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Skull And Bones - Spartacus

29/10/08  ||  Daemonomania

Spaaaaarta... cus
Global Domination: We could write for aeons when it comes to Skull And Bones… But we won’t. Daemonomania decided this guy deserved a shot at the limelight here at GD and that’s why we present this interview with a very unique person who’s creating very unique (you could say it completely sucks COCK too) music. We’ll hand over the word to Daemonomania and this completely unedited interview with main man Spartacus (yep, we did warn you this is something else).

So if you haven’t read the Skull and Bones review, enjoy it here. Despite the trashing “Waking up songs” received, the venerable one-man-band agreed (like a true warrior) to answer questions from Global Domination. He clearly has balls of Brazilian steel underneath that tunic. Here he is; metal master, dominator, magician, musician, public servant – SPARTACUS.

GD: Hello there Spartacus, I’m part of the staff at Global Domination, a metal site based out of Sweden. We’d love to interview you about your music, your beliefs, background, etc. Let me know if you’d be available for some questions back and forth via email.

Spartacus: Hi! I love your site, the truth right in the face… I’m 1000% avalable, at your disposal! Any time you want to start, just “shot” the questions.

(shortly afterward): ops, are you talking seriously? by the review you didn’t enjoyed my songs… well can’t get worse, can’t? ok send the questions.

What does the title “Waking Up Music” mean? Is Skull and Bones good stuff to listen to first thing in the morning?

Ha! The title has the aim of my songs, to make the listener think; to wake from an sleep of concioussness , to stop to repeat things and thoughts they learned as kids, without question if it’s true or if it’s whath they really want… most people crossess their lives as robots, just working, eating, f*, watching tv, without mind in deeper things or have higher aims.

This is Sparta!!! You’re from Brazil, right? From what I’ve heard, the metal scene is pretty good over there. How long did you look for new bandmates after they quit? Or did your realize Skull and Bones had to be a solo mission?

Yes, I’‘m from Brazil, but I’m living in a Small town, about 30000 people. We had a god scene in great cities, like São Paulo (10 million p.), Rio de Janeiro (7 million), Porto Alegre (2 million p.). Here the musicians, mostly kids, are into that “emo” shit movement. I have more than 35 years, It was difficult to find musicians intersted in my project/band, here they just aim to play covers of another bands, and have this prejudice about my age. I searched for a drummer wich be able to work with double bass for almost six months, spenting money on advertise at newspapers and talked with the only drum school in my city. I just find a good drummer wich lived about 40 km from my town, but later he desisted becouse it was to much far (he doesnt had a car). Theres another thing wich leads me to this decision: the old formation guys never had money to participate with studio recordings, advertise, equipment, it was all on me, than, if I got to make all compositions, and finance all stuff then maybe it was suposed to get all risks, shame or glory them. And the increasing access to technology and the softwares of recording and mastering made me possible to compose and record alone. At shows I got a support band, they appear at my video “Dresden” on you tube or myspace, they are very good musicians, and live shows are energic and intense.

Very cool shirt, by the way. Fits the Spartacus theme very well. Have you ever thought of simply performing under the name Carlos Fernando de Souza Silva?

Never because I work for Justice here, I’m a boss at a public office, wich work helping (bellow) a Judge, yes… Public Servant. I got to use another name to don’t mix the Public servant, boss at the unity of Electoral Justice, from the musician, got it? People here had a prejudice from the rock or metal musicians. Not because my huge ego. You didn’t asked, but I will answer anyway, why this name , Spartacus? Besides to be that Slave wich fighted for freedom , it was the motto of the leader of the Illuminatti group , Adam Weishaupt. Some said the Illuminatti wanted to rule the world, so as the Skull and Bones fraternity… so Spartacus fits to Skull and Bones, right? Really when lord k. ironnically call me master of global domination, he got one in :) . Aleister Crowley, one of my preffered writers, whom I estimated to much, whom I was or believe to be very closed in a possible past life (crazy, no?), used the motto “Spartacus” at a secret magical order, as I, when I was initiated at Freemasonry at 2002 (I was rised Master in 2004), choosed the alias “Spartacus”. I’m am a “Magus”, a magician too, as Crowley was. I don’t want to dominate the world, but I do want to free the minds of my brothers and sisters humans, as Spartacus in the old roman empire freed the slaves. And I’m the eeire of Salomon and the beast, yes!

What do you think of the review Lord K wrote about your CD? Did it make you angry? Sad? Indifferent? Let me know your feelings.

I belive he could write better, It was difficult to me understand his Irony. I’m not sad or angry, because I knew the great probability of he hate my work, and I sended it anyway. He made me a great service, by the way, telling people to go to my websites, it increased a lot the traffic, the free downloads of the albuns (“Waking up songs” and “Dresden Reloaded”) increased a lot in the last 24h, I got a lot of new friends at myspace and a lot of new listeners at Reverbnation. I even sell cds today! By the way, even he didn’t liked, he is not the most supreme authority , and I’m happy because my albuns downloads at torrent network (official releases) grow day by day, and are people from a lot of countries wich get than, there’s people in US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, China wich enjoy and enjoyed my songs and I’m very happy with it.

And I’m happier because he had a hard time trying to describe how my songs look alike, because it was another aim of me in Skull and Bones, to sound “unique”, to be original, and not to be an clone of some great band? Why I can not sing without high piched notes? Why I can not use a death metal blast, blast beats and sing mellodically or use a hard rock distortion? Why I can not do guitar solos full of emotion and feeling, without a thousend notes per second speed? I am breaking all the rules to how make a sucessfull band or song today, because I do want to do this, I want my own kind of songs, I don’t wanna be a copy of another one band or sound like another, if some don’t like or hate, fuck them, but I got some people whom love and tell it to me, and this make me stronger and ready to start again. I don’t care if I don’t got a label, I gave all my songs to people download freely if they want, I make shows without profit, I got a another job and music completes me.

I can’t seem to find the lyrics to your songs anywhere, but I do enjoy words that make the listener THINK. Do you have a sample or two of some of your best lyrics?

I putted the lyrics at my myspace song downloads, and they are at the booklet at the album torrent downloads, available at my home site (, but here goes some samples, I believe the best are Dark(evil) God (from “Dresden Reloaded”) and Domination from “Waking up Songs”.

From “Dark (evil) God” song, Dresden Reloaded:

2000 years of a lie, How many more will have to cry, how many else will burn to Die
Your suffering must end right now, Just wake up you’re not a pawn, Try to scape the chains of sin
Don’t bow down to any Dark Gods, If he make you kneew, he’s a lie Don’t bow down to any Dark Gods, if he make you suffer, he’s a Dark God

From Domination song “Waking up songs”:

you got to believe just in yourself
don’t let no one tell you what to do, and judge what you are
look inside your mind and find, find your true will
just believe in you and you will know what to do
are born to win
were born to be free
don’t be tamed
as they wish
we got to rule
our destiny
were born to be free

death remembers all we that no one is better than other
you can be a peasant or king but your soul is equally noble
every one of us has born with a huge potential
just dont give up, keep trying , and dont forget what you are

Spartacular Dude, you answered some questions before I even got to ask them! Very awesome. So you’re a Freemason, eh? The Masons in general and the Illuminati in particular get a bad rap as being an evil group that controls the world. True or false?

About the iluminatti, yes, they have bad reputation of want to rule the world by any means; Here in Brazil at least the Freemasons are well respected, here exists a tacit truce between Religion (churches – Catolicism, Protestantism, African religions) and Masonic Grand Lodges, they don’t have an evil reputation, we don’t have here (happylly) crazy priest telling that we are devil worshipers or soo, as I had seen over internet in some countries. As you only join if invited here, the selected ar few.

You say you’re a magician – are we talking rabbits out of a hat, or Invocations of the Continual One?

I do Invocation (get in the vibratory frequency with gods energies inside your body), evocations (call an entity outside your body) and banishing rituals (cleaning the environment from unwanted influences as clean the dinner table before dinner). In the booklet of my “Waking up songs” demo you can see some sigils from this beings wich inspired me to make this songs and at the thanks part of the same booklet, some of their names.

You mention writing essays on magic and mysticism, could you give me an excerpt from one of them (in English, please)?

This essays are only in portuguese, for while. The translated titles of some: The ritual of opening the enochian watchtower, Practical Magick, Kaballah on freemasonry. You can put my full name into “” at google and you may find some essays in Portuguese.

Rate the following bands from a 1 to a 10, and give me a few words as to why you like/dislike them:

Manowar: 9
Hammerfall: 10
Alestorm: I did not hear any songs from they yet, I will try them.
Krisiun: 10 (they are great guys borned in the same town as I, Porto Alegre/ RS / Brazil and are fans from the same soccer team, INTERNACIONAL DE PORTO ALEGRE
Soulfly: 5 – They are Excellent musicians but I didn’t liked the kind of sound.
Enrique Iglesias:1 – I’m not fan of this kind of music.

Would you say that there have been any women interested in you as a result of being in a metal band (groupies)?

Yes, there are a few. But theres a few too whom became intersted when know my job, for a Average Brazilian I got a promissing Carer at the Tribunal, so I not into music because of this. To the new possible groupies, I would say “hit me on Msn or Myspace messenger, let’s chat a while. Every Wednesdays I am online for 3 hours talking with friends from all over the world.”

GD Note: Pay attention, ladies!


So despite being named Skull and Bones, you say you’re not interested in pirates. Most people who see your band name would assume it is about Johnny Depp and stuff like that. They might be pissed not to hear any “arrrr’s” or “yo ho ho’s” in your songs. What can you do about that?

Sorry to disapoint you, you will never hear some Io ho ho , or ARRR at my songs :) . A pirate song is and will not be at my themes never.

Why no guttural vocals? Almost everyone here at Global Domination is a fan of that style. If you like Krisiun, chances are you like growls too.

I love many bands with guttural vocals, for instance: Krisium, Belphegor, Kalmah. I’m searching for a drummer to join me with an another project (unamed yet) in wich I will only play bass and do guttural vocals, but it’s hard to find a drummer living near i live wich can play faster as needed. I will not submit this work to global domination :).

Has anyone ever told you that you look a little bit like Saddam Hussein without the mustache? Ever thought of growing a big mustache and wearing a black beret all the time? You could start one hell of an evil band called Saddam Spartacus! Or Saddamacus?

Almost all Brazillians with dark hair could fit this resemblance. Mostly I descend from Portuguese, Spanish, Italian (from a region where today is Austria – north of ancient Italy), as the arabians where expulsed from spain at XVII century, you may presume find some arabian mix at my spanish ascendence.

So what are you working on now? I remember you said there’s a new demo – any plans for a full-length? Is the world ready?

As I got to work for a living on my free time mostly on weekends I compose and record. I expect to finish about 10 songs till april 2009. If you want to work with music you can’t compose only a song for year, for instance. About the last part (Is the world ready), even you didn’t liked, are some whom like, because the demos downloads are not stopping, I got a lot of full works downloaded since I published them (the first and the last demo) – 4700 in 39 days (font: – versions featured with link to download at my homepage). Some people enjoy my songs and they are downloading my works. Search for “Skull and Bones Waking” on google (don’t forget to put between “ “), por instance: I got here about 2400 results, mostly from .torrent sites… the 4700 wich I talked above is just at mininova, many sites put my works for download but I could not track the total amount of downloads, so it’s could be a lot more, much more. Then I could say, the world is ready, and hearing my songs.Try these search and take your conclusions. Take a little band with a two years (like mine) carer from your neighborhood and search, and then search for the string I just said… it’s growing, like an evil seed.

I know that you’d be happy to distribute your music for free, but I’d bet you’d be happier to be on a label and get PAID. What do you think your chances are of getting a record deal?

Spart Simpson There’s always a chance to die, to became daddy, to win the lottery , to get a record deal. You got to try, to die, you got to live, to became a daddy, to f., do win the lottery, play, and to get a record deal, to submit your demos to a lot of magazine, sites and labels… and wait. I’m doing my part, it could happen or not, but I’m enjoying the way.

OK, that about does it. Any last words for the readers here at Global Domination?

Well, thanks for let me talk a litle from my work, and you for stop by. If you want to know more, go at my sites, see you!