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Old Man's Child: In defiance of existence

27/02/04  ||  Statik Majik

This is the only album that I have from Old Man’s Child. And so far it’s also the only album I heard from them. So am I qualified to review this album then? Well, I have fucken ears and I think I’m entitled to my opinions. Right?

Thank you very much.

I’m not sure how to categorize Galder’s vocals in this album. They’re not low growling typical to death metal bands, but to me they don’t sound like typical black metal vocals either. If there’s such thing as typical vocal style for certain music. Anyway, vocalwise I’d say this falls between death and black.

The music on the other hand is melodic black metal for sure. And the production is excellent to say the least. Barker makes a fucken good performance here. Well, I’m sure alot of people might disagree with the general sound Dimmu Borgir (and probably even OMC) have, especially when talking about drums. I mean triggered drums. But guess what? Triggered or not, I don’t fucken care. There, I said it. Wanna hear me say that again? I thought not. But anyway, what I do care is whether the music I listen to sounds good or not. And this absolutely does. The sound for drums, guitars, bass and keyboards is killer. And the vocals are not mixed too loud. Can’t complain at all.

So what else do you want to know about these norwegian dudes? I suppose they’re from Norway cos Dimmu Borgir is from Norway. And aren’t most of the guys in this band from Dimmu anyway? If not, I still say this is norwegian band. Hey, they’re black metal. So they must have some connection with Norway in order to be true in the first place.

Did I just say “true”? I think I did… Ignore it, ok?

I’m too fucken lazy to go thru all the songs in this album. And it would be useless anyway. Why? Cos all the tracks here are fucken good. Yeah, you heard me. All. You know, this is one of those albums that you must have. It’s rare to find an album that doesn’t have a one single weak song, and “In Defiance of Existence” is definatelly one of those. All. Good. Tracks. I’m fucken serious here. Get it. Now.

8 /10

  • Information
  • Released: 2003
  • Label: Century Media
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Galder: vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Jardar: guitars
  • Nicholas Barker: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Felonies of the Christian Art
  • 02. Agony of the Fallen Grace
  • 03. Black Seeds on Virgin Soul
  • 04. In Defiance of Existence
  • 05. Sacrifice of Vengeance
  • 06. The Soul Receiver
  • 07. In Quest of Enigmatic Dreams
  • 08. The Underworld Domains
  • 09. Life Deprived