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The Arson Project: Blood LocusThe Arson Project: Blood and locusts

09/04/09  ||  The Duff

A grind MCD consisting of ten tracks yet shorter than Rotten Sound’s “Consume to Contaminate” E.P. and you can guess just how brief some of the beastly motherfuckers on “Blood and Locusts” are, but goddamn my skinny womanly britches does this shit kick ass. Can’t say I’m a massive grind fan, as I don’t usually even chase up the classic outfits of such a sub-genre, so lucky for me these Swedes sound like a cross between Pig Destroyer and Rotten Sound, two bands in my list of great metal bands doing wonders for the scene.

Yes, they share many similarities to Nasum (check “Deathbed Labour” for a clear example), as much as any other grind band does, but there’s a bar of intensity that is raised to a point beyond the reach of what I would still argue to be the greatest grind band to this day. This stuff is uncompromising, the vocals reminiscent of Pig Destroyer one hundred and ten percent, but the rest comprising a mix-up of varying very extreme artists; expect them to slow down once, groove in an old school grind kinda way, maybe chug a little but otherwise grab you by the ears and chew off your face.

The musicianship is grand, of course the spotlight being taken by drummer Oscar Lindbergh, but fuck me sideways I can’t figure anything more to say other than this is an amazing mini-CD, and I shall be awaiting the band’s full-length as I reckon I’ve found my new favourite grind outfit.

8 paragraphs divided into many mini-sections so as to make a very short review appear longer out of 10.

  • Information
  • Released: 2008
  • Label: Power It Up Records
  • Website: The Arson Project MySpace
  • Band
  • Niklas Larson: vocals
  • Daniel Rosenqvist: guitars
  • Elis Edin Markskog: guitars
  • Sebastian Kling: bass
  • Oscar Lindbergh: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. God Of War
  • 02. Locust Swarm
  • 03. Forsaken
  • 04. The Black List
  • 05. Mentalt Avrättad
  • 06. Ghost City
  • 07. My Regret
  • 08. Unbreakable
  • 09. Deathbed Labour
  • 10. Holy Vindication