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Mgła: With hearts toward none

25/06/12  ||  sincan

This record must, so far, be one of the most fucken hyped black metal underground records this year. For me it’s a great mystery why it’s actually referred to as underground since this record is well known. However, I guess that one little, big fucking idiotic, reason for this undeserved underground categorization is that it’s kind of hard to find this record at record shops/distros. What the fuck, seriously? Why? I know that being underground in the black metal scene still can give tremendous of street cred, bitches and hoes and armies of Internet warriors ready to spend some letters in the forums for your cause but this can’t be the reason, right?

The fact is that you more or less must make a fucken journey including facing dragons, drunk soccer lovin’ haircuts, naked hookers with penises full of diseases, feed your dog/husband/wife/goat etc. to get the record i.e. ordering it directly from the record company. That ain’t helping much in spreading the word about this band, I guess, hence underground classified! Is this record worth the extra seconds you have to spend gag-balling to find it? Well, yes and I’m now going to tell you why, if you’re still reading. I know that some of you might have gotten totally turned on by me mentioning hookers with penises, that was a trap to catch the unworthy.

What does “With hearts toward none” give us? Well, you don’t need to be a fucking rocket scientist to realize that there is no heart to receive here (sorry, I had to, OK?) because it’s some cold fuck black metal raised mainly on rocks and cold rain according to what I can hear from the music. Imagine a mix of bands like Craft and Ofermod with some Deathspell Omega influences along with Polish winter and some speed, and I’m not talking about drugs. The lyrics clearly state that this record is not about celebrating the life of the weak-minded throwing a nice pool party with their neighbors, except if the reason is to fill up the pool with the blood of the neighbors as a sacrifice for the oncoming Lord.

The record itself is very consistent. In each track they keep doing what they do so good without any surprises. We always find some killer riffing of massive sound and whatnot, harsh vocals with some effects, and very fitting drumming. Sometimes, when not building its own little melody, the bass confuses me by the fact that it seems like it tries to follow the drums and sometimes the guitars, making it sound like some high-speed backbeat, which in my opinion sounds pretty fucken awesome in the whole wall of sound hitting my ears.

The track titles are of the typical Taakeistic style. This is really good, since you can look at both the name and the number of the track and read the same thing so that you really can ensure yourself about which song you’re actually listening to. But, and there is a but, you have to be some elite because the track names are in Roman numerals. If you’re not an elite, then don’t cry (yes, please do, idiot), because you can use the cover to learn how to count to seven in Roman numerals. Seriously, what the fuck did I just write?

If I, somehow, yet haven’t convinced you to listen to this record my final weapon is track number 4 (“IV”). If you don’t dig this intro, please clean your ears with a shotgun.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Northern Heritage Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • M.: vocals, guitar, bass
  • Darkside: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. I
  • 02. II
  • 03. III
  • 04. IV
  • 05. V
  • 06. VI
  • 07. VII