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Reino Ermitano: Veneración del fuego

07/09/12  ||  gk

Peruvian doom outfit, Reino Ermitano’s last album was the superb “Rituales interiores” from 2008 and it’s been a long wait for new material from the band. After what seemed like a never ending wait after the initial release announcement, “Venerecion del fuego” finally came out last month and honestly, this has been one of my most anticipated releases for 2012.

So how does this latest slab of doom metal stack up against the might of “Rituales interiors”? Well, to be perfectly honest, not very well. The first thing I noticed was that the guitar tone had gotten fuzzier and way more 70s in inspiration than before. New addition Eloy Arturo who spent some time with fellow Peruvian doom band El Hijo de la Aurora seems to bring a bit of his own style into proceedings and it doesn’t always work. Also, the song writing as a whole isn’t as strong as it used to be. The band excelled when song lengths would invariably stick to around the 5-6 minute mark but here, too many of these ten songs just go on and on, losing their charm and turning into never ending treks through simple riffs repeated too many damn times.

Still, having said all of that, there’s enough here to appeal to the bands existing fan base. Vocalist Tania Duarte shines through on album opener “Quimera” with her trademark melodic but slightly off vocal style but every now and then, like on the heavier parts of “Sobre las ruinas” she sounds a bit strained and like she’s trying too hard. Chief songwriter and bass player Marcos Coifman has a superb tone that’s thick and meaty and he provides much of the foundation for the songs along with drummer Julio Almeida. Arturo’s riffing is a lot more 70s hard rock and proto metal than doom and while it works when the band are rocking out like on “Desangrandote” it doesn’t quite work on the slower doomier sections.

The songs also tend to get a little self-indulgent. There’s a drum solo on “Cuando la luz te encuentre” that may sound great live but as part of the song is just unnecessary and turns a pretty great heavy, doom song into an overlong and boring effort. I guess that’s the main problem with “Venerecion del fuego”. There are tons of great ideas here and some great musicianship but the band fails to rein everything in together and don’t know when or how to end their songs.

Fans of the band might still find plenty to like here and “Venerecion del fuego” should appeal to them but if you’ve never heard Reino Ermitano before then start with “Rituales interiors” and work your way backwards through their albums, leaving this one for last.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: I Hate
  • Website: Reino Ermitano MySpace
  • Band
  • Tania Duarte: vocals
  • Eloy Arturo: guitars
  • Marcos Coifman: bass
  • Julio Almeida: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Quimera
  • 02. El Sueño del Condor
  • 03. Sobre las Ruinas
  • 04. Desangrándote
  • 05. Cuando la Luz te Encuentre
  • 06. Soy el Lobo
  • 07. El Rito
  • 08. Vente al Fuego
  • 09. Sangre India
  • 10. Cadáver, Semilla, Renacer