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Marduk: Serpent sermon

14/06/12  ||  sincan

Well, well, well, what do we got here? Another album from one of the most well-known black metal bands from Sweden. But cut the crap, you know what you will get, a cold and filthy but yet hard cock that rams your ass so fast and so hard which most likely will make you shit serpent semen until they do a track featuring Dead by April.

For me their last opus, Wormwood (seriously, can a worm have a hard-on?), was a disappointment. With all the respect, it is a decent album but yet it lacks being comparable to “Rom 5:12” and “Plague angel”, with the fact that it sounds like something that didn’t reach the whole way to land on the previous albums by either Funeral Mist or Marduk. The latter band have with “Serpent sermon” released something more solid and more in line with their music compared to “Wormwood”, and how I praise this in my dungeon of forgotten light and ultrafast broadband. Some people (read sheep-faggots) tend to think that Marduk is all about full speed attack blitzkrieg metal, and they’re right, however those lowlife offspring of weaker minds use this term as if it was something negative. Pathetic, I smile at their presence.

With this album, they have again put some effort into making killer riffs at both speed of light and in slower tempo. Now, before I go further into details, please make sure that you’re not grabbing your little cock, otherwise it might get hurt, and put some fucken attention into breathing normally because what I’m know going to tell you might be so radical that your anus will implode. The first song, which in the beginning seems like an ordinary Marduk song apparently, travels into a chorus which could be written in the darkest (this, my dear, is something good) of times by Dark Funeral. No matter what your opinion is about Dark funeral, I don’t give a shit in this specific situation, because this is some good epic chorus.

The rest of the album is mixed up in a Marduk-style smorgasbord with, as previously written (but I know that you’re old and forgetful), some variations in tempos. Like the second song, “Messanalic penises”, which is a really typical live song, fast as fuck and rapes your ears like a hammer. The third song, “Song of Belial”, which is their radio-single (a huge fucking hit, according to international sources) is fast as the time you last while having a sexy-time, but before your grand finale takes place it slows down, just to teach you for who you’re living your filthy and dishonorable life.

I must also mention the song “Temple of decay”, which starts with something that sounds like a beautiful love child between Primordial and Drudkh, most likely you’re now shitting your sweatpants of excitement, and then it enters into an inverted morning service.

Without trying to bore your little life to the darkest of slumbers I quit tell you about each song, because I guess I described the whole goddamn thing pretty well with the term “inverted morning service”. But I have one last thing to say to you who still seek out there. The last song on the limited edition version of the CD or the die hard version of the vinyl is worth every lousy penny you have earned by doing what you do best, sheep. So buy this shit, and prepare, it’s sodomization time. All hail the panzer division!


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Century Media Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Mortuus: vocals
  • Morgan: guitars
  • Devo: bass
  • Lars: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Serpent Sermon
  • 02. Messianic Pestilence
  • 03. Souls for Belial
  • 04. Into Second Death
  • 05. Temple of Decay
  • 06. Damnation’s Gold
  • 07. Hail Mary (Piss-soaked Genuflexion)
  • 08. M.A.M.M.O.N.
  • 09. Gospel of the Worm
  • 10. World of Blades
  • 11. Coram Satanae (bonus track on limited edition)