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Revolting: Hymns of ghastly horror

13/09/12  ||  gk

“Hymns of ghastly horror” is Revolting’s latest and fourth album overall. Led by Rogga Johansson, this trio has been firing out an album a year since 2009 and their brand of horror movie inspired death metal has been getting tighter with every release.

“Hymns of ghastly horror” is the best that this three-piece has sounded in their four outings so far. There’s nothing here that’s new or path breaking. This is old school Swedish death metal that name checks all of the usual suspects but the songs come with hooks. Catchy riffs, great melodic guitar lines that remind me of Desultory and early Amon Amarth and big fat grooves all ensure that this album has some serious repeat play value. Album opener “The mother of darkness” starts things off in fine fashion with an addictive main riff and Rogga’s powerful vocals. “The black queen” is melodic yet heavy and powerful while instrumental “The thing that C.H.U.D. not be” comes loaded with samples from the cult 80s movie and another addictive central riff. “Psychoplasmics” is a speedy death thrash song with another killer riff while “Kinderfeeder” has a mid-paced stomp to it that just brings a big smile to my face.

By my count this is the fifth full length album that Rogga Johansson has been involved in (either playing guitar, bass, doing vocals or all three) just in 2012. The consistency he brings to each of his projects is often almost unbelievable. The man seems to have a never ending supply of killer death metal riffs and here, he’s very ably supported by the rhythm section of Tobias on bass and Martin on drums.

Like I said earlier, there’s nothing new here but there are plenty of killer riffs, great melodies and songs that are infectious. “Hymns of ghastly horror” is the best thing Johansson’s done so far with Revolting. There’s a sense of fun on this album that I totally love and if you’re looking for some death metal that’s catchy, melodic and heavy as fuck then “Hymns of ghastly horror” should do you fine.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: FDA Rekotz
  • Website: Revolting MySpace
  • Band
  • Revolting Rogga: vocals, guitars
  • Grotesque Tobias: bass
  • Mutated Martin: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. The Mother of Darkness
  • 02. Their Thoughts can Kill
  • 03. Ravenous Alien Spawn
  • 04. The Black Queen
  • 05. The Thing That C.H.U.D. Not Be
  • 06. Psychoplasmics
  • 07. Prey to Katahdin
  • 08. Kinderfeeder
  • 09. The Hatchet Murders