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Bestial Holocaust: Into the goat vulva

03/08/12  ||  gk

Bestial Holocaust have been around since the early part of the 2000s and “Into the goat vulva” is the bands third and latest full length album. The band started as a trio that was heavily influenced by German thrash and Sarcophago and has evolved slowly over the years from sloppy, derivative and disposable blackened thrash to competent blackened thrash that is still derivative to a large extent but also a lot of fun if you like this genre.

Right from album opener “Dios Despiadado” it’s apparent that the band is onto something here. The name of the game is dirty and raw blackened thrash but I feel like for the first time in their career the band is actually delivering on their promise. “Virgin Lust” is the highlight of the album for me with vocalist Sonia Sepulcral turning in a fine performance to match the catchy riffing. “Demonios Devoradores” mixes a melodic Swedish black metal style with some really intense death metal riffing to good effect. “Premoniciones” is razor sharp blackened thrash and is helped greatly by a slightly over the top vocal performance. The album closes with “Sacrificio” which is filled with Sonia’s grunts and rasps over a fast and thrashy riff that could have been on “Infernal Overkill”.

Bestial Holocaust are mainly a thrash metal band that owes a fair bit to the classic German thrash scene but they add the blackened thrash of Sarcophago and even little touches of death metal to really enhance their sound and give it more bite. The band is not the most proficient of musicians and guitarist Satanael’s riffs owe a fair deal to both Sarcophago and Destruction but at the same time, Bestial Holocaust just sound so enthusiastic and like they’re having so much fun that the mood is infectious. Also, this is easily Sonia Sepulcral’s most disciplined performance to date which is really not saying a lot but looking at her often over the top contributions on the two previous albums, on “Into the goat vulva” she is almost restrained.

As crazy as this might sound “Into the goat vulva” has a certain charm that I’ve come to really like. The band has definitely gotten better at playing their instruments and writing songs. “Into the goat vulva” is a better album in every way imaginable than its two predecessors. There’s nothing exceptional or original here but if you like the whole South American blackened thrash scene and love Sarcophago or German thrash then chances are you’ll find something to like here.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
  • Website: Bestial Holocaust MySpace
  • Band
  • Sonia Sepulcral: vocals
  • Satanael: guitars
  • The Dead: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Dios Despiadado
  • 02. Eterna Posesión
  • 03. Virgin Lust
  • 04. Demonios Devoradores
  • 05. Premoniciones
  • 06. Tierra de Apariencias
  • 07. Eterna Transmigración
  • 08. Sacrificio