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Embryonic Devourment: Vivid interpretations of the void

26/01/11  ||  sly

“A reptilian race has been controlling planet Earth for thousands of years, and, to this day, have been placing their genetic, compatible bloodlines in positions of power…”

Many strange beliefs can be found worldwide. Quite a bizarre one is the notion of an interbreeding of humanity with a reptilian species in order to create a supreme hybrid bloodline by fusing together the two sets of DNA.

Apparently this has been happening since the dawn of the human age. There are rumors that the elder Reptilians speak the ancient Sumerian language. These secretive creatures are disguised as royal families, the nobility of yesteryear, and the East Coast Ivy League intelligentsia of modern day America, just to name a few. These shape-shifters control our banks and our governments; they control our lives. The common mortal man is not supposed to have knowledge of these goings-on.

But an elite few have discovered the truth behind this conspiracy against humanity, known as the Reptilian Agenda. Men like David Icke and Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa have discovered this truth and have been illuminated in the not-so-white light of reality.

By now you must be wondering: what does all of this have to do with Embryonic Devourment’s second full-length release? Well, I’ll tell you.


The entire concept of “Vivid interpretations of the void” is based upon this theory of the Reptilian Agenda. I guess the question now would be, are Embryonic Devourment themselves firm believers or is it all tongue-in-cheek? Some people place their faith in the Holy Spirit, others in Dianetics, and some see life through conspiracy-tinted lenses. But as for these guys, I think they are more intrigued with the outlandishness of the idea.

While this qualifies as chiefly physically brutal and spastic-as-fuck death metal, there are some calmer passages which help to create a strong dynamic. It is reminiscent of Atheist, Gorguts, and “Whisper supremacy”-era Cryptopsy, with a touch of Suffocation on top.

Embryonic Devourment are proficiently technical players; true virtuosos who seem to love their time changes and fretboard-sweeping solos. The rather impressive skills of drummer Luke Boutietta manage to bring the insanity to new levels of utter madness. The vocals sound like Luc Lemay or Marco Disalvo. The bassist and the guitarist trade off vocals all throughout, keeping them safely out of the dull zone.

Remy C’s slightly abstract cover art is simply electrifying and compliments the album perfectly. All of this combined with very well written, over-the-top lyrics about conspiring lizard gods, the Chitauri, militarized reptoids, and multidimensional voids, and I think we may have one of the most imaginative death metal albums I’ve heard in a while.

“Vivid interpretations of the void” is a complete package, something that is becoming more and more rare in this stupid digitized world. And clocking in at just about 28 minutes, we are not given the chance to grow bored or annoyed. (I know of a few bands who should take note of this little fact).

An exceptional accomplishment indeed.


  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Label: Deepsend Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Lauren Pike: vocals, guitar
  • Adam Weber: guitar
  • Austin Spence: bass, vocals
  • Luke Boutietta: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Militarized Reptoids
  • 02. Gravitational Oblivion
  • 03. Vivid Interpretations of the Void
  • 04. We Are Chitauri
  • 05. Eye of the Horomatangi
  • 06. Cleansing the Infinite
  • 07. Darken Thy Fluids
  • 08. Perceiving the Multidimensional