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Oral Fistfuck - Someone in the band

26/10/12  ||  Pr0nogo

Oral Fistfuck

Oral Fistfuck is an up-and-coming brutal death metal band from Switzerland. Though they formed in 2005, they only recently put out a three-track demo in 2011. Needless to say, it fuckin’ slays, and everyone involved should be looking out for how to make it slay even more than it already does. These guys are definitely a band to watch out for as they make a name for themselves. Today, the band sat down to answer some questions for Global Domination. Their response follows.

Global Domination: Hey guys. First off, congrats on releasing your first demo. I know it can be difficult to get a bunch of different people together long enough to pull off a release, and the demo was nothing short of fantastic. How did people react to the band’s stuff? What was reception like?

Oral Fistfuck: We had a positive response to the demo mainly because we discovered a good mix of brutal death and death metal with a hint of hardcore.

What part of Oral Fistfuck in particular stands out to you as the strongest aspect of the band?

We are continually trying the write songs that are complex in technique but still remain catchy. Having lyrical concept is also important to us, which sometimes tests our technical abilities.

What do you guys aim to improve upon when you record your next release?

Band organization, hahaha. We are proud of our first demo, as everything in life, we will strive to extend our boundaries, however our music must remain organic and not become too clinical.

Oral Fistfuck fistfucks around on stage

While we’re on that subject, is there another Oral Fistfuck record in the works?

Of course, this time a structured concept album, the songs are almost complete and we’re looking to record in January.

What about touring? Are you guys planning on setting off on a Rock Band World Tour, or what?

It’s not so easy for an unknown death metal band to get on a cool tour, we are looking to hook up gigs outside of Switzerland though – äch, we’ll play funerals and weddings too!

Were there any bands or individuals in particular who really helped inspire some or all of you guys?

As a band we are an eclectic bunch, however, if there is 3 bands the inspire us all it would be Suffocation, Beneath the Massacre and All Out War. We are all comic fans and so we try bring some ideas from the comics into our music. And, of course, Slayer, you just gotta like Slayer, hehe…

How has life after the first release been? What have you guys been doing?

We have our lives and jobs etc and we continue to do what we do, write new songs and create more music – receiving recognition for what we are doing obviously has our motivation levels revved up.

What do you see as the goal of Oral Fistfuck? Where do you want to take the band?

OFF is more than just a hobby for us, we have worked hard to get the band to a professional level, now it’s a case of consistency and a bit of luck…

Some orally fistfucked guy

Are you guys planning on getting signed to a label, or would you rather stay unsigned?

Right now it doesn’t really matter for us, the Internet helps us and we can work without any pressure.

How has the band spread their music around? Word sometimes travels slowly in the underground community.

Again, the Internet helps tremendously, we had a review by Infidel Amsterdam which had a big impact. Having said that, the fact that we are a good live band makes the verbal propaganda travel a little faster.

What’s the biggest annoyance or issue that you’ve come across while being part of Oral Fistfuck?

People thinking that we are a gore band because of the name.

And what’s the best part about being part of the band?

Being able work creatively and then being able to present it.

Anything else you’d like to tell us here at Global Domination?

Thx for the support! So buy our shirts and promos and keep track of us and keep on listening to brutal music!

Oral Fistfuck

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