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Vicious Art - Matti Mäkelä

24/05/05  ||  Global Domination

Vicious Art logo

Old staff-member Josh Thorne interviewed Matti from Vicious Art for the old GD-site and had this to say at the time:

Vicious Art needs no introduction… or do they? Those who visit our forums may have seen the name but I seriously doubt that many of you realize the destructive power of this band. After releasing one of the best (if not THE best) albums of this year, the band now looks poised to take it’s place among the death metal elite. Guitarist, Matti Mäkelä, was generous enough to give yours truly an interview and insight into one of the best bands on the planet, Vicious Art. So, enjoy!”

Global Domination: First off Matti, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How’s everything in Stockholm treating you?

Matti Mäkelä: No problem bro, my pleasure! Stockholm is definitely a great city, but we need more of the extreme metal scene. We don´t have many venues that endorse that, but we have a couple of diehard clubs I would like to promote: Club 666, Club Aggression and The Shrine. These fuckers are the guys who keep the metal scene alive in Stockholm. Cheers!

The first question I have is regarding your previous band, Dark Funeral. After you exited the band, the initial reason given was that you didn’t want to do music anymore and here, almost 2 years after the fact, you’re back with Vicious Art. What made you decide to get another band going?

I had a plan that I would start studying and get a better education, but not being 100% sure what to study, and the itch in my fingers to play metal made me think twice. Also having some really great riffs in my pocket, and not letting them out felt stupid. I contacted my brothers, Robert, Jocke and Tobbe to try the shit out, and Vicious Art was born. Trust me, I want to do music!

How did the current VA lineup come together?

Even if this band was my idea, Robert, Jocke and Tobbe were in it from the beginning. Jocke was supposed to play bass and do the vocals, but in an early stage he decided to only concentrate on the vocals. Mikael Hedlund from Hypocrisy did a couple of rehearsals with us, but in the end he was too busy touring with Hypocrisy. I played the bass on the demo (that’s probably the reason why it’s so low in the mix). On a pubnight in Stockholm I met Jörgen and he told me that he had left Entombed so I gave him a demo and said that we were looking for a bass player. Next day after he had listened to the demo he called me and wanted the job. Not only did we get a great bass player, but also a fantastic vocalist. That was great!

The first 4 song demo definitely peaked quite a bit of interest in the metal underground and now, you’ve released your debut full length “The Fire Falls and The Waiting Waters” through Threeman Records. How did the deal with Threeman come about?

Well, Jörgen gave Alex and Dudde a copy off the demo and they really liked it. We had a meeting with them and everything felt right from the beginning. They could get the album out really fast instead of some major labels where the priority is the same as 0 and you have to wait for the release for a couple of years. I think that if you are a new band it´s often better to sign with smaller labels, so Threeman was a good choice for us.

Vicious Art’s lyrical content is… different, to say the least. I know you will agree with me on that one. Would you also agree that it’s one of the things that makes your band a unique standout in the Death/Thrash scene?

Jocke usually records the lyrics at his home before writing them. Then he and Robert put it on paper and see if they find something interesting. I think that is quite unique. Jocke says that he tries to write songs about Satan, but he simply ain´t that good…

This question isn’t even important… well, not to anyone else, but to me. Why the decision to change “A Whistler and His Son” to “A Whistler and His Gun”?

Jocke told me that from the beginning lots of the lyrical contents was about him and his father but as the work progressed the father figure disappeared. Therefore there could not be more then one person in the song, and violence is everywhere. Or something like that…

You’ve been doing several gigs in Sweden. Will you be playing any overseas shows in the near future… like say, The United States of America?

Well, we have no shows booked overseas at this moment, but if we get a decent offer we wouldn’t hesitate to come over and rock your asses off.

Have you ever seen necro porn?

“Necrogay goes back in time to when dinosaurs existed”. That´s a song title off my friend Agge’s band called “Morgue Fuckers”. I don´t know if that counts?

As you know, our very own El Blas Diablo was very impressed with your not-so-known Dominion Caligula project. Could we ever see another album from Dominion Caligula?

Probably not. We will focus 100% on Vicious Art, but then again, you never know… haha!

In 3 words or less, describe the following people:

Sharp mind, generous, metal

Professional, ambitious, metal

Impatient, in control, metal

Reliable, devoted, metal

Lord K:
Biggest, best, most beautiful (yeah right!)

Lord Ahriman:
Extreme, 100% devotion, metal

Magus Caligula:
Bizarre, generous, metal

What cd’s have been running through your stereo as of late?

Me and Lord K have been at my place listening to all the Nightwish albums, and we just can´t get enough! No, but seriously I have lately listened to some old stuff like: Kreator, Nuclear Assault, Pestilence, Morbid Angel, Bathory and a lot of Iron Maiden. I got the new Defleshed album a couple of weeks ago, and that has been running in my stereo quite a lot. That is some great shit for sure.

Do you miss wearing corpsepaint?

No I don´t. It´s so damn hard to get it right when I´m piss drunk. I almost poked my eyes out several times painting my ugly face. So for my own safety, it was good I left Dark Funeral.

The future of Vicious Art looks very good from this angle. What hopes do you have for this band?

I hope that “Fire falls and the waiting waters” will make people open their eyes and understand that we mean serious business with this shit. I´ve understood that many people think we are some kind of a “all star project band” which is total bullshit. We will show that with our next release for sure. Then we´ll do a world tour, or something.

Any last words for the readers here at Global Domination?

Cheers boys and girlz!!!

Matti, thanks again for enduring this test of patience in the name of metal! Take care, bro!

My pleasure. Take care.