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The Devil's Blood: The thousandfold epicentre

26/10/12  ||  sincan

The orange (Dutch) masters of occult heavy rocking metal of psychedelic blood mist are back with a new album after the great debut full length album Time of no time evermore. The expectations were of corpse high on this relatively hyped band and people wanted more to keep the “Fire burning”, ironically they released a single titled exactly that before the album was released (I am the master in the doctrine of hindsight)

Shortly after listening to this album for the first time I felt kind of disappointed. I didn’t find it being as catchy as the previous one and it semen like no track really stood out in any way. After a couple of listenings I slightly got more positive and to make a short story even shorter I ended up enjoying it a lot. Because what we have here is obviously a less easy listened record compared to the previous one, it takes some time to get to know this little darling but when you do it will definitely be worth it. Yet I haven’t really gotten into some of the long instrumental journeys one is served in the last tracks on the album, I tend to find them a little bit to long.

The catchiness from the previous album is actually getting revived in the superb track “She” which for pretty long has been one of my favorite tracks on this album. But instead of letting the guitar do the work for your penis or vulva surrounded anticock this song is putting more focus on the vocal arrangement, both the lead and backing ones. She must be fucking good, if you know what I mean?

The production on this record is somewhat, well it is good, and giving the music another dimension. Actually it makes me imagine a mixture of a dreams and pictures from an old movie or something only great music, drunkenness, good time, fuck ups, the blood from the devil and whatnot that can be brought into your slumber. I for sure don’t know how to put this down in a good way, but something is there, something interesting that tingles my mind to either fuck with me or to actually make me feel something (not in a gay way).

If you like classic occult hard rock, well then you will probably like this if you’re not totally deaf. If you don’t usually listen to this type of music, try it, or don’t. Your loss, not mine.


  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Label: VÁN Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • F/TDB/MOS: vocals
  • SL/TDB/A-O: guitars, keyboard, vocals, percussions, baritone
  • R/TDB/PDA: guitars
  • J/TDB/LBS: bass
  • M/TDB/EED: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Unending singularity
  • 02. On the wings of gloria
  • 03. Die the death
  • 04. Within the charnel house of love
  • 05. Cruel lover
  • 06. She
  • 07. The thousandfold epicentre
  • 08. Fire burning
  • 09. Everlasting saturnalia
  • 10. The madness of serpents
  • 11. Feverdance