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Toxocara - Martijn Moes and Michiel van der Plicht

29/02/08  ||  Global Domination

Hello, I'm Toxocara. What's yer name?
This interview was done by ex-staffer/cocksmoker Desolator.

I was impressed by Toxocara’s “The Great Rebellious” when I reviewed them for the February edition for Audio Autopsy. When offered the chance to interview one of these chaps, I thought it would make sense for me to go for it, since I covered their latest piece of face-humping madness. Much to my pleasure, two of the band members answered the questions and they answered them well.

Global Domination: Hello and welcome to the nightmare that is this interview. I hope you’re not scared of the prospect of an Aussie interviewing you, since I am one of those.

Martijn: We’ve had worse, so let’s start.

Michiel: Yeah, bring it on!

First of all, congratulations on your latest effort impressing me and a fair few others on GD. It’s a very brutal and interesting piece of death metal.

Martijn: Thanks a lot! We’re very satisfied ourselves. “The Great Rebellious” represents Toxocara like we are today, more than “Imminent Repulsion”. We keep on growing as a band, and that can be heard in the music.

Michiel: Thanks! I’m quite happy how it turned out. It’s good to hear other people than ourselves like the album. We had a lot of good response so far.

Dudes doing stuff How happy are you with how this album turned out? If you’re not completely chuffed, then what changes would you like to make?

Martijn: We’re happy enough, we like the way we record our albums, we have enough time or otherwise take the time we need. I myself couldn’t mention a thing we would change.

Michiel: I’m very satisfied how the songs turned out to be, more creative and diverse then “Imminent Repulsion”. The only thing I would like to do better is the production. But I must say I’m the kind of drummer that always hears stuff that can be done better. I think it’s a very good album but there’s just always something that could be improved.

Since I’m new to your band and thus knew shit all to begin with, I checked your site, thus finding that you live in Holland. Is there any ungodly shit you’d like to speak of that goes on in that country?

Martijn: Except some political things, which I’m not going to bore the readers with, I have nothing to complain here in Holland. Everything is possible, it’s a very tolerant country, so I’m glad I’m here. The only thing that should be forbidden are bookers of venues who don’t understand triggering and think the whole world of drummers play on twin pedals and one bassdrum.

Michiel: Haha, yeah, same here!

While we’re talking about Holland, are you happy with the metal scene there? Feel free to tell us of the good and bad shit you have found there.

Martijn: Well the metal scene is ok over here, pretty active. There are lots of (death metal) bands in Holland, maybe too much. The bad thing is that there are too many bands that play for 50 euros and a crate of beer which results in less available venues for normal money; that is, normal payment for good death metal if you know what I mean.

Michiel: Exactly, a lot of bands will play for very low costs. It makes it difficult for some other bands to play cause some bands need a bit more money. We live in different places so it costs money to get to a venue.

I’ve found that your music is a mix between technical and old school inspiration. Which technical and old school metal bands in particular would you cite as vital influences?

Martijn: I can’t really mention particular bands, because the way how Toxocara writes music, comes with a riff, is changed and eventually a song is born by the experience of the members. It’s not like that we like for example band X, and then try to approach the music of band X. If people afterwards think that there is a link to band X, that then is pure coincidence and a matter of taste. The oldskool and technical mix is right, that is the way riffs and drums are build up. Slower oldskool parts alternate with technical parts. That’s the way we like it.

Michiel: That’s right, we come up with our own ideas and mix the whole thing together. The result is what you hear. We’re not trying to copy anything.

Chick + bass = coolness Ok, here’s a bit of comic relief. Since you live in Holland, you may well be familiar with dykes (the walls to prevent floods). I’m not sure if they’re still around or not in that country. But anyway, I must ask this question. Have you heard of the old Dutch story of a boy sticking his finger in a dyke leak to prevent a flood?

Martijn: Hehehehe, yeah off course we know that. That’s the story of Hans Brinker, who would have saved Holland by sticking his finger into a dyke. By the way, that story is made up by a US writer. The real boy who did that (but it’s fiction) was a nameless dutch boy. In Holland the story hasn’t much impact, it’s made up in the USA. Even the statue that is made from this boy is financed by the association of immigration; it’s a tourist thing for people abroad Holland, and it probably works because you ask about it ghehehe.

Michiel: Haha, nope, never heard of that.

Also, don’t you think it’s funny that the word “dyke” happens to be a derogatory word for a lesbian?

Martijn: I didn’t know, and I really don’t care at all. In dutch it is “Dijk”. (Note by Desolator: Fascinating… I must use that sometime)

Michiel: No its all new to me haha!

I was uninformed of the origin of your band moniker. I then found it was the name of a parasite. What in particular do you find intriguing you about this organism?

Martijn: Totally nothing. The bandname was made up by Niels who started Toxocara. A few years ago we split parts and we as band kept the bandname. We considered another bandname, but decided to keep Toxocara because everyone knows the name, and changing it would be too much effort.

Michiel: Yeah we are kind of a new meaning of the word. We don’t care about parasites. Fuck them.

What are the key inspirations that embody the concepts of your music?

Martijn: Dynamic, brutal, interesting to listen too, grandiose, magnifique, serious, etc.

Michiel: Tight, fast, slow, technical, groove, variety, war.

I'm a fucken nice band pic
Rate the following death metal bands from 1 (eating shit) to 10 (king shit). Comment as you wish.

Martijn: 8
Michiel: 7

Martijn: 9
Michiel: 10

Cannibal Corpse:
Martijn: 9
Michiel: 9

Six Feet Under:
Martijn: 7
Michiel: 7

My Little Pony:
Martijn: 10 (horny)
Michiel: 1

Martijn: 9
Michiel: 9

Martijn: 8
Michiel: 9

Martijn: 5
Michiel: 7

Vital Remains:
Martijn: 6
Michiel: 9

Morbid Angel:
Martijn: 8
Michiel: 8

I know I said the bass could be a little heavier on “The Great Rebellious”, but I guess I’m just a picky little bastard at times. Personally, how much heavier would you have liked the bass to have been?

Martijn: Not heavier, otherwise we’ve changed that ;-)

Michiel: What Martijn says.

I wouldn’t mind checking out your debut album “Imminent Repulsion”. How would you compare this to “The Great Rebellious”?

Martijn: “Imminent Repulsion” is where Toxocara started, “The Great Rebellious” where Toxocara continues; “ The Great Rebellious” is more intense, more brutal, technical, the songs are more grown up than the songs on Imminent Repulsion. In spite of this we always play songs from “Imminent Repulsion” live because they’re a smack in the face.

Michiel: Yeah and we are more experienced now, I think you can hear that.

What are your thoughts on censorship?

Martijn: Censorship = shit.

Michiel: Shit and puke.

I'm with the band. I do drums Being a touring band, what are some of the most awesome bands you’ve shared the stage with?

Martijn: Krisiun, Immolation, Gorefest, Pungent Stench, a.o. But Krisiun was the most awesome for me.

Michiel: Krisiun!

Any rockstar jerks you have met? If so, name them and shame them.

Martijn: We meet lots of them, but they’re just people like you and me. So nothing spectacular.

Michiel: Yeah, but who cares.

Before I wrap up this interview, any final comments?

Martijn: Thanks for the interview and see you on the road soon! Keep checking for news updates and new merch!

Michiel: Thanks a lot! Horns up!

Horns up to you guys too.