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Putrefy - Jason

06/08/10  ||  Butt-Beard

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Putrefy fall into the category of “cookie-cutter death metal with some unique shit that makes them stand out”. I responded to Jason’s begging for interviews on his Facebook page, and about 9 months later he finally fucken answered my questions. Though one could hardly call his replies “answers”. Apparently Jason has no respect for punctuation or grammar, I had to capitalize and check HIS fucken spelling. Cheers Jason…

Global Domination: For those who don’t know much about the band, could you quickly recap on some of your history?

Jason: Putrefy formed in 1992, released a demo and mcd and split up in 1995, I got a new line up sorted in 2000 ,and we’re still here, 2 albums and a few mcd’s later, 2012 will be the bands 20th anniversary.

And according to some glue sniffing Mayans the end of the world. What have you guys been up to recently?

We’ve just played London Deathfest, wasn’t our best gig but we had fun. Gear problems affected our set, but shit happens. As of late we’ve been demoing 3 new songs that will feature on the next album which will be a surprise to any fans of the band.

What? You fuckers will start playing country songs? Whilst this question is mainly for me, what inspires you during the songwriting process and where do you come up with sick shit like “Raped By Rednecks”?

Well “Raped By Rednecks” is based on the movie “Deliverance”, previous releases have had a humourous element to the song titles and lyrics, although we’ve knocked that on the head now.

I’m sure you have been knocking something else on the head too. Do you have anything written for the next album?

3 songs are written. Writing is ongoing, and tracks will be demoed before we record the next full length. The new stuff is different in approach, classic New York death metal in influence, catchier, heavier, and much faster, and less slam riffs (only suitable riffs remain). I’d say the new stuff has more dynamics, people should dig it, still sounds like us but more direct. Oh and before I forget, the songs include guitar solos.

Make sure to send me a fucken copy of that shit. Are you frequently doing gigs, when can we expect you here in Holland?

Living in northern Ireland, a small country, it’s not easy finding gigs. We try to go to England and other countries but with ever rising flight/baggage prices it gets harder. Recently we had to cancel a fest appearance in the Czech Republic due to costs, was gonna cost 800-1000 pounds for a 30-45 minute show. We contact promoters worldwide about fests and tours but theres a thing in the scene now where its cool to flood peoples MySpace/Facebook pages in promoting their fests, but yet they fail to reply to your email regarding playing their fest, ignorant fucking assholes. I’ve mailed promoters about it. I’ve had enough of their bullshit, it is called respect. But nowadays its all about themselves.

We’ll play Holland if someone sets it up. I’ve tried since 2004 to play there, it depends on certain things to get us there. Like most bands in the scene, we’re not made of money so it’s hard to travel a lot. Especially when airlines charge nearly £400 for baggage… If you are promoter (I’m not) and serious about booking bands, get in contact. We take our show serious, and we’re willing to play anywhere. Fests in Europe please get in contact. Fuck it. Worldwide, bring it on.

Shit interviewee

On a more serious note, who in the band has got the biggest penis? I ask this only because you have songs involving genitalia. “Slurping On Cuntslop” anyone?

Not a clue, if it was working penis, I’d say Connor (guitars, vocals) as he has a kid due in August.

Who’s better? Dying Fetus or Jig-Ai?

Dying Fetus without a doubt, but I like Jig-Ai as well, great Czech band.

What would be the funniest way imaginable to conduct genocide?

Genocide isn’t funny, sorry.

It would be if it was committed by communist teddy bears using rainbows and sunshine. How would you rate the average metal-fan? Give them an out of 10 score. (I’ve left this answer in its original form, formatting it would only take away from it.)

0 – most metallers are gay little ass bandits, bad fringe, make up wearing rare bastards, thats the metallers i see nowadays, wearing their plimsoles, trousers hanging below their ass, purple hair, i fear for the metal scene with these people, i asked the guys in the band recently after ronnie james dios death etc that when ozzy, halford, dickinson are gone, theres no greats to replace them, sad state metal is in.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

Next question…

Crayons fucken rule man, tosser. What’s the sickest shit you guys have ever a. recorded, and b. done?

a – Recent album.
b – Next album.

Who’s the most fucked up in the band?

Each member is as fucked up as the next. But when me and Connor start smoking weed, then it goes mental.

How much better is this interview than the ones you are used to answering? Compare it to any past interviews. Pass judgment on our site while you are at it. And be sure to read the Repulsion “Horrified” review.

Questions aren’t the worst, except ones about genocide and crayons, I avoid silly questions from mags, webzines, that aren’t relevant to the band.

Thanks for your time man.

Thanks for the questions.