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Nefesh: Shades and lights

12/03/13  ||  Cobal

“Shades and lights” was meant to be briefly commented – stubbed – and it finally made it to the reviews section. The reason? Well, I gotta admit ‘twas surprising enough. In my book, that makes it relevant.

In a time when almost every musical experiment has already been carried out, fusion appears to be the one and only way to come up with something new and original. Ironically, fusioning genres has become a generic form of music creation. Being so, the most unheard of sub-genres are already out there: You may find afro-celtic music, country-punk and even tango metal.

Now many of these try outs are not quite successful – if not total disasters – and while I’d automatically give a shot to anything labeled as radically experimental some years ago, so many disappointments have made me skeptical at least. Yes, it’s the blending of musical style in the music done by Nefesh that makes it worth mentioning and reviewing.

The first I noticed was vocals. They are… Unusual. The good way. Mostly. First, there’s well sung fully inspired almost operatic clean male vocals that really got me since the very beginning. Unfortunately, this fine effort is badly stained by some miserable attempts of harsh shouting that I found not only interfering, but most off putting as well.

The switch from English to their native tongue is something I do respect much, for I believe every language may be more accurate to transmit different kind of ideas. Plus, it also helps for their credibility. Still, Italian sung metal lyrics is something I’ll have to get used to, if you know what I mean.

Musically, there’s mainly two core ideas that converge gracefully: I found undeniable metal riffage in small but catchy amounts, and if you ask me, it’s pure melodeath stuff of the Swedish type. Perhaps not that pure, though. Also, the presence of orchestral and grand piano-like keyboards is overwhelming. The merger of these two staples reminded me of some heavier goth metal songs happily divorced from the “blacker” influence of vampiric bands.

As for the rhythm section, I felt bass was melodic and appropriate although discreet, and drums fit the music well. I also felt they could have been more violent at moments, when songs really needed it. Drumming could have been more daring, if you like.

Perhaps the biggest flaw in “Shades and lights” is that it lacks consistency. Not terribly, but it does feels a bit all over the place. That plus the awkward harsh vocals prevent this work from being that good. Even so, the potential here is great – I mean it – and there’s much to be listened to and enjoyed. I hit the rewind button several, several times.



  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Label: Necrotorture Agency
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Paolo Tittarelli: vocals
  • Luca Lampis: guitars
  • Andrea Rossi: bass
  • Stefano Carloni: keyboards
  • Michele Baldi: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Delirium of War
  • 03. Tifonomachia
  • 04. Preludio Every Time
  • 05. Everytime
  • 06. Souther
  • 07. Tears
  • 08. Preludio Hug Me
  • 09. Hug Me
  • 10. I Can’t Fly
  • 11. Surexi
  • 12. Shades and Lights
  • 13. Outro