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Threeman Recordings - Daniel Strachal

13/05/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Threeman Recordings Threeman Recordings has released albums with bands like The Project Hate, God Among Insects, Entombed and Vicious Art during the last years. You could say they have released some of the finest moments in Swedish metal, coz it’s true as fuck. Besides that, we also host their official forum and therefor plug them here with an interview. Daniel Strachal answers the questions.

Some people visiting this site might not yet have checked your label just yet. Give them a reason as for why they should.

Because it’s a good one with lots variety and original bands.

And what exactly are you fuckers looking for when it comes to signing a band?

As of late it’s rather commitment 110% and willing to tour shitloads, otherwise we can’t bother, there’s a lot of money involved and we can’t afford slackers.

List your fave-bands so people get a hint as for what to expect if they visit your site. And while yer at it, list some bands that’ll never end up being signed with you.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly sign some of my fave-bands as they might be bands that unfortunately haven’t got the attention they deserve, and some just wouldn’t fit the profile or ethics behind the label. Some of my faves are: Pentagram, The Dictators, King Crimson, Autopsy, Zappa, Carnivore, Sabbath, Bad Brains, King Diamond, Angel, Brutal Truth, BÖC, Van Halen, Crumbsuckers, High On Fire and Beatles, to name but a few, and I mean a “few” since I am a music-freak. Some bands I will probably never sign because they are shitty (even if I turn into the CEO of Epic or Warner or whatever and would be able to make shitloads off of them) would be, at this very moment: The Cure. Because I have never liked them. Same goes for that Corgan guy and Smashing Pumpkins. I just hate that voice. And finally, probably Hole. Everytime I’m at a rockbar, or listening to something on the car-stereo, and they play any of these bands… I just snap. These are my fave hate-bands. Just 3 bands I hate. I have never liked a single song by these bands so why would I bother… But if you wanna know metal-bands I don’t like… how about Atreyu and Edguy?

How many people works for the label. What do they do and does the label render you any money? Go into as much detail as you wish.

Me & Alex takes care of the label, running it, makes sure it all happens with deals and deadlines, brainstorming new ventures and cool stuff. Natasha, aka Tash, is taking care of the merch-sales and keeping a good eye on what needs to be re-printed. She also takes care of some administrational stuff etc. Jenny Lund is taking care of the promo at the moment. We also had Niclas Swanlund from Metallica’s homepage helping us out with setting up a new homepage, but we will now do it with the friendly people at Hawaii-production who are taking care of our sites and visual looks pretty soon. Ofcourse it renders us money but far from being “good”, but it’s a work-in-progress, the key is persistance.

Do you do anything else music-related besides the label? Plug away and give us the reasons as for why they should even care about that if they don’t really care about yer label in the first place.

Danielle of Threeman I do have my other label, “Dental Records”. We got MEMFIS, which I think will be huge if they only get the attention. HEARSE with Johan Liiva (ex-Arch Enemy) and grindcore-band Birdflesh. We have some other artists in the pipe as well, we’ll see how this turns out. I also play in a death metal band together with my old mate Lars Jelleryd from my old band Lobotomy. We have been around for 6 months. We were thinking of calling ourselves “Seize the Throne” but since it had 3 words, some stupid metalcore-band has taken that name as well… I also play in a bay-area thrash band for around 2 years now, just having fun, praising old Testament and shit…

What makes you guys any different to the shitloads of crap-labels out there? Do you really have anything new to offer?

We don’t have any bands from Gothenburg nor anything that sounds like a band from Gothenburg. And we are still a metal-label… Go figure…

List some things that inspired you guys to start a label in the first place.

First I guess it was labels like Combat, Metal Blade and MFN. Then all those bands starting having labels like Alternative Tentacles and SST, which meant it was also musicians who could run the show and set the rules. And then I guess it was sheer love for music and how cool it is to find new talent and just brainstorming out ideas that might end up as a product.

If yer label was a NHL-team, which one would it be?

Toronto Maple Leafs, wasn’t it like 1967 the last time? Guess we’ll come knockin soon…

Who would be the most retarded member of the crew? Give us a few examples as for why.

If that would include the members in the bands that are on the roster, then I guess I am talking to him now ; ) Otherwise I’ll think it would be XXXXXXXXX because it just makes me mad sometimes, especally those ideas… Hhmmmnn…

Describe the label of yours with ONE word. All this is to make people understand a little more what you are about, you know.


Why are you at our forums in the first place?

Great to get feedback, when you have the time to recieve it…

Roughly, how many albums have you sold altogether? Be honest.

If it would include the licenses, around 250.000.

Do you guys believe you are bigger than you actually are?

No, I actually think it’s vice versa.

Have you ever gotten any hatemail? Who was it from and was it poorly written?

Some idiot who had a to wait 2 days for a shirt probably… No hatemail really. Ofcourse you always recieve these “send me all u got, I have a webzine” mails, and since you never get any reviews you stop sending them stuff and all of the sudden they get furious…

If people read this and still don’t give a fuck about yer label, is there anything you’d like to add that might peak their interest?

Oh yeah we got Entombed on the label, didn’t I tell you that?