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My Own Grave: Necrology

19/08/09  ||  Trauma

My Own Grave. Slow, somber gothic doom. Employing the use of dissonance and harmony along with the unique drone of some original synth pads — that sound like they employ a Korg, but I am rusty — makes for the perfect music to wish death upon yourself and the world from the safe distance of your inner subconscious. You know, it makes you want to light candles; fill your tub; put a couple roses down on the edge of said tub; pull out a freshly sharpened razor; slice two petals, put them over your eyes, and then slit your wrists to make all the bad go away.

If you’re into that kind of music go do what I just described right now so we can talk about some of the best death metal (no genre bending here) this past decade. We here at Global Domination host forums for the best of the best, and meet Exhibit A (or C, since I know a certain warLord who wants his shit at A and B): My Own Grave. I don’t know what could possess a group of individuals to put together music this fantastic, but I sure hope it never leaves them. Assfix recently released “Death… the brutal way”, however that’s more like “Death… the boring way”. This is the fucken brutal way!

The intro is probably the easiest piece of music on here, and it still pounds heavier than the floppy cock that is more than half of metal. The vocals are some of the best I’ve had the pleasure of hearing as of late. Not quite the best, but so clear and intelligible. The guitars and drums keep up their assault the whole way through, and are played flawlessly. The mix and production is superb thanks to Dan Swanö.

I don’t want to pick a favorite track, and can’t. If I’m putting this album on it’s going from track 1 to 11 with no skipping. I didn’t have to go back and listen to a song again to find little parts that I liked more than others. It’s all right there in plain audibility. I feel like I shouldn’t even bother with a track by track description. You’ll hear one song, think “That riff’s awesome” or “That drumming’s awesome” or “These hooks are making me feel like hungry sturgeon!” or maybe even “Hey these vocals kill… Vok—”. Even I don’t want to finish that sentence.

Each song has all of that, but varied just enough to make it interesting all the way through. Trust me. It’s been a while since I first listen to an album only to feel so floored. These tracks stand up like a cock in a room of wall to wall vagina right now, but how about in the future? You know, twenty years later you’re asked about the best albums in turn of the century death metal, and what do you say? Necrology, My Own Grave. These guys are still young, and have all the right stuff to make an even better album.

This is definitely going to be a favorite of mine for some time. Buy this. Right the fuck now.


  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: Pulverized Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Aron: vocals
  • Anders: guitars
  • Stefan: guitars
  • Max: bass
  • John: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Awaiting death
  • 02. Necrology
  • 03. Hail the blind
  • 04. None shall see
  • 05. Disciples of war
  • 06. Cerecloth
  • 07. Bloodline broken
  • 08. Exhumed to be buried
  • 09. Age of torment
  • 10. Carnal revelations
  • 11. Incineration