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Amon: Liar in wait

20/07/12  ||  Lord K Philipson

As seen on Google when you look up Amon’s website, and I quote:

“The hardest rocking metal band in the world, AMON featuring the Hoffman brothers.”

(excuuuuuuuuse me?)

So, Glen Benton’s fave brothers in the whole world finally get their asses out of… whatever they have been doing for all these years, and manage to resurrect Amon (for you not-in-the-know, Amon is pre-Deicide) and release “Liar in wait”. The world doesn’t exactly seem to be reveling in anticipation.

Do not expect anything close to the magic displayed on Deicide’s 2 first albums, even though I know that’s what you are hoping for since Deicide isn’t exactly delivering that either. “Liar in wait” is just another death metal album that falls under “Ok, it’s death metal and it’s somewhat decent. I guess. Here, lemme throw it in the box alongside the other 6 billion sub-par death metal albums I’ve heard the last few years and will never listen to again. Thanx for nothing!”

So, what is this “hardest rocking metal band in the world” giving us on “Liar in wait”? Hold on to your vagina, Sally, and I’ll break it down for ya in a short’n‘sweet way.

The production is quite thin, whoever’s growling got a completely anonymous grunt, the drumming is sounding quite sloppy (and the drum sound is shit with the horrendously sounding china cymbal as icing on the cake), the riffs aren’t delivering anything noteworthy (nor are the solos – I’m sure this hideous guitar/spaceship is to blame) and there are no death metal hits present on this record.

It’s not a completely useless and/or incompetent disc, this, but with all the years it has taken to finalize “Liar in wait”, you’d think the Hoffman brothers would be hell(Glen)bent on (see what I did there? I am a genius) delivering the goods big time. That didn’t happen. And I don’t think that trying to sell your band’s latest (“brutal”) re-edited video is going to enhance the interest in Amon. When the fuck did you start to sell videos of a tune off your album? Weird.


It doesn’t sound like old Deicide, neither does today’s Deicide, but I choose Benton’s crew over this any day of the week.

As you can see, ultimately this is a very forgettable disc.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Fuck if I care
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Jechael: vocals, bass
  • Eric Hoffman: guitars
  • Brian Hoffman: guitars
  • Mike Petrak: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Among Us
  • 02. Eye of the Infinite
  • 03. Lash Thy Tongue and Vomit Lies
  • 04. Liar in Wait
  • 05. Reaching for Flesh
  • 06. Semblance of Man
  • 07. Sentience and Sapience
  • 08. Spat Forth from the Darkness
  • 09. Wraith of Gaia