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Desecravity: Implicit obedience

09/08/12  ||  The Duff

Desecravity are the new band on Willowtip Records, home to “Oh Sweet Titty Jesus” (Ulcerate), “Oh Fuck My Buttered Ass” (Putridity) and “Yah Faulein, In Mine Ausschwitz, Danke” (Defeated Sanity). Suffice to say, this label is “it” even though I’ve skipped over Gigan and Macabre and of course despite having lost a pillar of the scene with the recent disbanding of grind stalwarts Maruta.

Well, despite hints of tech-death, this Japanese four-piece is not unlike Hate Eternal in their blunt-force, simplistic delivery. Don’t get me wrong, some of the guitar work is technical (as with Hate Eternal), but overall the structures are standard and the riffs unlikely to raise eyebrows this side of the new Millennium when, well, death metal has been around for 30 odd years now and matured on far more a cerebral prospect.

Where Desecravity fail is that a lot of the music is supported by drummer Yuichi, who has that Jade Simonetto ballistic ethic about him. Otherwise though the music is a jumble of catchy, simple, grind, death and bits of atmosphere. To make matters worse is that “Implicit Obedience” stumbles out of the gate with the intro followed by the album’s two worst cuts. It’s a case of style over substance, and if you can admire the musicianship at hand enough then maybe the incentive to pull through might stay with you, but generally things don’t pick up.

The production is a middle-ground of dry and crunch, well-financed with overpowering drums in a more crystal clear “Fury and the Flames” (Hate Eternal) vibe of destruction of the senses. All said, this isn’t a bad album, but I doubt Desecravity have much better in them, and for Willowtip Records, just a bit of a strange undertaking – it’s like they’ve given a polish to something that’s been around for decades, the Origin-take of sporadic relentlessness hardly enough to propel this Japanese foursome into the death metal limelight any time soon. A shame, because musically they are confident; their tastes are just a little too obvious and preened for my tastes.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Willowtip Records
  • Website: Desecravity MySpace
  • Band
  • Daisuke Ichiboshi: bass
  • Yuichi Kudo: drums
  • Keisuke Takagi: guitars
  • Yujiro Suzuki: vocals, guitars
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Into the Unknown
  • 02. Enthralled in Decimation
  • 03. Immortals’ Warfare
  • 04. Demonize the Old Enemy
  • 05. Hades
  • 06. Condemnation
  • 07. The Collapse of Religion
  • 08. Extinction with Hatred
  • 09. Dark Dimension