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Impiety: Ravage and conquer

23/05/12  ||  gk

Singapore’s Impiety has been going at it now for more than twenty years. Formed by Shyaithan in 1990, the band has only gone from strength to strength through the course of seven albums with “Ravage and Conquer” being the latest and eighth in the bands discography. 2011 was a bit of a change for the band with Impiety opting to release a single 40 minute song in “Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny” and it seemed to herald a change in the bands direction from its usual pounding black-death- thrash attack to a slightly more considered approach. A year later, Shyaithan is back with a new line up and Impiety has returned with an album that side steps “Worshippers…” but is not quite a return to the old style.

The album starts with “Revelation Decimation” and complex, slightly blackened death thrash riffs abound. The band sounds pretty intense as the song goes through twists and turns in its 8 minutes and new guitarist Nizam Aziz lays down a perfectly chaotic lead guitar part over the riffs. “Ravage and Conquer”, the title song is up next and this might just be one of the finer songs that Shyaithan has ever done. The opening riffs do a great job of building tension using dissonance and the song goes into its catchy middle section without a pause before the ending one minute brings the chaos back with a very well thought out lead guitar section. “Weaponized” starts where the title song leaves with its chaotic riffs and constant pummeling taking some getting used to but it eventually settles into a pretty kickass song as the band nails down a great middle section that’s catchy but also heavy as fuck. “War Crowned” is insanely heavy death metal with a killer opening riff and a vague sense of melody that is dissonant and chaotic bit has the power to get stuck in your head. The album closes with a ripping cover of Bathory’s “Sacrifice” and while it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, it does sound pretty kickass.

There are a few differences to the Impiety sound here. Shyaithan’s vocals are a bit more focused and he’s given up some of the blackened rasps for a more death metal oriented style. New guitarist Nizam Aziz seems more inclined to Polish death metal and it shows in his often chunky but chaotic riffs. Dizazter on drums is a real find. He can really pummel the kit and he does so for the duration of this album. Yes, it’s Impiety and the drums are all triggered to hell and beyond but it’s also one hell of an assault. I guess also, the band has shed some of its black metal roots and leans just a bit more towards death metal. It’s still the same Impiety though and the changes are quite minor and nothing any long-time fan should worry about.

If you never liked this band, then “Ravage and Conquer” will do nothing to change your mind but for fans of the band, “Ravage and Conquer” should do nicely. It’s maybe a little more death around the edges but armed with two new comrades, Shyaithan sounds re-energized and positively barbaric.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Pulverised Records
  • Website: Impiety MySpace
  • Band
  • Shyaithan: vocals, bass
  • Nizam Aziz: guitars
  • Dizazter: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Revelation Decimation
  • 02. Ravage & Conquer
  • 03. Weaponized
  • 04. The Scourge Majesty
  • 05. War Crowned
  • 06. Legacy of Savagery
  • 07. Salve the Goat
  • 08. Sacrifice (Bathory Cover)