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Chaos Inception: The abrogation

25/07/12  ||  Sokaris

So recently I compiled a sort of early Top 10 of 2012 for my own amusement (and of course all my Facebook friends who are deeply concerned about these issues) and noted that since recent times had been crapping out a lot of great albums this could very well change before year’s end. Well within about a week I stumbled across a cool looking thumbnail of an album cover while spending more money than I should on new music and decided to look into this band dubbed Chaos Inception. Pretty much immediately someone was in danger of getting dropped out of my working Top 10.

So what does Chaos Inception sound like? What’s so great about “The abrogation”? These are questions someone unfamiliar with the band might ask. If you’ve experienced this album in full you’re more likely to ask questions like “do you have any favorite dishes that can be eaten with a straw?” or “What do I do with this second asshole?” Anyway, since I can’t force the CD into each of your stereos and headbang in your face until you get the point I suppose I’ll try to use words to describe this.

These guys are basically the best Brazillian death metal band I’ve heard by a goddamn mile… and they’re based out of Alabama.

The comparisons to Krisiun and Rebaelliun are inevitable and provide a good point of recommendation but Chaos Inception have their own flavor of death metal. It’s absolutely relentless, pummel-happy and riffy fare that wants nothing more than to smash the shit out of you. The guitars go for a kind of “so heavy it sounds deranged” style of composition with blasting drums and low gut-wrenching vocals. The soloing is just ridiculously over-the-top and fits in perfect. Demonic arpeggio sweeps and possessed shredding galore. If it doesn’t bring a smile to your face you should re-evaluate your life immediately

If you want that conquering, horrifically badass Morbid Angel atmosphere but ten times heavier then this is your band. I’ve got no problem with ultra-modern squeaky clean death metal and I enjoy some purposely retro bands. At the end of the day though, I just want the real deal without preconceived scene allegiances. Chaos Inception rises above these two camps and pushes the bounds of extremity without employing cliches and maintaining an inhuman level of energy along the way. Production-wise a great job was done, a clear but warm sound with thick guitar and resonating bass kicks is present. As mentioned before even the artwork is top-notch.

There’s really no need to go into a ton of depth here, this is simply death metal featuring nothing but great riffs. The transitions work well and the individual musicians’ performances are absolutely inspiring.

If you’re a death metal fan in any way this is relevant to your interests and should be on your radar.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Lavadome Productions
  • Website: Chaos Inception MySpace
  • Band
  • Chris White: vocals
  • Matt Barnes: guitar
  • Cam Pinkerton: bass
  • Gary White: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. The abrogation
  • 02. Phalanx (The tip of the spear)
  • 03. Lunatic necromancy
  • 04. Pazuzu eternal
  • 05. Hammer of infidel
  • 06. Black blood vortex
  • 07. Ancient ways prevail
  • 08. The exterminati
  • 09. Scald command