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Puteraeon cult cthulhuPuteraeon: Cult cthulhu

25/09/12  ||  Averatu

Aaahh, old school DM. These guys know how to hit my (musical) G spot. You dirty bastards, but I don’t smoke in any case. To me this album sounds like about 8 parts old school death metal in the Swedish vein (duh), and about 2 parts something else that I cant quite put my mental finger on (dirty bastard). It has the groove and momentum of a lumbering monster truck, those oversized wheels crushing everything in its path. This is the kinda music I want to hear live at a dark and dingy venue (but it has to have killer sound), its a pity that most venues have banned moshing, this could make for a total ballistic bloody moshfest, and we’d all come out broken and bruised but smiling at the end of the gig. Its the kind of music that makes for speeding fines.

But its the other 2 moon units. There are parts that are quite black and other sections are doomy, but that’s nothing unusual. The vocals are good old fashioned ggrrr-growl and bark, the guitars and bass are solid, the drumming is fast and precise, as are a lot of other DM acts. The song writing is good, but nothing so ground-breaking as to create a new sub-sub-sub genre. For death metal it seems quite up beat, very uplifting without straying to far into major mode territory, a strong cup of coffee, we’re talking strong enough to hold the spoon standing upright. This band is supposed to be of high pedigree, consisting of members from mildly successful seminal genre bands from the last decade who got together on the pavement somewhere and humped, and once gestation was completed they started this band, humping animals should get a room. Besides that, just because your previous band was supposedly super cool does not make your current band hot shit, most super bands end up being turds, but that is a totally irrelevant rant for another day.

This bunch of loonies come across as a well oiled machine that probably have loads of fun making music and having a few too many beers after a gig, and that’s what I would guess constitutes the other 2 parts, that’s a rare something no VST or even an RTAS plug-in could ever reproduce.

Stick this in your pipe and put it on repeat.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Cyclone Empire
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Jonas Lindblood: voocals and guitars
  • Rune Foss: guitars
  • Daniel Vandija: bass
  • Anders Malmström: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. The great epidemic of 1846
  • 02. Children of dagon
  • 03. The azathoth cycle
  • 04. Shoggoth
  • 05. Flesh architect
  • 06. In the vault
  • 07. Conlaceratus
  • 08. Walking with shadows
  • 09. Shapeshifter
  • 10. A bolt from the grave
  • 11. Liberation