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Ouroboros: Glorification of a myth

27/07/11  ||  revenant

Ouroboros… oh yeah, that’s good, keep doing that… Ooooooooooooouroboros…. oh man, I love what you’re doing with your fingers, such deft skills… oh yeah, those drums are really getting a banging… oooooooh feel that pounding rhythm… Ourooooo… oh wow, did you change tempo mid chorus? …oh, deep throat… vocals… Ouroboroooooooooooooos this is so good… this could be the best I’ve had in a long time… Ooourooo… oh wait, don’t move don’t move… oh damn, it just feels so good, I can’t hold it any longer… Ouroooooooooooooooooboroooooooooooooos…


Oh man, this is awkward. Look, this really doesn’t happen to me often. I’m really sorry, I just got a little too excited. I just haven’t heard this sort of technical thrashiness done so well in such a long time. I know the score came too early. This is not like me. Really, I don’t regularly suffer from premature adjudication.

Look, let me explain. Ouroboros had me bursting with excitement after seeing this clip. I’d heard the odd good thing here or there but I wasn’t ready for this. Wow. Thoughts like “I’ve just found the album of the year” crossed my mind before I’d even listened to it. Yeah, I know, I was always bound to blow early after thinking that.

It’s just that, well, no one has quite stroked my thrash bone as well as “Rust in Peace” did. And based on that initial clip, Ouroboros seemed to deliver that same brilliant technical thrash at blistering speed but with deep, throaty growls replacing Dave’s whiney snarls. Yeah, pre-cum fluid was already breaching the tip of my dick, there was never a chance of me holding look.

Look, please give me another chance, I know I can do better…. yes? Really? Ok, here we go then.

So despite my initial excitement for a new “Rust in Peace”, it has to be said that this is actually a far different beast. Despite containing a lot of thrashy riffs and blistering thrash sections, Ouroboros are actually a tech death band that incorporate thrash riffage into their body of work. Their music contains are a lot of long progressive technical sections that show off the bands skills (which are quite excellent), and the songs are a bit longer to accommodate this. The band are audacious with their technicality in places creating some great moments. As mentioned briefly in the intro, the band executes flawless tempo changes mid chorus on “Animal, Man… Machine”. As the chorus repeats, the tempo changes multiple times across the chorus section and the result is impressive and damn effective.

While a lot of the technical sections do focus on the lead guitar work, it’s important that the rhythm section also get a mention. I have to admit, when I think of drumming in tech death bands, I usually expect a lot of blast beats. The drumming steers clear of this senseless bashing but instead provide a more groove driven sound that suits the music well. In fact, desisting from blasting makes this so much more listenable. Vocals, as mentioned above, are deep throat growls. They are used sparingly though, secondary to technical guitar work. Production is clean and sounds absolutely fantastic, with each instrument having room to breath.

Now I do have to admit that this album didn’t quite meet the lofty expectations I initially lumped on it. It still is a damn good album, but there are a couple of areas that for mine keep it from earning the initial adulation I had for it. First comes in the long technical sections which, at times, I can’t help thinking “is this really going anywhere?”. A prime example is in album opener, “Black Hole Generator”, which really does feel directionless in the middle (it leads to a guitar solo, just so you know). The other slight complaint I have regards the choruses, which in a few instances aren’t as distinguishable or memorable as they need to be.

So despite not meeting my initial over excitement, I still rate this album highly. The mix of tech death and thrash meshes together well and Ouroboros… oh yeah… really nail it… oh man… this is really good… stuff… and… oh shit, I can’t hold it any longer… it’s not as big as the first one but Ouro… Ouroboros get… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


Note: though the subject of premature ejaculation was used in a humorous manner in the above review, it is not an issue to be taken lightly. Premature ejaculation can put strain on relationships, and can lead to depression. GD recommends holding the base of your cock and squeezing as hard as you can to stop that shit from escaping. Note that this may or may not lead to hemorrhaging in your cock, and is probably not recommended by doctors.

  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Label: Self released. Wait, none? WTF?
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Evgeny Linnik: vocals
  • Mikhail Okrugin: guitars
  • Chris Jones: guitars
  • Michael Conti: bass
  • David Horgan: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Black Hole Generator
  • 02. Lashing of the Flames
  • 03. Animal, Man… Machine
  • 04. Sanctuary
  • 05. Sea to Summit
  • 06. Disembodied Mind
  • 07. Dissolve
  • 08. Panacea
  • 09. Edifice of Tyranny
  • 10. Absent from Entity