I’m cool with you. I guess anyone to sit there and say they can’t hear my bass is worth talking to and about it. Yeah , when I get over there i’m planning on getting the royal treatment from you and all. Yeah we can have some beers but I would rather have some Red Bull and vodka. You can show me what the land of blondes have to offer. Yeah, I ‘ll put you plus 2 on the guestlist next time… Hahahaha…

Almost the last question now: You are obviously a great bass-player with a hundred strings on yer bass. Do you think some brains were sacrificed in exchange for talent while being born? Forgive me, I couldn’t help myself.

You fucking gayist. Come on man, I’m just finishing up with my Physical Therapy Assistance program. Then I’ll make great loot. Also, you should see some of my other business works with The Legacy Business Group. I ‘d try to explain some things to you regarding pro-sumer buying and marketing but I dont have time for that today.

This was the most decent chat I ever had with you… Keep it up like that, Mike. And that was it this time around. Anything you wanna add? GD loves you and will always support yer shit, if we are drunk enough. Be good now and leave us with some last famous words only you are capable of. Thanx alot man, I love you.

Hahaha… Ok man… People of America, wake the fuck up. Look at what you have become and who you have listened to. Look at how you act and what you try to emulate… What has happened here, even over the past 10 years has created such a downfall. This plague and disgust has spread to all ages and people here. This country we live in is no longer ours. Just look around you and see. I can only imagine just how fucked things will be during my lifetime. America is scum and is no longer as it once was and was meant to be. Now just look around and take in what you see. Theres a big reason for it and if you dont know why things are the way they are now, you seriously have lost your own identity and have been corrupted by the 2 major influential disgraces of human kind.

Mike your life up at:

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