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Watain - Erik Danielsson

25/05/12  ||  Will Cifer

Currently on the Behemoth-headlined Decibel Tour with The Devil’s Blood and fellow Swedes In Solitude, Global Domination caught up with Erik on their stop at the Masquerade in Atlanta. Watain is gearing up for the release of a DVD box set called “Opus Diaboli”. After the current tour they embark on headlining dates as a four-piece with Erik doubling on guitar duties in place of Salim Lemouchi of The Devil’s Blood. Here is what Erik had to say.

Global Domination: “Lawless Darkness” was my favorite album of 2010 and will go down as a classic in my book, so where are you at in your head in regards to a follow-up?

Erik: We are at where we have always have been, living in the world of Watain. It is where we have existed since the beginning and will continue to be. Within that world there is inner development and new ingredients but it is something we live not think about.

I know you are a big fan of Fields of the Nephilim, and they reunited and are back on tour, so what are your thoughts about possibly touring with them?

I will be going to alot of the shows, but it would be like opening for the Doors or Pink Floyd. They are an enigma, something unto themselves. Would their crowd even appreciate a black metal band?

I imagine Fields would love to have some one like you guys to expose a younger audience to them.

Maybe so. I would not turn down the opportunity, but lots of politics involved that I would like to stay out of.

They were often lumped in with bands now called “goth”. Bands like the Cure, Swans, Joy Division and Death in June. Are you into that sort of stuff as well?

Swans and Death in June. The Cure was always too poppy. But music with the darkness like Current 93.

One of the similar traits of all the bands on this tour is connection to the occult. Recently as least in the States there seems to be a resurgence of interest in the occult, like in the late 60’s when LaVey founded the Church of Satan and people were seeking out alternate methods of spirituality. Do you see this on tour audiences more receptive of your message?

It’s easier to talk about it and people are more willing to listen. It’s a natural reaction to the plastic form society has taken on in the digital age. The occult is more about a greater search within one’s self.

With all the coverage about the Mayan calender predicting the end of the world in 2012 and a shift in the collective consciousness towards is there more urgency to your mission statement of bringing the darkness to this plane?

We have always been urgent with what we are creating. Rock n’ roll is just very fitting for the times. I think it even goes back all the way to Elvis. Things that would have gotten you burned at the stake at one time are now being brought to the surface. We are living in very critical times no matter what doctrine.

How’s the energy been on this tour since Behemoth is based in Thelema a gnosis of more traditional kabbalah, while the work of the Misanthropic Luciferian Order is kliffotic and the reverse or the anti-kabbalistic tree of life?

There’s enough points in common. The bond is the dark and sinister. This is after all a music tour and about entertainment. There have been some moments of deeply inspired communion.

How does the vibrational frequency of metal music inspire the ritual nature of what you do ?

Very much, we did a Bathory tribute show that felt great. Bathory has been important and inspirational. As well as the time the time I spent playing with Dissection.

You and Dissection are in spiritual agreement. I see you as kind of carrying that torch so to speak.

(nods head) Yes, though a different current.

What other present mediums of art do you find inspiration in, be it literature or cinema?

Glad you said present. I read quite a bit. I’m currently reading an American book that’s a collection from the eighties of various aspects of the occult. Some Luciferian, some Nazi occultism, it’s very eclectic and subversive.

Stuff like Boyd Rice?

Yes he is in there.

You need to check out this documentary about him called “Ikonoclast”.

You are not the first person who’s told me that. So I guess it’s a sign that I need to do that.

It show his flirtations with pop culture throughout the years going back to the 50’s and NON, as well as his friendships with Anton Lavey and Charles Manson.

Sounds interesting, I’d like that very much.

This Decibel tour is the first tour in a long time where all four of the bands are in heavy rotation in my iPod.

Yes it has been a good experience, as you are right there are not alot of tours like this nor will there be for some time.