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Facebreaker: Dead, rotten and hungry

23/01/08  ||  Lord K Philipson

The fact that Facebreaker isn’t more widely acknowledged (or even a semi-big name in Sweden, at least) is completely fucken beyond me. These guys take the best parts of whatever was appealing with death metal in the first place and create their second full-length with so much conviction and determination most death metal bands should take a listen to them and see how shit is supposed to be done. Wow, that was a long fucken sentence. Facebreaker is without a doubt one of todays finest old-school influenced bands and a definite force that should be reckoned with, mark my fucken words.

There’s no fucking around, no fancy schmancy shit at any point here, just relentless and groovy death metal the way it’s supposed to be, accompanied by a fantastic production with as much punch as a collection of UFC Greatest Hits dvd’s. And on top of that we have vocalist Robban (who replaced Dan in Edge Of Sanity on “Cryptic”, which means you should have heard what he can deliver as far as lungs go), a guy with a set of pipes who absolutely would belong in the first line of Detroit Red Wings if he was a hockey player. He’s exactly that fucken good. Elite growler with a distinct voice that stands out. I applaud him over and over. This guy deserves more credit since he pisses on the majority of growlers.

There’s 2 ways to do the slower parts of death metal; one is executing it with shitty, half-assed riffs like later Obituary. A way that has more in common with a puck-sized Valium than anything else. Or you can do it the Facebreaker way and make sure that those riffs really fucken groove like John Candy doing the jig in the nude. And while you have those concrete riffs laid out you might as well come up with the idea to add some faster shit that grooves just as much. This is a great fucken concept and if there was any fucken justice in this world, this concept is tailor made for recognition in the death metal world. But Facebreaker is one overlooked band, which pisses me off big time, coz it’s just not ok. I need to kill people for that until they understand what’s fucken up.

You like Bloodbath? The foundation for both bands is the same, the only difference is that Bloodbath gets more attention becoz of who are in the band. Facebreaker’s easily in that league and they feel genuinely more honest and real with what they do.

I demand that you purchase this album, you can thank me later.

8,5 extremely groovy tunes out of 10.

  • Information
  • Released: 2008
  • Label: Pulverized
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Roberth Karlsson: vocals
  • Mika Lagrén: guitars
  • Janne Ivarsson: guitars
  • Jonas Magnusson: bass, vocals
  • Mikael Wassholm: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Slowly Rotting
  • 02. Dead, Rotten And Hungry
  • 03. Night Of the Burning Dead
  • 04. The Awakening
  • 05. Walking Dead
  • 06. Burner
  • 07. Consumed
  • 08. Unanimated Flesh
  • 09. Unlock The Horror
  • 10. Soul Eater
  • 11. Devoured By Decay