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Sinister: Aggressive measures

07/01/08  ||  Kampfar

I might be biased, not that I give a fuck, when I boldly claim Sinister to be one of the unsung heroes of death metal. If not unsung, at least sung too little. So much for boldness. I’m sure most of you will recognize them, if at all, for once sporting a female growler. Sad but true. Sperm, because with Rachel, and a harmonizer, this band recorded its most insignificant records to date, namely “Creative killings” and “Savage or grace.” “Diabolical summoning” isn’t all tits either but at least it sports good growls. Fuck, with a harmonizer even brats should be able to perform horrific (though sucky) growls. Not that they need it to sound mean and gruesome in the first place.

Fuck me and my ramblings and lets head for the praise of ”Aggressive measures”

I’ve already used other reviews explaining you lot just how much of a rot I find most intros to be, so I’ll limit myself to agreeing wholeheartedly with myself this time around. Almost. You see, ”The upcoming” is not a half-assed attempt, not at all. It’s short and sets the tone, a lurking warning of the violence ahead, and I felt a need to highlight that.

It doesn’t take a genius to hear that Aad never was the most accomplished drummer. He is sloppy as hell, standing in stark contrast to the ultra tight riffing of Bart van der something. This makes “Aggressive measures” blunt force coupled with surgical precision, with fucking cavemen vocals as topping. An ultra low and gruff performance it is, but rather easy to pick out the words from. For us vets of course. And that’s a good thing, ‘cause these writings sure as fuck isn’t mindless ramblings. Something called brain and soul has been put to use here, just as with the music.

(Wet vets is probably an animal porn flick)

So, Aad does his job, keeping it together, while Bart does all kinds of shit with his riffs, making the album into much more than just a standard death feast. Not to forget he got an excellent sound for himself, crunchy as hell yet defined and precise, and a bag choked full of them guitar licks. Santa go home. This is a master at work, and further evidence for this is “Hate,” Sinister’s finest moment without a doubt. Hell, one of the best death metal albums ever. This one is too. Just you remember how very, very many there are after 25+ years of death releases before accusing me of smoking crack and whatnot.

“Aggressive measures” is rich on the blast but first and foremost it is a deathcoaster, an exciting one, full of twists and turns, drops and lifts, never once derailing.

I have had this one in my possession since its very release and I still enjoy the ride very much. This pack of violence is as vital as ever. Much the same way as Brutality’s “Screams of anguish,” though a notch or two below those amazing standards. “Hate” isn’t, so watch out for a coming class 666 review. Maybe two.

If nothing else, at least check out “Blood follows the blood.”

8,5 out of 10.

  • Information
  • Released: 1998
  • Label: Nuclear blast
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Eric de Windt: vocals
  • Bart Van Valenburg: guitars
  • Alex Paul: bass
  • Aad Kloosterwaard: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Intro (the upcoming)
  • 02. Aggressive measures
  • 03. Beyond the superstition
  • 04. Into the forgotten
  • 05. Enslave the weak
  • 06. Fake redemption
  • 07. Chained in reality
  • 08. Emerged with hate
  • 09. Blood follows the blood