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Degial: Death's striking wings

20/08/12  ||  sincan

This band from Uppsala is impossible to mention without saying anything about Watain to show that you know some shit. Well I guess I’m done here. Or not yet, so fucking use that golden dildo a little more will ya?

The first time I heard about Degial was when Watain was going to do their 13 years anniversary shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Degial was supporting at the Gothenburg gig together with In Solitude. I remember being pretty fucked up at the gig since Stockholm fought me hard while I was trying to tear the city apart, yeah, I where at both Watain gigs, I just fucken had to say that, didn’t I? Well how fucking sweet. So, I was turning as ill as a vagina belonging to a crack smoking hooker usually is (just rumors, no personal experience). What I remember from Degial at that show was “this sounds pretty good, I have to keep them in mind”.

I guess I fucked up severely while trying to place Degial in my mind since I just recently, while reading their band name, remembered them. Well everything happens for a reason, right? No, fuck that fucken cumdripping shit.

So what can one say about this album? Well I must start to say that the production, atmosphere and everything about the sound is fucking ace. This is how I want most of my death metal. It’s dark, coagulated blood and dirt, no boobies, no fucking macho vocals and just pure death in the non-sweetest of ways. This is a great example of how blackened death shall sound and feel like.

One of the biggest issues with this album is the songwriting. I really want to like this album more than I do, but it is hard when the songs more or less just come in through one ear and out through the other and blur into each other. The tracks lack more memorable things, except for the awesome sound. I have found myself thinking “this sounds good, which track is this? Ah, the title track.” more than once so I guess my opinion, and thus your opinion, is that the title track is the strongest one.

I guess this album can be for you who likes some dirty death’n‘black metal in some old school manner with hints of thrash. I still have some faith in Degial and I hope that they will produce a better follow-up, because they’re onto something.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Sepulchral Voice Records
  • Website: Degial MySpace
  • Band
  • H. Death: vocals, guitars
  • R. Meresin: guitars
  • J. Megiddo: bass
  • E. Forcas: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Eye of burial tempest
  • 02. Serpent’s tide
  • 03. Swarming
  • 04. Chaos chant
  • 05. Death’s striking wings
  • 06. Temple in whirling darkness
  • 07. Perpetual fire
  • 08. Black grave (the gateway)