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Slogstorm - Mortug

17/02/07  ||  Global Domination


This interview was done by ex-staffer/cocksmoker Kampfar:

I didn’t want to bore Slogstorm with too many trivial questions about when they started and such shit, so here follows some brief information about their asses. As you’ll learn from reading the interview, these here deathsters hails from the high North. They call themselves Northerners but we here south tend to call them tax-consumers. Anyway, they began their struggle to attain world-fame back in 2003 and death metal has been their weapon ever since. The information I have at hand show that they’ve released two demos so far, “Svart hav” and one yet to be named. I haven’t given the last one a listen yet but judging from the quality of “Svart hav” I would say that it is about time someone signs these here polar-bears and gives them a decent budget, just so that they can visit a proper studio. It would be a treat to hear this band at its full potential, as they are definitively better writing music than answering interviews. I would nevertheless like to thank the band for a quick response and no fucking around. I’m grateful.

Global Domination: Do you feel honored to have the Global Domination showing interest in your band?

Mortug: We always feel honored when someone shows interest in our music!

Who came up with the name Slogstorm?

Ørjan and the original drummer Martin.

Slogstorm In a land where black metal is the norm, why did you decide to go for death metal? Wise choice, might I add. Here you can tell us a bit about your influences as well.

It just felt natural. As musicians I think we can provide more with death metal. Our main influences are Morbid angel, Bolt thrower, Deicide, Cannibal corpse and many more. (You should broaden your horizons, all bands mentioned are in the death metal for dummies manual.)

Name three reasons why death metal is king compared to black metal.

1. Brutality.
2. Growl.
3. No lame corpse-painting.

Do you and your band hate power metal?

As a matter of fact, no! (Are you disappointed now?). I grew up with Helloween and Malmsteen, and when I write music you can tell where my influences come from. Heavy Metal is the law!
At the moment my favourite album is the new Falconer, Swedish metal at its best! I can’t speak for the rest of the band though, we’re pretty much divided in music taste.

Have Slogstorm at any point been close to nailing a record deal? How actively are you searching for one? I would like you to tell us a bit of the level of ambition you have for the band as well.

We’ve had some offers, but some fucking labels think they can screw people over. We turned them down. We’ve been a bit slow searching for labels. We come from the northernmost part of Norway, we are known for being slow and lazy. (Tell me about it.) The ambition is there, we just need to get our asses up and moving. We recently shipped some demos around, but no positive response yet. (Note by Kampfar: I would’ve signed you and then promoted you as the northernmost death metal band in the world. Fuck me sideways, but I bet there would’ve been an obnoxious Finn who’d taken the glory. Just like they did with Santa, fuck Rovaniemi.)

Have you ever considered switching language to attain world fame?

Our new demo contains a track written in English. We have another song coming up in English as well. We are slowly changing our concept. We’re going to try something new now. But the music itself will remain the same! Expect more English songs from us in the future.

Slogstorm Why? Norwegian worked just fine. How about gigs?

Well, living this far up in Norway makes it hard getting gigs. The interest in death metal up here is minimal. Hopefully something will show up. We got a gig in Tromsø in February. Still far up in Norway, but people there are great! (Which part of southern Norway did you live in?)

Have you ever got your cock sucked just because you play in a band? And if so, did he/she/they swallow?

Personally, no. I’ve been in a long relationship (which ended now recently). Same with the other guys in the band, except for Ørjan, the bachelor. But he gets his cock sucked anyway, even if it’s because he sings in a band or not.

Is there snow in Alta yet?

As a matter of fact I’m doing this interview sitting in the snow. If I had a camera with me I would take a picture of the snow angel I just made in the snow.

I have a friend who admitted to liking Justin Timberlake, should I abandon him?

No, you should kill him, beat him back to life and kill him again!

If you found out that Slogstorm’s music had been used to torture people ala the case of Metallica, would you approve or disapprove?

If the music was for torturing terrorist Allah freaks, I would approve. Let their ears bleed! We have no personal issues with Muslims, but please, pretty please, place Bin Laden in a room with our music.

Have you told your friends, family, and band members about this terrific site yet?

Yeah, I’ve showed it to Kim (who’s sitting right next to me doing this interview).

Slogstorm I’m doing this interview based on the goodness found on “Svart hav”, how do you feel about that release? Would you consider re-recording this material if given a proper budget and decent studio? In my opinion all songs are well-crafted pieces of death, slightly hampered by the production.

If we had the budget we would record all the songs that we like the most from the 3 demos we’ve done this far. Have in mind that these are demos, so the production was limited. Lack of money gave us short studio time. Thanks for liking the demo by the way.

Nothing you should thank for, it just happened. My favourite moment on “Svart hav” occurred in the form of “Kald natt med draugen”. You’ve made something like a fucking classic there. Congratulations. Then we all would like to know what you have to say. Any favorites?

We think most of the songs on “Svart hav” are classics. “Kald natt med draugen” is more like a catchy song. Very heavy metal alike mixed with some Cannibal corpse inspired stuff. Songs like “Svart hav” and “Likkvota” are more in the veins of brutal death metal.

If I had been a real pro, I would already have taken a listen to your newest demo. Since you gave me the fucking link and all, that’s the least I could do. But you see, I like mixing things around. (I hope none of you lost your breath just because of my creative geniuses.) And this time I would like you to describe the progression and difference between the demos before I take a listen. Then I will do so myself and see if you nailed it. In case the opinions differ, we are of course right.

Slogstorm This time we had more studio time, the budget was also a bit larger. But that was also needed for recording the songs we’d written. On this demo we experimented a bit, we took a chance and moved a bit from the classic death metal style and became a tense more technical. Comparing this demo with “Svart Hav” you won’t think it’s the same band playing. We have more melody lines here and there. But we are considering going back to the basic death metal found on “Svart Hav”. So now it’s up to you telling us what YOU think we should do, hehe.

What is the sickest porn you’ve ever seen? My worst experience is watching pictures from a veritable shitbang, it was so gross that I could actually see fumes of shit evaporating from the screen. I didn’t wank. And yes, it was German.

Midget porn (Bridget the midget, woho!),, gay hairy bear sex (no I didn’t jerk-off). Lesbian sex is the thing!

Do you agree with me when I claim that the Norwegian metal scene dominates? I know you do, I just feel for mentioning it as often as possible. Hubris? No fucking way.

We should be proud of the music we deliver from Norway. Bands like Emperor, Immortal, Satyricon, Zyklon, Slogstorm (hehe), Blood Red Throne, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth and so on, does the thing! However Dimmu Borgir makes my ass bleed. But they do a good job putting Norway on the map.

I like Dimmu Borgir but I fail to understand how you could think an ambassador of ass-bleeding puts Norway on the map in a positive way. Anyways, how do you think Norway will be without the oil money? Except for less immigrants of course.

Well, look at Finland. Aren’t they doing great without oil money?
It would probably be pretty much the same as it is today. We average Joe’s doesn’t see much of the oil money in our pockets.

Do you see war in itself as entirely meaningless?

Depends of what we are fighting for. War against Christianity and such is stupid. Bombing Iraq and those countries are lame. But if someone invaded my backyard I would stab them with a stump spoon.

Do you use drugs? I do, come kill me, Varg.

Nope, but we do alcohol. We drink so much you could get intoxicated by drinking our blood.

What do you think about Swedes? Do you think we should start a war against them to reclaim the lost parts of Norway?

Do we need any more land? We are under populated anyway. Let them keep the shit they took from us. We beat their asses with our music, which is satisfying enough.

Do you like Danish drawings?

Oh, yeah! But I don’t like Danish porn. They do animals, don’t they?

I’m sad to report that Norwegians are frequent visitors of Danish animal whore-houses. No kidding. Have you ever drunken a Finn under the table?

I don’t think so. But we would easily drink Finn Kalvik (Norwegian ballad-singer) under the table.

Have you ever met a sane Russian?

The only Russians around here are whores. Can’t say they are sane. I wouldn’t even let them pay me to fuck them.

Slogstorm Is this the best interview you’ve ever answered? If no, what medication are you on?

If all interviews were like this one I wouldn’t mind doing hundreds. This was, um, fun! (Note by Kampfar: I bet our readers have seen ‘em better, though. No offense) Now, I need Valium. Just to add some changes in our band. There has been a change of line-up. Our drummer, Karl-Øystein, left the band to focus on other stuff. But we quickly managed to get our hands on another great drummer named Gøran Johansen. He is also the drummer in the black metal band Hordes. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers!

Tell Gøran to change his name to Gore Johansen.