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The Generals: Stand up straight

19/05/10  ||  HailandKill

Fukken Sweden. Never runs out of bands and they all happen to fare from ‘good’ to ‘awesome.’ Thankfully these douches calling themselves The Generals are an impressive bunch whose debut opus has got it all together unlike the multitude of untalented tools who’re mercilessly bashed here at GD. While the downtuned guitars and campy appeal of this album will certainly earn them a few haters who’ll advertise their dislike for the band, on a lot of levels “Stand Up Straight” truly stands up straighter than most first attempts at memorable metal.

Right from the start let it be know that the band’s no-nonsense songwriting is ace. For the record, The Generals are part of the burgeoning death n’ roll subgenre and they do it pretty well. Singer-bassist Hednar sounds constipated and it’s his testosterone fueled proclamations that gives each song here a charm of its own. As for his mates, they groove, they swagger, and they play the occasional solo but most of the time churn out passable thrash metal to provide the backdrop for the oft belted lyrics here.

To sink thyne teeth into the songs it’s proper to start with the frantic “The Offer Still Stands” since opener “Punchline” hardly possesses anything worth getting excited over. The good stuff continues to boil for “The Illusionist” and the title track followed by the crushing “One Eye Red” that inspires visions of boys in baggy camo shorts hardcore dancing along to its breakdowns. The band keep the cuntpunches going with lively fare such as “Consulting With The Sinners” and “Portal To Paradise.” When the album begins to wind down the listener is treated to a bevy of worthy songs that don’t ruin the whole spectacle.

An honest, straight from the gut effort by four dudes who have a fighting chance in a scene filled with stiff competition, “Stand Up Straight” has to rank among the more solid debuts this year. At least in HailandKill’s not-so-humble opinion. Even if they just settle for churning out the same formula album after album (cough* Scar Symmetry! cough* cough* Amon Amarth! cough* cough* cough*), The Generals will still manage to claw out their own niche. Good for them.


  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Label: Metalcentral Records
  • Website: The Generals MySpace
  • Band
  • Hednar: bass, vocals
  • Rickard: guitars
  • Dick: guitars
  • Metalmartin: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Blessing In Disguise
  • 02. The Offer Still Stands
  • 03. Punchline
  • 04. The Illusionist
  • 05. Stand Up Straight
  • 06. One Eye Red
  • 07. Portal To Paradise
  • 08. Consulting With The Sinners
  • 09. Split Vision, Snap Decision
  • 10. Trunkride
  • 11. Hell Was Built For Heroes
  • 12. Do It Like The Devil