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The Mighty Nimbus - Minnesota Pete

15/03/04  ||  Global Domination

Former GD writer Josh interviewed Pete from The Mighty Nimbus for the old site and had this to say at the time: “Have you ever heard a band that just…kills? I mean, a band that’s not death metal or black metal but they still play some of the heaviest music you’ve ever heard in your life? To me, that band is The Mighty Nimbus. Forged in the Northern tundra known as Minnesota, this band looks to become one of the heaviest and biggest bands around. Guitarist, Minnesota Pete, was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule and answer a few questions for you people here at Global Domination. So, I give you “A Moment With Pete”.

Josh: How did the Nimbus get started?

Minnesota Pete: TMN was born at a Motorhead show in Minneapolis. When it came time do write music for Sixty Watt, my riffs just wouldn’t fit the mold. I’m a drummer till death but i always played guitar and had the gear. So I said fuck it, I’m starting a side project. I asked Dinis if he knew any bass players and he said he would do it. He and I have jammed since we were kids. Then it was up to my little brother Big Andy. I would only do this if he played drums. He was in. We wrote some songs as a 3 piece and demoed some stuff. SWS went on tour with Alabama Thunderpussy and thats where I found my partner in crime Erik Larson. Him and I hit it off right away and I asked him if he wanted to sing in this band. He was down to do whatever. Then I came to realize that I was in a band already with one of the best singers around, Dan Soran of SWS. So Larson was on for guitar and Dan on vox. The rest is history

Your concept is very different from a lot of other bands of this genre. Where did you come up with the idea to incorporate mythology and barbarians into your music?

That´s all Dan. The man can write a lyric, noy. We all were really into the concept of tellin a story with the music. Using Erik’s Nordic blood and The Campbell heritage we couldn’t lose. It makes music fun, ya dig? Knowing that you are writing a song for a purpose and to tell a story. Plus it’s fuckin cool, haha.

You’re signed with Threeman Records, Entombed’s label. How did that come about?

We did a demo and started to send it out to get a deal. Alot of lables got back to us and really dug the band. Some thought we were too heavy and wouldn’t touch us. We had a little problem with a prior contract that made us miss out on some huge lables…turns out to be a good thing now. Then one day I got an e-mail from Daniel from Threeman and he said Alex and him were way into it. Now this is Alex fuckin Hellid, a goddamn idol of everyone in the band. I said they could have it and turned down alot of shit. Ya can’t go wrong with ENTOMBED.

You also have your own label, Church of Doom Recordings. Take this opportunity to shamelessly plug any of your bands, comps, merch, whatever.

CoD is a all DOOM label. We have alot of stuff in the works. March 30th is our 1st release. It’s called “The Oden Sessions” from this great band Ocean Chief from Sweden. Really lookin forward to turnin people on to this band. We have this compilation called “Tune Down, Doom Out” that is a 2 CD epic release from bands all over the world that will be out by the summer. A shit load of other things are in the works. For more info visit the site at

What was the recording process of your first full length like?

It was great. We hired a guy and rented a shit load of gear and did it at Dinis’ house. Totally laid back. That way we could get drunk and not worry about trashing a studio, haha. I’m glad we did it cuz it gave the album the vibe we were lookin for.

Now, it’s clear you dudes will be playing some shows prior to your appearance at Emissions From The Monolith. What will be the lineup on these shows?

Yes, we will be doin a 7 day run from MN to Emissions. Killer bands in every city. Our friend Alex from Mister Bones will be helpin us out and playing guitar till Emissions. Erik has a shit load of stuff to do with ATP so he can’t make it till the fest. This will be our first time playing as a full band so I’m pumped.

Ever seen necro porn?

If you count the tape I make with that 1 armed midget then yes….

You’re a man who’s known for his different musical tastes. Could we be seeing any other projects from you in the near future?

Dude I like everything. I go from The Beatles to Slayer. Bluegrass to jazz. As for projects, I’m a busy motherfucker. Dinis and I are working on Wormbeard. Super old school death metal. Dan and myslef are goin to JP’s of Clutch to demo Dan’s TRITON stuff this summer and will take that band on the road. I also started SPIRITUAL OUTLAWS. This band is fun. Picture The Allman Brothers meets Blue Oyster Cult meets old schhol Rush meets Mountain. Pure rawk and roll. I’ll be demoin this soon.

What’s the last cd you listened to?

I just got the new Clutch album “Blast Tyrant” in the mail. Fuckin bitchin album. Other than that, alot of Gov’t Mule, Derek Trucks, John Lee Hooker and Sir Lord Baltimore.

Can you get me into an Allman Brothers show?

Sure, give me $64.00 and I’ll buy the ticket for ya, hahaha.

Does it ever bother you being compared to Frodo Baggins?

Hahaha, really? I shaved off the beard so I look less like a dwarf. Frodo is a bad mother fucker so it don’t bother me.

Any last words for the Global Domination readers?

I love you Lord K. Nice work on the site and it’s my honor to do this with ya. See you in December when TMN comes to Sweden!!!!

Petey, thank you so much for putting up with this blatant molarchy and answering these questions. Hope to see you dudes, soon!

Thanks buddy. Keep up the good work and see ya soon!!!