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Cannabis Corpse: Tube of the resinated

06/05/10  ||  Habakuk

I really had to be poked in the eye with this here CD. Why? Because I can’t take shit like this seriously. You know, humor and music, that old thing. It doesn’t work with me. Tough times for a band called Cannabis Corpse that does nothing but emulate their “serious” older brother’s sound, changing the lyrical topic from zombiegorrrarrreatkillfuck to everything Hash-related. Funny? Not exactly. Mildly amusing? Yeah, sorta. First of all, it exposes the stupidity of Death Metal lyrics in a neat way, secondly, and this is the most important part: You don’t understand shit if you don’t choose to read the lyrics. I don’t, so I can have a few giggles out of song titles like “Experiment in horticulture” or “Addicted to hash in a tin” (huhuhuh, duhhh) leave it at that and only care for the music from there on.

Important notice: You do not have to be a moron to like this.

Just like you don’t have to be a gore maniac if you want to enjoy a Cannibal Corpse album. There aren’t even any “funny” samples. There’s exactly one, which thankfully doesn’t get in the way at all.

Oookay. With all that taken care of, what does the music sound like? Corpsegrinder-era Cannibal Corpse. But better. No joke. For some reason I have always thought that the Floridians had lost something with Barnes’ departure (and it wasn’t his rapidly deteriorating voice), but these four young guns in the Pot Lover’s Choice of Death show what a bit of hunger and energy could have done to their sound.

Musically, these guys (including Landphil of Municipal Waste fame on bass) don’t fuck around. They have listened to quite a few ‘Corpse albums in their spare time and obviously loved what they heard. Hence, they know exactly what makes that particular sound great and adapt it to the point where one might actually mistake them for the original. It starts with the almost exclusive use of Mazurkiewicz’ trademark hammer blasts (or whatever you call ‘em these days), continues with an emulation of Webster’s bass lines (and if you’ve ever listened to Municipal Waste, you know that Landphil can pull those off), guttural vocals and high rasps that both don’t need to shy away from Corpsegrinder’s at all, and guitars that move from noise intros à la “Meat Hook Sodomy” to simple grooves like in “Gallery of stupid high”, incorporateatmospheric, sinister dissonances (“Fucked with northern lights”) and take use of the same sawing, tight riffage that everyone with at least a monkey brain loves about Cannibal Corpse in their prime. I just have a feeling that the good riff-ratio is a lot higher on here than with the real thing.

And last but not least, the overall sound has the same blunt edge in production to it like many a modern CC (Yep, that still doesn’t stand for Cavalera Conspiracy) album, finishing the picture of a perfect homage to the people who used to do it best. Not anymore, though, because there’s a new sheriff in death metal city who brought back the law of the killer riff, sentenced the local serial mutilator heroes to total dess and legalized pot instead.


  • Information
  • Released: 2008
  • Label: Forcefield Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Weedgrinder: vocals
  • Nickropolis: lead guitars
  • Landphil: rhythm guitars, bass
  • Hallhammer: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Chronolith
  • 02. Mummified in bongwater
  • 03. Disposal of the baggy
  • 04. Every bud smoken
  • 05. Sentenced to burn one
  • 06. Addicted to hash in a tin
  • 07. Fucked with northern lights
  • 08. Experiment in horticulture
  • 09. Gallery of stupid high