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Enter My Silence: Coordinate: D1sa5t3rEnter My Silence: Coordinate: D1sa5t3r

25/05/06  ||  Statik Majik

Wr171Ng l1k3 7h15 is Teh fucken 5uCk!!!!1111 and was NEVER fun to begin with. Fucken N00b135. I know that it’s supposed to be pronounced as “Coordinate: Disaster”, but why couldn’t you write it like that in the first place? “Coordinate: D-one-sa-five-t-three-r”...? Makes shitloads of sense, doesn’t it?

Thanks to the idiotic spelling of the album-title, I might as well refuse to use any numbers in this whole fucking review. Jeez, when will people learn to write properly? Fucking computers and cellphones have done “wonders” to our modern-day writing-skills, to say the least.

As much as the title of the album sucks, “Coordinate: D-one-sa-five-t-three-r” is pretty decent disc. It seems to be the second release by these Finns as well. Like that tells me anything. I mean, I never heard any of their music prior to this nor read any reviews about the band or their albums, so I had no idea what to expect. Sometimes ignorance is a bliss.

Melodic death metal, thrash metal and hardcore. Those were the first things that came to my mind when listening to “Coordinate: D-one-sa-five-t-three-r”. Actually, “ass and titties” were the first ones, but they had nothing to do with the cd at hand. I just like to think about ass and titties. Alot. Like any sane man would.

Ok, now where was I? Oh yeah, “Coordinate: D-one-sa-five-t-three-r” ( Damn, that’s a really good title you got there ).

You can tell that members of Enter My Silence dig In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. They probably listened to their fair dose of Testament and Machine Head as well. And the vocalist definitely likes hardcore. Music that is, I’m not sure about the porn. Or care for that matter. Well, you got the point. I hope.

Generally speaking, this is pretty straightforward metal, spiced up with loads of melodies. Sometimes the vocals sound much heavier/more aggressive than the music itself would require. If that makes any sense. Just listen the first verse and the chorus in “Insignificant” for instance. What I’m obviously trying to describe is that it wouldn’t do any harm if the band played their shit a bit faster sometimes. Or actually left half of the slower parts away from the disc, because there are fast parts here, just not enough of them for my liking. They do know how to perform heavy fucking shit, I give ‘em that, but unfortunatelly it feels that they’re too lazy to bring some aggression to the table and decided to do a more or less “safe”, or even routine, performance in the studio. I say “routine”, because you can hear it clearly that these dudes have the skills to deliver much better stuff.

There’s many promising nice hooks on “Coordinate: D-one-sa-five-t-three-r” ( Don’t we just looove the brilliantly typed title? ), but I get a feeling that right after they’re presented to the listener, the band falls back to the normal flow. The opener, “Thin red line” is good example of this. The second track, “Spin”, on the other hand is a pretty fucking good example of what they’re capable of when they want to. Fast fucking shit with neat melodies. That’s definitely the hit track on “Coordinate: D-one-sa-five-t-three-r”, if you ask me. “Nine mms to deliverance” is another track that’s close to perfection. It actually sounds a lot like 2 Ton Predator, and that’s always a good thing in my book.

So… like said, this is good release. But nothing out of the ordinary. I like it though, and who knows… maybe I will even buy the fucker.


Seven points ouf ten.

  • Information
  • Released: Two thousand and six
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Teemu Hokkanen: drums
  • Arto Huttunen: guitars
  • Mika Lisitzin: vocals
  • Tuomas J├Ąppinen: guitars
  • Ville Friman: bass
  • Tracklist
  • One. Thin red line
  • Two. Spin
  • Three. For a place in the sun
  • Four. Silent treatment
  • Five. Coordinate: D1SA5T3R
  • Six. The paradox of two
  • Seven. Unspoken words
  • Eight. Insignificant
  • Nine. Nine mm’s to deliverance