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Immolation: Majesty and decay

09/04/10  ||  Habakuk

Immolation is one of death metal’s greatest acts of today, no doubt about that. Not many bands in the scene can claim for themselves that they sound absolutely unique. A lot of bands could claim the very opposite, but curiously enough never do.
So here it is, Immolation’s 2010 output entitled “Majesty and decay”, interactively explorable!

1. You are holding the new Immolation CD. What do you want to do?

A) I look at it.
B) I hate Immolation. I throw it away and meet a good friend of mine.
C) I listen to it.
D) I don’t care. I call my girlfriend.

2. You are still holding the new Immolation CD. What next?

A) Look at it again.
B) Listen to it already.
C) Open the booklet.

3. The album starts.

4. Track 8 is an interlude. What do you do?

A) Skip.
B) Use the time to call the Production Wizard.
C) Talk to Lord K about the Immolation guys.
D) Nothing. I listen on.

5. If you are reading this sentence on purpose, you have been forced by Lord K to read his interview, comply, then continue with 6.

6. By the way, have you listened to “Shadows in the light”?

A) Yes.
B) No.

7. The imaginary disc stops spinning. Wow, that was a great album, you think. Immolation sound better than ever! Well, “Dawn of possession” excluded, but that’s a whole different story and you have to go find a girlfriend now.

A) Follow the Production Wizard’s advice.
B) Listen first.
C) I do not want to buy the album.

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  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Ross Dolan: vocals, bass
  • Bill Taylor: guitars
  • Robert Vigna: guitars
  • Steve Shalaty: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Intro
  • 02. The purge
  • 03. A token of malice
  • 04. Majesty and decay
  • 05. Divine code
  • 06. In human form
  • 07. A glorious epoch
  • 08. Interlude
  • 09. A thunderous consequence
  • 10. The rapture of ghosts
  • 11. Power and shame
  • 12. The comfort of cowards