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Mordax - Jeff

28/12/10  ||  revenant

Their logo. Seriously, what else did you expect it to be?

As most of the regular readers of GD would quite well know (because us writers bitch about it all the time), we get a lot of crap sent to us here, which we correctly give the treatment to. Sometimes, however, a gem arrives in the mail to make the whole process less tedious. Mordax, which I reviewed earlier this year, was one of those gems. With their MySpace currently adorned with my own words, it seemed an appropriate time to speak with the band themself.

GD: Welcome to Global Domination, anything you want to say before I put your nuts in the steel press? I’ve been watching a lot of current affairs lately and brushing up on my hard hitting interview style, so take the free kick while you can get it.

Jeff: Not really, your steel press will have to be really big to fit my big balls.

OK, but don’t say you weren’t warned. Congratulations on the “Slaughter” EP, that was a fine piece of fucken work right there. How’s reception, outside of my own excellent (if I do say so myself) review, been?

The reception has been really positive, both here in Denmark, but also around Europe. “Slaughter” was actually released on the underground label Satanica Productions in New Zealand in August this year.

A New Zealand release… do you think you have many Hobbits for fans?

Actually Sauron just ordered a copy of “Slaughter”. He told me he will be playing it extremely loud while wiping out faggot Hobbits.

Do you realise that New Zealand is full of sheep-shaggers? How does it make you feel knowing that right now there could be a New Zealander pounding the arsehole of a sheep to the beat of Modax?


Jeff kicking it out live

Ok, let’s talk about what’s coming up next for the band. I understand there’s a full length on the way?

Fuck yes! At the moment we’re busy writing new awesome material for our debut album, which will be mixed and mastered by death metal-legend Dan Swanö in Unisound Studio. We’re all very excited about the making of the record, and we guarantee it will be a hardhitting metal-explosion in your face!

Dan Swanö mixing your debut… I think I just had an explosion of my own. So who does the majority of the song writing in Mordax? Do you have one spiritual leader who runs the show or is it more of a group thing?

“Slaughter” was written by Ejnar, Ole and Asbjørn before Mads and I joined the band, but at the time, it’s mainly Mads and Ole who writes kickass riffs for the debut album.

Have you had much in the way of label interest for the album?

Not really yet. When the album is done our plan is to shop the record around different labels, and by next summer we hopefully have a distribution deal.

The name Mordax struck a few of us at GD as quite strange. Maybe my Google skills aren’t up to scratch, but when I search for Mordax I get pictures of scorpions and fish. What’s the origin of the name?

Actually Mordax means murderous in Latin – it’s as simple as that. So I hope the scorpions and fish you found on Google were killing each other ;)

Sadly they weren’t, because if they were, that would have been cool. Now I notice on your MySpace you have one band member who goes under the name “Lord Insane”. What sort of crazy arsed antics did he have to get up to in order to earn the nickname “Lord Insane”?

There’s also a very simple explanation to this: Ole is insane when he’s playing the guitar!

Tell me a bit about the Danish metal scene. This year I’ve had the pleasure of hearing yourselves and Electric Hellride, the displeasure of hearing Raunchy (and I don’t care how many more dickheads email me about my “A Discord Electric”, the album is still a shitpile), what other gems are there from the land that spawned Lars Ulrich?

We grew up with a bunch of very inspiring bands, especially in our hometown Ribe, which spawned thrash bands like Sacrificial, Autumn Leaves etc. The Danish metal scene keeps growing, and especially the young upcoming bands are getting a lot of attention right now. The growing attention on these young bands probably has a lot to do with the international success of the bigger Danish metal bands (Hatesphere, Raunchy, Mnemic, Volbeat etc.), which has drawn much attention to Danish metal in general.

I know it’s a question asked in every music interview ever made, but fuck it, I’ll ask anyway. Who would you say is the biggest influence on you musically?

We listen to a lot of different music and music styles, but in Mordax, the biggest influence probably is Metallica, Entombed, The Haunted and Hatesphere.

And who would you rate as the hottest two women on the planet right now?

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz.

So if you had a choice between shagging the arse off Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in a wicked threesome or a European tour with any of the above bands, which would you take? And don’t worry about not being seen as a “team player” for taking the sex, the rest of the band can all have a go after you’ve finished if they don’t mind sloppy seconds.

I would have to say the European tour. I score so much putang anyway!

Some random dudes... no wait, it’s fucking Mordax!

Now to something ranks second to music and sex only in the order of all things: beer. What’s your brew of choice?

Tuborg Gold.

Drinking on stage: metal as fuck or unprofessional?

We do it, so I guess that makes it metal as fuck.

Now imagine we’re in a room, and I point to a man and say “brothers and sisters I have none, but that man’s father is my father’s son”. What relation am I to that man (I told you this would be hard hitting)?


I’ve actually forgotten the answer to that, but I don’t think that was it. Fuck it, let’s get back to the music. What’s your opinion on the big four of thrash? Are they a bunch of old men basking in past successes or are they still as relevant as ever?

I must say relevant as ever, if it wasn’t for those bands, Mordax might not exist today.

So thanks for chatting with us, and best of luck with the new album. Be sure to send GD a copy because we are the one true authority on everything metal, and the masses need to know.

Thank you, we’ll be happy to send you a copy. \m/