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De Profundis the emptiness withinDe Profundis: The emptiness within

16/08/12  ||  Averatu

Welcome to Metal Biology 101. Today we will be dissecting a creature called “The emptiness within”, of the genus De Profundis. On the whole its a fairly impressive beast that deserves some closer inspection, or-nit picking if you will. Let us first remove the layer of engaging song writing and competent musicianship, as implied by the sub genus progressive. First we notice a condition known as guitar anaemia. Although the development of the specimen is more than satisfactory, the sound and volume produced by this organ at times ends up being rather flam . We also find an-as-of yet unidentified syndrome which causes the drums to sometimes sound like the knocking of sticks on cardboard boxes and plastic paint buckets, which is a pity, as the drums in this case are a primary physical attribute.

And now the backbone of the creature, the bass. I’m all for solo’s, and on this case the bass is a very well developed organ. A fellow amateur metal biologist recently told with disdain of a sub-genus he discovered known as tech death, which is generally known for well-to-over developed bass, and he would probably lump De Profundis in this grouping. I find fret-less is always an impressive attribute when observed in the wilderness that is the stage, this dude with none of those line things on his bass-guitar, playing with those walkie fingers, making the characteristic ‘gweew’ and ‘gwaw’ mating calls, and chances are that the other creatures on the gig field on any given day will have run of the mill-bass. Fret-less and technically proficient also go hand in hand, making it less attractive to predators, but also more attractive to the symbiotic parasite known as ‘fans’. The recorded specimen is another story. Fret-less bass is an acquired taste, and to the uninitiated, the frequent emission of ‘gweew’ and gwaw’ sounds can end up being just plain fucking irritating, hence we have many abandoned tech death whelps in second hand CD shelters. But in this case the bass development has aided the growth of the organism.

On to the vocals. This creature seems to have developed two separate vocal organs. The dominant vocal organ is situated near the mouth, and emits the fearsome growl and bark of a savage predator that would eviscerate his prey and feast on the organs, in other words fucking killer. The other being severely under developed, and is located in the rectum. It emits weak and pointless sound which attempts to emulate the call of the clean singing bird, but alas fails miserably, and ends-up being something like a sound normally projected from the ass. This is probably due to a phenomena known as record label pressure to emulate other successful bands of the genre. In the interest of future survival of this species, this extraneous vocal organ should probably be surgically removed, or at least an aggressive course of steroid treatment and coaching therapy should be undertaken to remedy the severe imbalance.

In conclusion then, rather impressive and deceptively catchy specimen, well developed song organ with minor vocal and production issues. I dig this album immensely, currently on my favourites of 2012 list.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Kolony Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Craig Land: vocals
  • Roman Subbotin: guitars
  • Soikot Sengupta: guitars
  • Arran McSporran: bass
  • Nick Tingle: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. From the depths
  • 02. Delirium
  • 03. Silent gods
  • 04. This wretched plague
  • 05. twisted landscapes
  • 06. Release
  • 07. Dead inside
  • 08. Parallel existence
  • 09. Unbroken (a morbid embrace)