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Electric Wizard: Legalise drugs & murder

02/07/12  ||  sincan

Electric Wizard is currently working on a new album but instead of letting their fans starve and masturbate to death while listening to only their older stuff they have planned to release some 7” singles during the process. “Legalise drugs & murder” is the first one and it contains two tracks clocking in at about 12 minutes (=12 ejaculations for you).

With this release Electric Wizard is having, according to themselves, “aspirations of it (the title track) being a being like ‘Paranoid’ or ‘Sweat Leaf’, a real classic anthem” i.e. enormously fukkken huge ambitions. The cover design is more or less a replica of that from Black Sabbath’s classic “Master of reality” album and is therefore just awesome. This fact, at least for me, and thus for you, gives the listener the feeling that you’re looking at something which is really good. Why? Well if you put a cover like that on some lousy cheap life celebrating shit you will most likely either get really fucked up because of karma or because of someone who doesn’t believe in karma but believes in setting things right without unnatural forces or whatever.

“Ye ye, cut the crap and get to the fuckin’ music” might be your kind of opinion right now. If that’s the fact, fuck you! If it’s not, fuck you too. Now, let’s talk some music because now I’m in the mood.

Side A, the title track, is a hell of monster doom dope one with a riff that, along with boobs, has been stuck in my head since I first encountered this release. The track is very repetitive in the finest of ways and the vocals are just following the same pattern with the “radically” and “very political” meaning of legalising drugs and murder. It ends with a chanting of the line “Children of the grave” and here the track enters its climax and hopefully you too! This, my fellow friends/haters/sheep/goats, is how you do proper doom/stoner metal and it should be used as a pattern by those who fumbles (with the guitar, bong, etc.).

Side B, “Murder & madness”, is more or less an instrumental song with some whispering in the background. It is even more repetitive than side A and focuses more on changing small details just to make the atmosphere altering and somehow growing and thus being very interesting. I must say that they have succeeded in making a pretty “horror-movie scary”-type track, which was their goal.

I find the first song to be the best one. With that said, the second one is neither bad or boring, it fits really great on the B-side. I’m looking forward for their next releases and you should too. You don’t have to be totally stoned or shitt-faced, or whatever you usually are, to enjoy this because it will fuck up your brain just fine. Just turn up your volume so that your neighbors also can enjoy some music in their, most likely, feces-in-bed boring life.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Rise Above Records
  • Website: Electric Wizard MySpace
  • Band
  • Jus Oborn: vocals, guitars
  • Liz Buckingham: guitars
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Legalise drugs & murder
  • 02. Murder & madness