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The Devil's Blood: The time of no time evermore

05/10/12  ||  sincan

Well, some people (fags) have some sort of fucking brain disease telling them to listen to crappy music and to be fucking retarded, let me give you an example. Many of today’s band containing a couple of pretty young testosterone filled (acting) guys with small cocks have (many) huge fucking problem. They usually namedrop Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Black Sabbath and so on being some sort of inspiration. But in reality the only thing they ever heard which some call metal or rock is some shitty Metallica “St Cocker” song or Nicklebackpain on MTWAT. They don’t care about the music and to ejaculate on their guitars. They just wanna get famous, earn money and fuck girls (read: young boys). And they want to have cool black hair over their eyes with a lot of cum in it to make it cool. Oh, I just recalled an interview with Bullet for my valentine more or less fulfilling all these criteria and back then they were not even the worst ones in the genre.

Some other people, let call them übermensch (not to be mixed up with someone who loses a world war), have very large penises and they do like real great fucking music. And here does the story about the fuckcunt and the master of cock stop, and the review starts.

This is the Devil’s Blood’s first full length album, called The time of no bad music evermore. They play some sort of psychedelic 70’s hard cock and have some other ace influences as well. The album is great. I mean I don’t just get a hard on while listening to this, I ejaculate also (on carefully selected albums and whatnot). This is how a band with old rock influences should sound like, a bit old and a bit new and a massive cock, instead of a bunch old and a shitty retarded ass raped cover band with herpes. Another thing to mention is that Erik Danielsson from Watain has written one song on the album, and he painted the neat cover.

There is no weak track on this album, but there is many who stands out as superb aces. The track “Christ or Cockaine” is fuckin brilliant when it comes to being catchy in a non-gay way, and boy the live version they use in their shows is fucking insanely good with all the anti-cosmic exploration of forbidden guitar tunes. Or what about the super mega hit “I’ll be your ghost”, just to mention two of the more hit potentialized handcrafts. I could name and praise every entire song on the album, but it I will just repeat myself to much, so I just say: care for some blood, bloke? It’s delicious.

(Official cock count: 7)


  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: VAN Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • SL: guitars
  • F: vocals
  • B: drums
  • And the rest? No fucking clue…
  • Tracklist
  • 01. The time of no time
  • 02. Evermore
  • 03. I’ll be your ghost
  • 04. The yonder beckons
  • 05. House of 10.000 voices
  • 06. Christ or cocaine
  • 07. Queen of my burning heart
  • 08. Angel’s prayer
  • 09. Feeding the fire with tears and blood
  • 10. Rake your nails across the firmament
  • 11. The anti-kosmik magick