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Mgła: Mdłości

11/10/12  ||  sincan

This EP from Polands No.1 black metal “fuck humanity”-army is approximately exact a 10.44 minutes total blackened inverted imploded angel of no joy whatsoever. I can taste the smoke of burning coal, feel the heat escape from my guts along with my eardrums being crystallized into stone. It’s that good, in every single way.

The first track opens with a slow heavy intro which turns into some diesel aggregate paced drum’n‘riffin in a classic symbiosis of life hate. After a while another melody kicks in somewhere in the background, having its own story to tell before it is establishing a dark union with the rest of the song, this is being repeated during the rest of the track from time to time. The “another” melody is so fucking perfect and beautiful and it sounds like if some of our old classical composers came up with it and used electrified and slightly distorted string instruments to give it life, during a typical absinthe rush. I hope you get a picture of how good it is since I have to put it in such a not typical straight way.

The second track takes off at full speed using the opening riff more or less constantly during the entire track in a semi minimalistic way which again makes me think of classical music with hints of marching for the final war against everything that is soft or pink.

I can’t come up with a single bad thing about this EP. The vocals are personal and perfectly mixed. I love how much the cymbals are being used, this along with the rest of the skin pounding. The bas is sneaking up on you from time to time, adding another unholy dimension, and not being hided as so often in this style of music. One might think that “why, oh, why didn’t they just create a full length album out of this”. Don’t forget that one might be wrong. I really appreciate the EP format and if a band comes up with a few fitting tracks, why be bounded by always putting out full length records? Wow, now I feel as radical as a teenager starting to “know” politics but it has to be said, EP’s rox dem cox.

I really recommend this release to everyone who took his/her/it’s time to read all this. Give it a spin or six hundred and sixty six, because this is one evil motherfucker who doesn’t come in peace, just as it should be. I think that it would be a perfect plan to force all mediocre metalcore people to listen to this until they either get what’s it all about or until they run out of tears and dries out.


  • Information
  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Under the Sign of Garazel Productions
  • Website:
  • Band
  • M.: vocals, guitar, bass
  • Darkside: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Mdłości I
  • 02. Mdłości II