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The Mighty Nimbus - Dinis

29/04/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

The Mighty Penis To further promote our bands at the forums, here’s The Mighty Nimbus, and guitarist Dinis is the one to answer this thing. Everyone who thought 2 Ton Predator’s interview in this series was Diarrhea De Luxe should have a blast with this one. This is more like Diarrhea De Luxe Luxe Luxe. Good work, Dinis. Becoz you suck, your name will not be Dinis in this interview, it will naturally be Pinis. Oh, and since I’m extremely fed up with shit-answers, I’m leaving the replies completely unedited when it comes to capitals and shit.

Global Domination: Some people visiting this site might not have checked you out just yet. Give them a reason as for why they should.

Pinis: be curious new persons, you might like us. thats a good reason right? do you like music?

And what exactly are you fuckers playing when it comes to style?

Some live-pic. Pinis: a healthy mix of doom,sludge,rock,drugs

List your fave-song with yer band so people know what to listen to for a first impression. And while yer at it, list the one you don’t want people to hear.

Pinis: i admire the song “broken hoof”, its a fine example of some good nimbus sludge.There are to many idont care for to name one..haha.

Can you please make a rundown of yer album/albums? Personal thoughts about it/them. Go into as much detail as you want to.

Pinis: one album “self titled” so far, another on the way “chronicles of the northren beast” the first album is a tequila shot with a spam chaser,the newest is a triple vodka shot with a punch in the face..

Are you guys having any side-projects/other bands going? Bands worth of mentioning that is. Plug away and give us the reasons as for why they should even care about them if they don’t really care about yer main-band in the first place.

Pinis: side projects..yeah lots..go to our forums and ask. i’d fuck this up.

What makes you guys any different to the shitloads of crap-bands out there? Do you really have anything new to offer?

Pinis: we have new energy and decent beards. A bit of a twist thats unique, but really, is any thing “fresh”?

I play HAAARD! List some bands that inspired you guys to start playing in the first place.

Pinis: entombed, the project hate.

If yer band was a NHL-team, which one would it be?

Pinis: minnesota moose

Who would be the most retarded member of the band? Give us a few examples as for why.

Pinis: no more retarded then the next, hows that for a safe answer.?

Describe the music of yer fucken band with ONE word. All this is to make people understand a little more what you are about, you know.


Why are you at our forums in the first place?

Pinis: ( Note by The Lord: No reply provided. )

Roughly, how much has/have your album/albums sold? Be honest.

Pinis: first record sold between 5 and 10thousand. i’ll never see the numbers im sure. but we have had a few pressings so far.

Do you guys believe you are bigger than you actually are?

Pinis: nope. i can barely remember song names or bandmates.

Blood is metal. Have you ever seen any royalties? What was the biggest cheque for?

Pinis: andy gets the checks, which im sure were better suited for changing a single dollar or so.

If people read this and still don’t give a fuck about yer band, is there anything you’d like to add that might peak their interest? Plug yer website(s) as well while yer at it.

Pinis: we will be in canada for tour in july. so if you have a canadian tuxedo on while your reading thing, come see us! (under construction)...go fuck around in our forums.