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Procaos: Never wake up

14/06/05  ||  Lord K Philipson

This album is supposed to be released independently in the late 2005 by the way, just so you know. See, we are very special getting advances and everything. Also, I think a better title for it would be (pretty much anything) “Never make up” and then have the lyrics deal with black metal bands hating to put on the corpsepaint. Now let’s get going, shall we?

When I got this envelope it was all ripped open, but for some reason it still had the actual CDr and the letter they wrote (or “wrote” might be a strong word since it’s a fucken xeroxed, non-personal thing, you know the drill) in it, which was good coz I don’t feel like going to trial against the postal-office again for threating to burn down their office. Oh, the memories… However, the biography was all gone and shit (as well as contact-adresses, members etc etc), not that it matters that much when I think about it. If I find it on the net it’ll be included in this review, if not, well.. Sue Ellen me.

Anyways, Procaos (I so wanna spell that with an “h” between the “c” and the “a” to make things right in my book) hails from fucken the Mexican state of Colima of all places. As far as I’m concerned Mexico never was a good country for metal so to say my expectations were high for this disc is to bend things a bit… But whaddya know? I’m suprised. Very suprised even. First I’m suprised with the production that I absolutely fucken love (it sounds raw – with a killer bass-sound added to it), secondly I’m suprised with the actual quality of the music and performance which is far above what I ever thought would come out of Mexico. Call me fucken ignorant if you will, I don’t give a flying fuck, the fact still stands; Mexico isn’t known for it’s killer-metal. I don’t know what the fuck Mexico is known for when I think about it. I’ve been there once and I hated it, so fuck off. But the Mexican fans were awesome, I’ll give them that. Maybe I met some of the guys in Procaos down there, who fucken knows?

Where were we? Yeah, Procaos… They have decided to split the vocals into both English and Spanish, for what reason only Lars Ulrich knows. Yeah, like he knows anything. I hate you Lars. It’s not like I can hear any difference when what is sung where anyways (sure I can, but that sounded very cool. Please?). I’m so drifting off subject here and I love it.

These guys claim to play some “powerful blend of death and thrash metal”, where I guess I could agree on the metal-part anyways. It’s not like the death metal influences are that clear to me, and I fucken know my death metal when I hear it. But it matters not. It’s heavy enough for my liking and they have some good shit going on here and there without being awesome at that. Procaos just deals their cards of metal in a nice manner and it suprisingly works out pretty well. Appearantly these guys must have played some time since especially the guitarists (even if they have a pretty crappy sound to them) like to show off some skills in the soloing. When I think about it, I don’t even know if there’s one or 2 guitarists in the band, but I’m hoping for 2. Why? I don’t fucken know. Leave me alone.

Procaos aren’t very brutal though they have some more brutal parts. They obviously dig some early In Flames-riffing, that’s for sure, but they don’t sound anything like In Flames. I don’t really know what the fuck they sound like when I think about it. I guess it’s yer average metal-band playing riffs you have heard before, but still it’s hard to pin-point what they actually sound like. Let’s just call it a fucken mish-mash of alot of things, coz that’s what it is. I can’t say I am very familiar with the Mexican metal-scene but I do know that Procaos is the best band I have heard from there so far. That might not be saying much, but I’m sure this will:

Leif Edling.

You gotta love these fuckers though for “writing” the following in their letter: “We are aware that your webzine has supported independent metal bands and we consider you could be an outstanding option in order to push forward our band.”

Well, you got that fucken right. If you are not covered on GD, you are cat-shit. We are easily bribed.

This bitch will be summed up with a few words:

I give 9 points to the bass-sound.

But the album as a whole gets 7 sombrero’s out of 10.

  • Information
  • Released: 2005
  • Label: Spitfire Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Jose Cuevas: guitars
  • Cesar Garcia: bass
  • Pavel Lara: guitars and vocals
  • Enrique Martinez: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Crawling of the Dirt
  • 02. Que cure este mundo
  • 03. Evil Beast
  • 04. La Ira
  • 05. Never Wake Up
  • 06. Radiacion
  • 07. Redemption of War
  • 08. Degeneracion X