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Throne Of Katarsis - Grimnisse

30/07/07  ||  Global Domination

Throne Of Katarsis
This interview was done by ex-staffer/cocksmoker Kampfar:

Hello fucko’s and welcome to this interview with Throne of Katarsis’ main composer/man, Grimnisse. His band is one of the few worth a mention from my home region. Haugalandet, that is. “An eternal dark horizon” is the band’s first full-length, but they’ve been spreading their name in the underground for years already. Fuck off.

Global Domination: Congratulations ya fucking troll, nailing a deal with Candlelight and all. What’s more important is that you’ve composed an album actually worthy of a release. I’m not the only one thinking that. Have you been checking the response yerself or have you been occupied slaying christians?

Grimnisse: The response has been good, lots of interviews these days, and I’ve noticed some very good reviews as well.

You seem intent to let people know that you and your band hail from Norway, aren’t you afraid that some will think you heil as well? I’d like to tell them to go fuck themselves with a political correct chainsaw so that you don’t have to.

I’m proud of where I come from, and see nothing wrong bragging about it.

Throne of Katarsis What sort of treatment are you receiving from Candlelight records, does your band have any sort of priority? I’d also like you to mention the label that came up with the worst deal for you guys as I know Candlelight wasn’t the only interest.

Candlelight has done a good job for us this far, lots of promotion and interviews. I have no idea how big priority THRONE OF KATARSIS got, not at all. As for the label that came up with the worst deal, well I don’t know. There where lots of underground labels contacting us long before we even started to record “An Eternal Dark Horizon”, some rather “big” underground labels, and some extremely underground labels who operates with 100 CDr copies and stuff like that. I respect both sides of the underground, and I buy lots of tapes, vinyls, CDr’s and demos of such labels, I truly support their work. But when you get an offer from Candlelight you won’t turn them down, that’s for sure.

*I know that “An Eternal Dark Horizon” has been closed too finished for a long time already, why did it take such time to get it released? *

There have been some problems along the way, but it has turned out for the best. We actually signed a deal with the Greek label Black Lotus to release our debut, but before the CD got to the marked they got bankrupt. We where already in dialogue with Candlelight at that time, and they where very enthusiastic and offered us a deal. After some months we had reached a deal we both where satisfied with, and the album was ready soon there after.

Are there plans for tours or concerts?

We’re planning lots of concerts this summer and autumn most is to be confirmed. We’re also in contact with different parts for planning tours. Two European tours are being planed now.

What makes Norwegian black metal so special seen from your evil perspective?

The perfect mix of atmosphere, intelligent written music, the cold production and an evil image without being pathetic like lots of our neighbours’ bands.

Talking about Norway, are you saddened by all the spineless cunts we are left with? Seems like most of the good guys decided to leave for Iceland 1000 years ago.

Assholes are around us wherever we go, I don’t believe that the Norwegians are any worse. I choose to ignore such people. But I agree with you, people had defiantly more balls a thousand year ago!

Throne Of Katarsis “An Eternal Dark Horizon” makes me think of the times when churches were set on fire on a regular basis here in Norway. What are your opinions on the matter?

The christians had it coming

Do you actually believe in Satan?

Not as a creature living underneath the surface of the earth, but we might use him as a picture of evil, death and the darkness that is among us and inside of us.

It isn’t unusual for Norwegian black metal bands to be run by just one guy, did you ever consider doing the drums yerself?

No, Throne Of Katarsis plays music that I would not be able to handle on the drums. There where no doubt, a decent drummer had to be part of this band. I did a solo project in 2003 and released a demo called “Vinterrikets Konge” before we recorded any demo with Throne Of Katarsis, but that’s all.

How old were Throne of katarsis before you found a drummer to it? Say some words about Vardalv, I noticed I forgot to mention him at all. Sorry, ya Siddis.

I consider the start of Throne Of Katarsis to be when Vardalv joined in, this was when things started to develop for real. Some of the riff and ideas are older than the band itself, but things got a new shape when me and Vardalv started work together. He was, and still is, very intense, both as a person and his image. This took the band to another level, and we saw that the direction we developed in was more intense than foreseen. I believe I also got inspired by playing with him, fresh blood and new ideas. This feeling has been with us since day one, and we work better together now, more than ever.

Tell us a bit about your nickname, Grimnisse. It has sort of a just for fun feel, are the other’s who’ve remarked it?

Grimnisse: You can see it as another word for “devil”, with an older twist. It is not for fun.

Mommy! If there is one band that made you aware of black metal, who would that be? Don’t you fucking say Venom, one day I will convince you that they are just a gang of baboons. Probably not as hung, though.

The first band who got me into Black Metal was actually Satyricon. They had released their “Shadowthrone” album, and I was amazed by their new twists. I believe that this was the first Black Metal band I ever heard. Before this I was heavily into Death Metal of different kinds. It was weird to hear someone scream instead of growl, and the thin and cold production instead of the heavy sound of Death Metal. I needed some time before I got those parts under my skin, but Black Metal has been my life ever after.

You play in another band as well, Thundra that is. I haven’t done any effort hiding that I don’t like that ensemble particularly much, but I’m not the one saying you guys are shite. Just not to my taste. Do you find time for that entity with all this shit going on with Throne of Katarsis?

There’s usually no problems being part of both bands. Busy, yes, but not more than I can handle for now.

You do have a lot more money than me, care to buy me an ATV? If so, I’ll give all your albums a ten out of ten score until the day I die. That includes the Mighty-Thor stuff you’ve got laying around.

Sell your soul to the devil. That’s the only way.

I know for sure that you don’t use any drugs (other than alcohol, that is) to find the inspiration necessary to make the music you are making. What apart from music fuels your creative engine?

Our main inspiration is the feelings in the early Norwegian Black Metal, but we also get inspired by occultism, ancient devil worship history, and the Norwegian forests, and mighty mountains- our nature in general. Ghosts and Spirits, Death and Evil are also a big part of our inspiration sources.

I know you are a big fan of Attila’s vocals, do his re-entrance into Mayhem make your hopes and expectations rise for their forthcoming album?

Attila’s re-entrance was brilliant. And the first Mayhem gig I saw with him throughout the whole concert was excellent! I believe that it was a couple of years ago. Extreme!

What do you think about Varg killing Euronymous? Here is my opinion: hahaha!

Killing one of the best songwriters ever is not an act I can support. A true loss for Norwegian black metal.

Throne Of Katarsis Which is the most overrated Norwegian black metal band?

There’s a reason why every band is in the condition they’re in. If a band gets big, it’s because lots of people enjoying their music. Some might get it earlier than others though, but I don’t have any thoughts on this matter.

I know you are a real nitpicker when it comes to music, it’s something most musicians share. Do you think it’s harder for performers to enjoy music than for common men/cunts/twats like me?

We might search for different things when listening to music, and I often find myself over-analyzing the music. Yes, you might be on to something there.

Do you think we’ll experience war on Norwegian soil in our expected lifetime?

No. I don’t think that it would take much to create a new war here, but I choose to believe that this won’t happen.

I state that it takes bigger balls to fuck with Islam than Christianity, can you agree to that?

Yes, that might be so. The reason Christianity is the main goal is that this is still the biggest religion in Norway, and this is what we see the most of up here. Still, we got a seriously huge growing group of Islamists and such, so there might be room for blasphemy in that direction as well, with all that includes. This interview is over, see you at Karmøygeddon.

Hyll Det evige Moerket!