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Haggis: The beginning of the end

23/10/08  ||  Kampfar

Haggis is a Norwegian band, so when I wish pestilence and death upon Haugesund, a shitty city just north of me, I’m very much in context. And even more so now, for I would fucking love to burn it down shoulder to shoulder with Ottar “The Fat Animal” Stangeland, the undisputed main-man and front figure in the drunken brawl known as Haggis. His current band and all former members, some say 20, of course more than welcome to join in on the rampage. And while he and his gang is busy helping me torch and destroy, I will send a carpet-bombing squad to Stavanger, this lots’ very home town, with orders to obliterate then repeat.

I fucking wish my last name was Putin.

As usual I am, just as my loads of cum, all over the fucking place, and Haggis is too, this collection of assholes namely known for touring places other bands don’t tend to visit very often. Or how about The Ching-Chong China Tour? Enough already, time to talk about a bit about their music and also “The beginning of the end”.

If punkmetal with an “I’ll kick your face in” rather than a “I hate society, watch me play with a syringe” kind of attitude is something you have been on the lookout for, this band should be a sight to behear for sore ears. I know behear isn’t a word, A.I.D.S-ape, but I’m Shakespeare reborn, so go fuck yourself. If offended yet, not likely, or thinking this review could have been written by a 12 year old, very likely, you will most likely think likewise of the lyrics on all Haggis albums. “TBOTE” very much included. Or what do you say about “The final solution” and “Daterape bonanza”? Thought so. However, unlike many bands with shitty lots of attitude and anger contained, Haggis, whoever the fuck Ottar rambles together for the occasion, knows how to play their instruments. Always. And, jumping back a bit, the lyrics are well written and put together, too.

Tasteless? You bet. Talentless? Not even close.

Anyway, “TBOTE” is the fastest and most pissed off Haggis album to date, “Nothing but lies”, after a very short and excellent intro, kicking the shebang into a gear it seldom leaves. Seldom as in 5 songs. So, not very seldom, but I didn’t fucking write very to begin with. Faen, all you need to know is that here is shitty lots of focused anger and hate anxious to be released upon everything human. Nah, you also need to know that the bass-guitarist on this album alone makes it worth a listen. Think Bonanza gone apeshit. If unfamilar with the theme of that series, think a bassist never once in the way of the music even though frentic and given the lead-role, instrument wise. I dare say his approach is unique.

But to avoid you thinking I just overdosed on my happy-pills, I would like to add that some of the themes and ideas on “TBOTE” are repeated a bit too often, making it a more samey and a bit worse affair than “The impeccable glory of eternal war” ever was. A bit of the magic gone since last, if you like. Then again, the last mentioned is one of the best albums made, so I didn’t expect them to top it in the first place.

Easy solution, go for both.

8 out of 10.

  • Information
  • Released: 2008
  • Label: STSHCP Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Ottar B. Stangeland: vocals
  • Dan Taliban: guitar
  • Dee Dee Amin: bass
  • Mr. Mobassa: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Nothing but lies
  • 02. The party’s over
  • 03. Violent sign language
  • 04. The gospel of Judas
  • 05. To glory march
  • 06. It’s a woman
  • 07. The final solution
  • 08. Covered in blood
  • 09. Daterape bonanza
  • 10. Slippers like these
  • 11. Dressed to lose
  • 12. Left to burn
  • 13. 1000 years of hate
  • 14. Norwegian way of life
  • 15. The beginning of the end