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Fight Amp: Hungry for nothing

29/07/08  ||  Kampfar

Fight Amp tells me nothing, and knowing their full name, namely Fight Amputation, only adds to the confusion. A clear contender for shittiest moniker of the year this, I assent, but their music is not infected by the retardation. Fucked up, not retarded. Not fucked up as in “Irony is a dead scene”, because that is also wicked, no, more in the vein of 16 and such depressants. An up-tempo, though not quite as desperate version of said band is an OK description of “Hungry for nothing”.

But, even though they deserve to be, 16 are not exactly renowned as Hitler, which means further elaboration is very much needed on Fight Amp’s behalf.

First of all, “Hungry for nothing” sounds quite fucking good, loud and in your face, just the way sludge ought to be presented. It is not dirty as the filthiest among them – like Electric Wizard or Hebosaglin, which both are slower and more doom oriented beasts – but compared to “ordinary” metal sludge is always fucking gritty. One of the reasons for that is because most bands in this genre tend to mix the bass so it becomes an integral part of the sound. Fight Amp being no different, a distorted bass rumbling just beneath, or…hell, you can fucking hear it alright, it is a very important part of this bands music.

Say no to bassicm, support sludge.

But the more I listen to “Hungry for nothing”, the more I realize that Fight Amp is a wee bit over on the monotone side, more or less a one faceted attack they present here. The tempo varies, but the feel stays exactly the same. It is hateful, baleful, ugly, distorted and loud, so I shan’t whine on. In addition I’m quite sure the members are fairly young, “Hungry for nothing” for sure their debut, which means I have high hopes for this lot.

I recommend to you Fight Amp if you ever felt like hitting your own face while at the same time intensely wishing pestilence upon all of mankind.

7,5 out of 10.

  • Information
  • Released: 2008
  • Label: Translation loss records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Mike: guitar, vocals
  • Rebecca: guitar, vocals
  • Jon: bass, vocals
  • Hissem: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Dead is dead
  • 02. Late bloomer
  • 03. What a drag
  • 04. Samhain
  • 05. Lungs
  • 06. Bound and hagged
  • 07. Get high and fuck
  • 08. Dumb luck