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Krypts: Unending degradation

22/04/13  ||  gk

Finland’s death doom band Krypts has been impressive right from their first demo in 2009 and their debut was something I’d been looking forward to for a while now. The band though, seemed to be in no hurry and went about the business of playing live, honing their chops and releasing a 7” that showed them moving towards a more death doom style. Now in 2013, the band has released its full length debut and this is one impressive album.

“Unending degradation” opens with a heavy, lurching 2 minute piece that sets the tone for the album with its varied tempos and atmosphere but it’s the first proper song on the album, the powerful “Blessed entwinement” that really shows off what Krypts are capable of. It’s heavy, groovy and atmospheric with plenty of mid-paced chug and a ridiculously heavy bottom end as the band alternates between a blast beat section and a slowed down doom metal section that hints at the melodic sensibilities of the band. Open the crypt gets a re-working from the demo and sounds fuller and heavier here and is some great, mid-paced groovy death metal. “Dormancy of the ancients” was also on the demo and is the longest song on the album. A powerful vocal performance helps it to stand out at the repetitious main riff can get ingrained in your head but it’s when the band slows down around the 2 minute mark and the guitar line cuts through the fuzz that things really pick up. “Inhale” is short but filled with some superb doom metal riffing and sits perfectly as the mid-point in the album. “The black smoke” ups the tempo with its groovy riffs and again does a great job in alternating between fast and slow tempos. The album closes with the atmospheric “Beneath the archaic” and finishes things off fine fashion.

I have to say, there’s absolutely nothing new here. Krypts are firmly in the new wave of old school death metal camp while bringing some solid doom metal influences to the table. What sets them apart though is that they’re gifted songwriters. The music is simple and there’s nothing complex or technical about it but each song is crafted with care and there’s an underlying sense of melody that makes the songs stand apart from each other while fitting in nicely with the whole. Also, special mention to the bass sound of Antti Kotiranta as he simply follows the guitars but it’s so thick and ugly sounding that each note is perfectly clear and impactful.

“Unending degradation” is a great debut. The band has managed to live up to the expectations set by the demo and the 7” and this album is essential listening for fans of death-doom.


  • Information
  • Released: 2013
  • Label: Dark Descent
  • Website: Krypts Facebook
  • Band
  • Ville Snicker: guitars
  • Antti Kotiranta: bass, vocals
  • Otso Ukkonen: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Introeon: Perpetual Beyond
  • 02. Blessed Entwinement
  • 03. Open the Crypt
  • 04. Dormancy of the Ancients
  • 05. Inhale…
  • 06. The Black Smoke
  • 07. Day of Reckoning
  • 08. Beneath the Archaic